Top Herbs That Can Help You Lose Weight & Burn Fat Fast Naturally


Research shows people who don't like the taste of “diet foods” are more likely to quit trying to eat healthy because of the taste of the foods. That's why introducing natural herbs and spices to a diet could help out tremendously. They often add a great amount of flavor to the foods that alone wouldn't taste very well.

Along with helping the taste factors out, herbs and spices can actually boost the metabolism in the body, resulting in body fat being burnt more rapidly. Herbs and spices can do great things for the human body, not only aiding in weight loss, but helping in areas we all may be lacking in.

Top Herbs That Can Help You Lose Weight

Here is a list of the top weight loss herbs and spices that can help you lose weight:


Turmeric is a “warming spice” that increases body heat, which will result in weight loss by increasing the natural process of metabolism. It does this by lowering the proteins and cholesterol that aids in the production of the fat.

This spice has loads of other health benefits that could benefit you not only now but later down the road in your life. (Try adding the spice to stews, soups, or even roasted vegetables and nuts).


Dandelion is a cleansing herb that is full of nutrients. It promotes a healthy lifestyle as it is full of vitamins such as A,C, and E. It also has added minerals such as iron and potassium, which will help keep the body healthy.

Dandelions alkalize the body, clear toxins, and normalize blood sugar which is where the weight loss process starts. This is used to add flavor to certain dishes as a healthy way to make food taste better. This herb can be helpful by reducing bloating, extra water the body has absorbed, which will result in extra weight loss.


Thyme is an herb that aids in weight loss because of the salt and excessive water it absorbs and leaves the body via urination.

It also lowers blood pressure. Thyme is filled with antioxidants that help with keeping the body healthy by stopping infections. The oils in thyme increase omega 3 fatty acids, which keep cells happy while also decreasing the aging process.


Garlic is a spice that improves blood circulation by filling the body up with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. It also suppresses the appetite. Garlic is widely used in almost everything because of its amazing health benefits and taste.

It has been used for thousands of years. Facts prove that garlic is effective in preventing high blood pressure, treating diabetes, and even curing diarrhea. It lowers the risk of a heart attack and has been known to kill cancer cells.


Mustard is a ground-up spice that can be placed in many different dishes. By adding mustard into certain foods, it can increase the metabolic rate by 25%. Although mustard is high in fat, it can help in dieting by helping the body feel fuller than usual.

It's high in dietary fiber which also helps in the digestion process. Mustard can be used as a condiment, powder, or as seeds.


Cardamom is a fat-burning spice that does wonders for the digestive system. It is mostly used in middle eastern and Indian dishes. It can treat gastrointestinal disorders by fighting off indigestion (when the acid levels are high). It helps reduce water retention, it can even boost digestion, improve lipids, and boost metabolism.

The abdominal region is a problematic area for fat build up, cardamom helps by fighting off the build-up in that area. Because fat often hangs near the stomach region, it could bring on many problems such as cardiovascular struggles and metabolic issues.

Although many people have never tried cardamom, it has a very sweet smell making it a great spice to add to everything. It enhances the taste of whatever dish it is added to, so the options are endless. It can be substituted for a healthier choice rather than sugar in a coffee or a tea.


Marjoram is an herb that can play a major role in controlling and burning fat. It can help eliminate hunger and it also helps with stress, anxiety, and depression. Marjoram assists with breaking down everything better in the digestive system.

It also can treat gastrointestinal disorders which include loss of appetite, indigestion, and nausea. It is easily consumed as you can sprinkle it in tea, water, or any other drink based on your preference.

Along with the many advantages marjoram has, it also prevents high cholesterol and improves blood circulation. It is also used with assisting individuals with Alzheimer’s, by acting as a stimulant for the nervous system. It soothes the nerves, thus letting everything run smoothly.


Peppermint is used for help with bloating. It gets rid of toxins and water weight by supporting digestion. It helps by settling the gastrointestinal tract and helps with more frequent bowel movements, and it has also been known to ease constipation.

The smell of peppermint has been shown to reduce stress and excessive appetite. Antioxidants in peppermint were found to reduce cholesterol and lowering toxicity in the body.


Oregano is an herb that fights bacteria and harsh viruses in the digestive tract. It helps decrease constipation and even bloating. It has a wonderful smell that releases serotonin (happy hormone) when inhaled.

Eating while depressed can cause many problems like overeating, the consumption of unhealthy foods, and even stress-eating. This plays a major role in weight loss, so try to breathe in the freshness of oregano to be stress and depression free.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a liver cleanser that has been used for thousands of years. When the liver is full of toxins, it can't focus on the things it's supposed to do, like burn glucose and fat into fuel. This results in fat build-up.

It could work wonders for those who have diabetes, because it helps gain sugar control. This herb also can serve as a laxative substitute because it promotes losing excess water weight. People with eating disorders gain appetite back when consuming this herb, which can be very helpful.


