Lift and Shape Bra – Healthy Patented Bra For Women?


Fashion has never been about comfort, but rather how people look when they’re wearing the clothes, accessories, or shoes that are considered to be in vogue at the time. Because fashion is typically all about looks, it’s very common for people to go through serious discomfort when it comes to how they dress.

From stilettos to thongs, there is truly no sacrifice to great when it comes to being fashionable.

Some of the most uncomfortable fashions have been designed for women and a vast majority of these fashions have been about accentuating or supporting the bust.

Starting with the body breaking corsets of the Victorian age and ending with pushup bras and bralettes of today, a lot of time and energy seems to have been put in to getting the bust under control, no matter how it felt to the women wearing the items.

The problems with bras today is that the vast majority of them aren’t comfortable. The wires dig into the skin and the constricting straps leave behind indents that make women want to rip their bras off at the end of every day.

What makes this situation even worse is that a vast number of women don’t know how to buy bras that truly fight them. This can only exacerbate the problem, causing them to be uncomfortable while also wearing bras that misshape their busts.

For those who are looking for true support, but also want comfort and convenience, the Lift and Shape Bra is the perfect option. Designed to be easily adjustable, the Lift and Shape Bra contains patented designs that make wearing a bra more comfortable than ever before.

What is the Lift and Shape Bra?

One of the most obnoxious parts of bras adjust the straps. Most straps are adjusted from the back, which means women have to adjust them and then put them on or have someone help them adjust their bras. Both options are extremely inconvenient.

However, because straps are crucial for women to have the comfort and support they need, dealing with these annoying straps is a necessity.

The Lift and Shape Bra was designed to take the struggle out of adjusting the straps of bras. With the patented design of the Lift and Shape Bra, users can adjust their bra straps from the front with minimal effort. The straps on the Lift and Shape Bra have a front lifter, which allows women to get the perfect look for the bust, without the struggle of twisting and taking the bra on and off over and over. Plus, because the Lift and Shape Bra can be used from the front, women are able to make sure they’re perfectly even, which can be difficult to do on average bras because adjusting the straps is so difficult.

Not only does the Lift and Shape Bra have easily adjustable straps, it also has an extra support system found in the cups of the bra.

The padding found in the bra cups give the bust just the support it needs to look lifted and perky, as if the bra were custom fitted for each and every user. With the two part support system offered with the Lift and Shape Bra, women will finally have the comfort they want in a bra, but without the pain and annoyance that comes with other bras.

Benefits of the Lift and Shape Bra

The biggest benefit of the Lift and Shape Bra is that it is extremely comfortable. As mentioned above, for most of history, bras have been designed with fashion in mind and not the actual comfort of the women wearing them.

However, the Lift and Shape Bra was designed to support women with an easy comfort that makes wearing a bra enjoyable and not something to dread every morning. With the Lift and Shape Bra, women won’t have to struggle with pulling and pushing their bra throughout the day, because it will feel as though they aren’t wearing anything.


However, unlike going braless, the Lift and Shape Bra provides a comfortable support that will have women looking their best.

Part of the reason the Lift and Shape Bra is so comfortable is because it doesn’t have an underwire. While underwires have been popular throughout history, they are notorious for being uncomfortable, causing slippage and indents that no one wants to deal with.

However, to get the ‘ideal’ look that is so fashionable now days, women feel pressured into wearing these bras. Thankfully, with the Lift and Shape Bra, women can get the look for having an underwire, but without the discomfort. With no underwire, women are able to stay comfortable throughout the day, but with no slippage and absolutely no sagging.

Most women agree that the dream is to be able to go without a bra as much as possible. However, bras serve very important roles.

Not only do they support the bust, they are also able to conform the bust so it doesn’t look like it’s sagging, which is often considered a sign of aging. The patented system used in the Lift and Shape Bra provides just the right amount of support for users, giving them the perfect lift they need to give them the best looking bust imaginable. And, because the Lift and Shape Bra is so comfortable, this amazing look doesn’t come with the annoying discomfort that is so common in other bras.

Of course, the reason the Lift and Shape Bra has set itself apart from so many other bras on the market is because it has an adjustable strap system that can’t be found anywhere else. With this adjustable strap system, women can tighten or loosen their straps without taking the bra on and off.

The straps adjust from the front, requiring only a quick lift to adjust the entire bra. By being fully adjustable, the Lift and Shape Bra allows women to prevent sagging, giving themselves the ideal look for their bust, but without the unwanted problem of slippage that happens when bras are too tight.

Purchasing the Lift and Shape Bra

Another big downside of most bras on the market is that they are extremely expensive. And other than the colors and material, these bras haven’t changed in decades, making them expensive and antiquated.

However, even though the Lift and Shape Bra is introducing new, patented designs to the market, it is still offering its products at a price that makes it affordable to all women.

For a limited time, the Lift and Shape Bra is available on the company website ( for only $29.95, plus a small shipping and handling fee of $5.95. However, for those who buy two or more Lift and Shape Bras, this shipping fee is waived and they will ship completely free of charge.

The Lift and Shape Bra comes in two colors, black and nude, so there are options for those who want more than one.

In addition to offering such a great price for the product, the Lift and Shape Bra comes with a money back guarantee. Customers will have 90 days to try the bra and see if it really makes a difference in their form and comfort levels. If they aren’t satisfied with the Lift and Shape Bra, they can return the product within 90 days and get a full refund.


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