True&Co Second Skin V Neck Bra and Scoop Neck Bra


The creation of bras has been life changing for women. The purpose of a bra is to be supportive, comfortable and close to one’s heart, unfortunately the right one is hard to find.

Sometimes, bras can be discomforting (depending on the type) because they may leave marks, have breasts bulging out, and may be tight in certain places. For some, depending on the material used, can be a rather itchy experience.

Bras should be worn to reflect one’s true body structure, chest size and must provide elevated comfort. True&Co has come up with a bra design that can easily be slipped on, and contains no wiring that have the potential to leave marks behind and ultimately damage one’s skin.

This review will look closely at two different True&Co bras: True&Co Second Skin V Neck Bra and Scoop Neck Bra, their prices and a quick look at what types of clothes goes great with each bra type.

What Are True&Co Second Skin V Neck Bra and Scoop Neck Bra?

As the name applies, this bra is for all the v neck lovers out there. Fortunately, there’s more to it than the shape of the bra. It is a bra that is double layered for extra smoothness, it is light weight with removable pads and it reflects one’s figure. Most of all, women will no longer feel insecure about excess skin, as the bra hides it well under one’s skin.

This bra comes in sizes anywhere between 30 B and 40B, however it is not sized numerically. For instance, XS is suitable for those with a bra size of 30B-D and 32A-B, small is suitable for those with a bra size of 32 C-D and 34A-B, medium is suitable for those with a bra size of 34C-D and 36A-B, large is suitable for those with a bra size of 36C-D and 38A-B and XL is for those with a bra size of 38C-D and 40A-B.

Like the V Neck, the Scoop Neck contains all the same properties in terms of material of the bra, comfort, ability to remove pads (for those who’d prefer to avoid that extra volume) and cost.

The main different between the two is the shape of the neck. The Scoop Neck leans towards a circular shape, whereas the V Neck is narrower. Choosing between the shapes of neck depends on one’s preference, exposure of cleavage and the outfits one chooses to wear.

Types of Clothing For the True&Co Second Skin V Neck Bra and Scoop Neck Bra

Both bras provide great support as they cover the sides; from one’s armpit down and ensures that the breasts are truly reflected and covered in the sense that they aren’t following out.

In addition, both bras come in either the color black or dulce. The main difference, as previously mentioned, is the shape. Here is a list of clothing that is great for these two respective bras:

  • For Low back dresses ( average length ; not too low not too high): V Neck Bra
  • For jumpsuits, Sleeveless and bodycon dresses: Scoop Neck Bra
  • For turtle necks, sweat shirts and other baggy or comfort clothing: any bra works

These are just some ideas women can choose from. One thing that’s great about True&Co Second Skin Bras is the fact that it can be worn as a sports bra as well. It consists of support, contains double layers that fully hide one’s nipples and it is comfortably designed.

The double layer is only for the front of the bra, while the back has a single layer that way women have a lightweight and breathable support.

True&Co Second Skin V Neck Bra and Scoop Neck Bra Affordability

In terms of prices, any product has a cheaper alternative available, but with respect to bras, it ultimately comes down to comfort and True&Co Second Skin V Neck Bra and Scoop Neck Bra are designed in that matter.

They take the form of a sports bra, but with the maximum support of a traditional bra. This bra also ensures women do not experience rashes, marks or tightness; therefore $46 per bra is a reasonable price.

Overall, women need to be careful with the bras they choose. In addition, women need to wear the right size to avoid unwanted marks. As the saying goes, bras are the closely to one’s heart, therefore it is that much more important that it leaves oneself, one’s breasts and their heart in maximum comfort.

For more information on where to purchase this collection of bras, go to: or

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