Sneaky Vaunt Bra – Backless, Strapless, Stick-On Push-Up Cleavage?


Sneaky Vaunt is a brand that has created a bra with no straps and no band, relying solely on a specialized type of adhesive to help create a tasteful yet sexy figure. The Sneaky Vaunt push up bra boasts benefits including:

  • Backless
  • Strapless
  • Stick on
  • Easy To Fit
  • Good For Most Cup Sizes
  • Max Adjustable Cleavage

This maxi-sexy push up bra product has caught fire on Instagram, having women of all shapes and sizes post their pictures using Sneaky Vaunt bra as it claims it works with every type of outfit, since you will never have to worry about your bra straps showing again.

What Is Sneaky Vaunt?

Every woman wants to look good when they walk out the door. It doesn’t matter if you’re going on a date, or you just want to look good at a business meeting – you still try to present yourself in a way that makes you feel confident.

Some women can create this effect with a blazer in their ensemble, while others create it with makeup. However, you can flaunt what you’ve got already with the impressive bra from Sneaky Vaunt.

Sneaky Vaunt is responsible for offering Vaunt It, a bra that performs in a unique way that others can’t.

This bra eliminates all the components that make lingerie and undergarments uncomfortable, leaving you just with the cups and a simple tie to bring your breasts together.

You get to choose how much you expose and demonstrate, since you can modify how close together the cups will be. Unlike other accessories that just stick on, this amazing accessory still gives you control over how you look.

Most push up bras come with an uncomfortable amount of padding to hold up your breasts, while still shortening your straps to create this effect.

While you end up with cleavage that appears out of this world, you run the risk of overexposing yourself, due to a lack of control. Furthermore, your push-up bra only offers one level of enhancement.

By choosing the Vaunt It bra instead, you use what you have in order to create cleavage and that hourglass figure that you’ve dreamed of, allowing you to adjust the tie to modify how much you want to show or conceal.

How Does Sneaky Vaunt Work?

The only way to create the impressive cleavage that Sneaky Vaunt can offer is by applying the cups properly. You need to make sure you aren’t wearing any kind of moisturizing products, like lotions or oils.

In fact, clean skin is the best texture to use the cups on.

After you remove the cups from the packaging, you will need to peel back the plastic cover, exposing the sticky side of the cups. You will need to save this plastic piece for use again later.

You can loosen up the tie, separating the cups wide enough to accommodate your bosom.

Inside the cups, there’s a hole that you use to line up the center of your breasts, which is not sticky, since it will be surrounding the most sensitive skin. Once you line up the cups, you can press them onto your skin to stick them in place.

Make sure the cups line up evenly with your breasts before you start making adjustments.

Once you’re satisfied with the placement of the Sneaky Vaunt accessory, hold onto the clasp in the front and pull down to create ample cleavage.

Since the sticky side is only exposed to your skin, you can get dressed as you usually would. The lack of straps makes it easy to wear any outfit with this accessory.

Sneaky Vaunt Maintenance And Cleaning

Since this product will be pressed up against your skin for prolonged periods, you will need to keep it clean to avoid blemishes and irritation.

Sneaky Vaunt should only be hand-washed, and should not be placed in the washing machine with the rest of your undergarments. Once rinsed, you will need to let it air dry, since towel-drying or blow-drying can take off the adhesive.

After the Sneaky Vaunt cups are done drying, you can replace the original plastic cover to preserve the texture for the next use.

Sneaky Vaunt Pricing And Sizing

Right now, this push-up bra is available for $49.00, and is presently available in both black and nude. You won’t need to select the numerical band size, since there is no band to hold it on. However, you will need to choose your cup size.

Presently, this accessory is suited to meet the size of A-, B-, C-, and D-cup breasts. Each Vaunt It push-up bra will last for about 40+ uses before you need to purchase a new one.

Compared to other push up bra prototypes like Miracle Bamboo Bra, Genie Zip, True&Co Second Skin V Neck Bra, Comfort Boost Bra and the Booband – the Sneaky Vaunt push up bra seems to be in a cleavage class of its own as well as stylish seeing how many top influential Instagram women are promoting and glowing about it.

Sneaky Vaunt Creators

The creators of the Sneaky Vaunt brand have managed to create an in-depth FAQ guide that can answer most of the inquiries that you may have about this accessory.

However, if you still have questions about the application or your recent purchase, you can fill out the form online to submit your inquiry. A representative will contact you with a response as soon as possible.

Sneaky Vaunt Conclusion

The Vaunt It push up bra is easily gaining popularity in the fashion industry, which is largely credited to the consistent advertising on social media to help gain exposure.

This accessory enables you to wear any garment without showing your bra or forgoing one altogether. You need to maintain some semblance of modesty and sex appeal in your routine, and no product can tackle both issues at once like Sneaky Vault.

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  1. Don’t waste $50 on this product! They will NOT refund your money if it doesn’t fit. All it does is push the boobs together. Doesn’t give “maxi-sexy cleavage” like they promise. Designed for people with no boobs or fake boobs. And the bra ripples once it’s tight.

  2. Do not waste your money. This company doesn’t even have a number to call. I’ve been awaiting on an email nack anout a full refund. Not worth all the hype.

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