Genie Zip Seamless Bra – True Comfort Or More Underwire Hype?


Genie Zip Seamless Bra Review – Worth It?

The Genie Zip Seamless Bra is an undergarment that provides the same support and shape as an underwire bra, but without the uncomfortable underwire. This is our review.

What is the Genie Zip Seamless Bra?

Finding a comfortable bra is a simple task, but the bras that usually give the most comfort are not attractive. The straps are bulky and the design leaves your chest looking saggy and unattractive. You may decide that you want an attractive bra that can give you a smooth line, but these bras are usually incredibly uncomfortable. You don’t want to be counting the seconds until you go home and relax; you just want something supportive, attractive, and comfortable. Luckily, that’s where the Genie Zip Seamless Bra comes in.

The Genie Zip Seamless Bra is an innovative design that gives you all the support you need, but without underwire. Underwire may be supportive for the time being, but long-term use causes the wires to poke through the edges, putting you at risk for injury. This bra has no seams or uncomfortable additions to put you at these kind of risks.

The bra is available in black, nude, and white, which means that it can easily be hidden underneath any kind of clothing.

Sizing for the Genie Zip Seamless Bra

Just like other bras, you need to get the right fit, if you want to remain comfortable. The sizing ranges from small to 3X, which includes a variety of sizes. Refer to the guide below from the Genie Zip Seamless Bra website to determine what size you need for your particular cup size.

However, even if you order the wrong size, you can speak with customer service to return and reorder the Genie Zip Seamless Bra size that fits.

How the Genie Zip Seamless Bra is Different

There are several competing brands that have bras with similar construction. However, the Genie Zip Seamless Bra is slightly different. The Genie Zip Seamless Bra is all one piece, which means it eliminates the itching caused by the size tag and the hooks along the back. Even though it is all one piece, it has a slight rouched center, which defines the size of each of your breasts, making it perfect for shirts that have a split seam on the chest.

The straps on the bra are adjustable, which is normal for any seamless bra. However, the construction of the Genie Zip Seamless Bra is so sturdy that the straps can be removed without removing the support you gain. You can thank the comfortable silicone strip across the top of the bra for this support ad placement.

Using the Genie Zip Seamless Bra

The design of the Genie Zip Seamless Bra is much more versatile than other comfort or sports bras. Most other supportive bras have to have a deep plunge to accommodate low-cut tops, which causes you to lose essential support. However, since this bra simply zips in front, you adjust it to meet the needs of your other apparel.

While not in use, this bra can be washed with the rest of your laundry. Also, you can place it in the dryer, since there is no underwear or shaping materials to be conscious of. However, if you are concerned about losing the shape and elasticity, you can let it air dry as well.

Pricing for the Genie Zip Seamless Bra

One of the best parts about the Genie Zip Seamless Bra is the extremely low price. You only have to pay $10 for a single bra, with $6.99 for shipping and handling.

Since the size of this bra goes as high as a DDD cup with a 48-inch band size, you are actually getting quite a steal. While the cost of average-size bras usually falls under this price tag at discount store, most plus size women have to seek out bras of this quality at specialty stores. At those stores, both online and in person, the cost of their bras often exceeds $20, even if it is on clearance.

If nothing else leads you to purchase this bra, the cost alone should convince you. However, there is presently a promotion that allows you to order a second bra at no charge, but you will be required to pay the shipping fee.

Shipping Times for the Genie Zip Seamless Bra

Once you place your order, you will receive the product within about seven to ten business days. There is no option for expedited shipping, so you will be subject to the same shipping time, regardless of the size of your purchase.

Some states are subject to a local tax, which will be applied as legally required.

Contacting the Makers of the Genie Zip Seamless Bra

With multiple colors options and sizes, you may have more questions for the company regarding this revolutionary product. If you want to speak with a customer service agent, your best choice is to call 973-287-5165. The customer service team is open from 9:00am to 8:00pm EST weekdays and 9:00am to 5:00pm on the weekend.

If you have a question outside of business hours, the next available method of communication is via email. Send any question you have to [email protected]

However, if all you want to do is check the status of your shipment, you won’t need to speak with any customer service agents at all. You can check your order by visiting The website is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


There are many different benefits to purchasing the Genie Zip Seamless Bra. The bra is extremely comfortable, and gives you all the support you need for any outfit. The zippered front allows you to adjust the bra for different necklines, while the removable straps are handy for getting the support you need in strapless tops.

With so many benefits, the company could easily charge more for this bra. However, the price remains at a measly $10 for each bra you want to add to your collection. Choose the color you want, or add all three colors to stay prepared.

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