Cinnamon is a healthy spice that can be used to help you feel fuller for a longer time (appetite suppressor). Cinnamon is often found in powder form. It is also available to buy in capsule and pill form.

It helps control insulin levels by regulating them so the excess fat found in the body isn't building up. Like all the others listed, it also makes the metabolism faster which will allow more calories to be burnt, thus losing the most weight possible.

Green Tea

Green tea is a well-known herb that helps in not only health advantages, but weight loss too. The main reason green tea helps in losing weight is the substance, epigallocatechin gallate, because it's the main antioxidant that speeds up the whole metabolism process. There are many different brands and companies, each making unique flavors.

Just be sure not to add loads of sugar or honey, because that will defeat the whole healthy drinking purpose. Taking only minutes to brew up a cup or a pitcher you can sip on it hot or cold, and start seeing the results.

Black Pepper

Black pepper is a very commonly used item that is not thought about often. It contains a compound called piperine, which helps burn more calories because of the thermogenesis. Black pepper adds a little something to basically anything and everything under the sun.

The options are endless. But beware if you have gastrointestinal problems because pepper is known to burn the stomach when passing through.


Cayenne is a very warm spice, so beware while using it. It raises the body temperature because of a thermogenic chemical, which will result in boosting the metabolism. When the metabolism in the body is fast, fat is burned more quickly.

It has been stated by Lauren Minchen, RD that “adding the spice to food can help you burn up to 100 calories per meal”. It can be put in all types of soups, olive oils/salad dressings, meats, and basically anything else. It is also known to improve the digestive system. Cayenne pepper can take toxins out of the body.

Capsaicin (which is found in cayenne peppers) has benefits such as anti inflammatory and gastro-protective properties. It can be helpful for those who are obese or struggling with diabetes. It also has been known to lower the risk of high blood pressure and strokes. Most people cook with the well known pepper, but the powder can also be used in many different ways.

Roughly 28 grams of this pepper can be beneficial to a serious diet. Those who don't like the taste of cayenne tend to add it to recipes that are already tasteful, such as Mexican spicy foods.


Cumin like cayenne is spicy and speeds up the metabolism. But, cumin is also known for the great amount of iron it has in it. Cumin has high levels of Phytosterols (plant chemicals) that are used to absorb cholesterol from the body.

Having more than enough iron running through the body is indispensable for having a healthy, fast metabolism. Just be sure to consult a doctor before adding extra iron into the body, as some people may not need any extra. You can put cumin on foods like shrimp, lamb, pork, beef, chicken, eggplant, and all types of vegetables.


Ginger is a root that has a spicy kick. It is a blood sugar controlling machine, which will play a major role in making sure your glucose levels are kept at a good rate after eating a carbohydrate rich/sugary meal.

It also has thermogenic chemicals like cayenne and turmeric, which will result in weight loss. Eating ginger in foods is a good idea, but beware of consuming too much if you are on a blood thinner. Consult with a doctor because ginger can/will increase the risk of bleeding.


Ginseng is found in North America and Eastern Asia (cooler climates). It's a plant with roots that will benefit the body in more ways than one. It boosts energy tremendously, reduces stress, and lowers cholesterol levels along with lowering the blood sugar.

It speeds the metabolism up resulting in weight loss. This root is very similar to green tea, and when ground up can actually be put into tea and capsules. Green tea and ginseng are very similar to each other because both basically do the same thing.

Nettle Leaf

Nettle leaf is not very commonly spoken about, but contains large amounts of vitamin C and A, which are needed for the immune system and metabolism to run fast and smooth. If the nettle leaf is taken daily, the impurities and toxins in the blood and body will diminish, resulting in great weight loss.


As stated above, when taking the different spices/herbs mentioned, you should always consult with a doctor before consuming anything. Health problems (stomach, skin, joint, muscle) could be triggered by eating a certain herb or spice, so always take precautions when trying something new.

All of the herbs and spices have many beneficial properties, but many have risks and side effects. The listed spices/herbs should be looked at and studied carefully to make sure they are not harmful to your body. Talk to your doctor and do some research (such as reading this article) before putting them into the body.

Top Weight Loss Herbs Conclusion

Herbs and spices can benefit you in many different ways and we are not just talking about weight loss. There has been a ton of research and studies done to show people that natural things like herbs and spices can really benefit the human body.

Weight loss, increasing blood flow, helping to clear up the skin, and loads of more benefits can come with consuming these natural substances. Although the spices/herbs can promote healthy lifestyles and weight loss, it is of course helpful to exercise daily and maintain a healthy weight.

It's really important to keep up a healthy diet and adding extra herbs and spices can really help with this process. Drinking lots of water is beneficial as it will help you get rid of harmful toxins and excess water weight.

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