Booband – Adjustable Athletic Sports Bra Breast Support Band?


Booband Adjustable Breast Support Band is a workout accessory that is placed above your breasts to limit movement to avoid overstraining the tissue in your body. This product can help you during any type of exercise, and comes in multiple colors.

What is the Booband Adjustable Breast Support Band?

There are many different muscles in your body, and you need to take care of them during your workout. One large area in your body with damageable tissue is your breasts. The connective tissue in them help you maintain your shape and figure, but working out can damage and weaken the ligaments.

As it weakens, your breasts start to sag, which seems like an unfair trade-off for how have you may be working out. Sports bras only do so much, but the Booband can give you the protection you need.

The Booband Adjustable Breast Support Band gives you extra support to prevent the damage that you can cause your breasts during your routine. According to the claims on the website, this simple band has more control than what your bra provides, since it supports you over the top of your breast tissue, rather than beneath it.

One of the most embarrassing situations for consumers that have large breasts is how much they move during a workout. It’s distracting to you, but the bigger issue is how much it can be distracting to other people. You may feel like everyone is staring at you while you work out, which makes it hard to continue.

The Booband helps you to prevent that problem. You can place it over your bra before you put your workout clothing on, allowing you to conceal this unique garment for maximum modesty.

When you damage your breasts, the only options to fix it are either to leave your breasts the way they are, or you have to get augmentation surgery. If you change nothing, you must constantly purchase new bras that can accommodate for your sagging texture.

However, the alternative is to spend thousands of dollars to get a procedure to correct a preventable problem. To protect yourself from damage, the Booband can help you.

How Does the Booband Work?

Using the Booband

The best part about the Booband is how easy it is to use. You will need to slide on the Booband over your head, sliding it down until it is right above your breasts. However, the band should remain under your arms, instead of over.

You will know that it is positioned correctly when your breasts are compressed enough to avoid movement. It’s so controlled that you would be able to wear it in place of a sports bra, but you can also combine it with one.

The Booband is meant to control the movements of your chest during physical activity, so you can use it during any kind of exercise, low or high impact activities, and even just a short walk around the block. All you need to do is measure around your bust, securing the band with Velcro.

Pricing for the Booband

To order the Booband for yourself, you can purchase either the pink or the black band for £20.00 each. However, if you want to get both, you can save a little money by ordering them in a set for £35.00.

The sizes available for the Booband are limited to just a small and a medium right now. However, by the end of March 2017, you should be able to order it in extra small and large as well. The best way to determine the size that you should get is by using your dress size as follows:

  • Extra small: 0-4
  • Small: 4-8
  • Medium: 8-14
  • Large: 14+

You can view a sizing chart on the website, which offers the compatible sizes in other countries as well.

Return Policy

The creators of this amazing product have many doubts that you will need to return it. However, if you no longer find use for the Booband in your own routine, you have up to 30 days to initiate a return it. You will need to make arrangements with the customer service team to get your refund.

Contacting the Creators of the Booband

Whether you want to know more about the product, or you want to see if it’s shipped out, the customer service team for Booband is there. While there’s no direct phone number that you can use to speak with someone, you can send an email to [email protected].

Booband Conclusion

The Booband is a garment that should be included in the gear for any woman that wants to work out without harming your body. It works to reducing the bouncy of your breasts, without making you feel like you’re being held down. If you want to protect your breast tissue, order the Booband today.


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