SlimGeniX Pro Review


SlimGeniX Pro Review

Is This the Miracle Fat Burner?

Losing a large amount of weight is tiresome, lengthy process that most people simply can’t handle. The stress of having to follow a strict diet and rigorously exercising is just too much. So what if there was a miracle pill to help you lose weight without having to follow such a demanding routine? Well, now there is. Or so the supplement maker would have you think.

The Internet has been buzzing over a new weight loss supplement that claims to be the miracle solution for weight loss. It’s called SlimGeniX Pro and it utilizes two main ingredients to help you lose weight.

Slim GeniX Pro

What is SlimGeniX Pro?

SlimGeniX Pro is an-all natural weight loss supplement that uses pure green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketone to supposedly aid in weight loss.

Researchers have found that both raspberry ketone and green coffee extract are two potent all-natural fat burners that can help you shed a couple extra pounds per month.

How does SlimGeniX Pro Work?

Slim GeniX Pro claims to aid in weight loss by revving up your body’s metabolism to help you shed more fat. Think of your metabolism as a hot furnace and fat as the coal. To keep the furnace burning hot, coal constantly needs to be burned off. Your body will do the same but it will use the fat you have stored around your body.

The two main active ingredients in Slimgenix Pro are green coffee extract and raspberry ketone. Green coffee extract contains a chemical called chlorogenic acid, which revs up the body’s metabolism and keeps you feeling full so you don’t overeat.

Raspberry ketone stimulates the production of a hormone in your body called adiponectin. Adiponectin levels are naturally high in thinner people and by raising this hormone level, your body responds by burning off extra fat.

Benefits of SlimGeniX Pro

Slim GeniX Pro has several benefits besides weight loss. Some of the extra benefits of Slimgenix Pro include:

— Lower Blood Pressure
— Lower Cholesterol
— Improved Immune System Function
— Better Digestion
Increased Energy
— Reduced Appetite And Food Cravings
— Plus MUCH More!

Of course, not everyone feels all of these benefits but several real Slim GeniX Pro customers have reported these benefits through online reviews. There’s a good chance you’ll at least feel a few of the added benefits of this advanced weight loss formula if you choose to use it.

Side Effects of SlimGeniX Pro

For the most part, Slim GeniX Pro appears to be side effect free. However, there are a few specific concerns that need to be addressed. First, SlimGeniX Pro does contain green coffee extract, which has an above average amount of caffeine in every dose. Therefore, people with caffeine sensitivity are better off avoiding this supplement or any supplement with caffeine.

Second, Raspberry Ketones is an extract that comes from red raspberries. Although extremely rare, a few raspberry ketone users have had allergic reactions. There’s a good chance you already know whether or not you possess a red raspberry allergy and in the case you do have this allergy, you should avoid SlimGeniX Pro.

Third and finally, Slimgenix Pro is only recommended for healthy adults over the age of 18. Children, pregnant/nursing mothers, or adults with several health conditions should avoid taking Slimgenix Pro or any dietary supplement without consulting a doctor first.

Slimgenix Pro Dosage

To safely reap the benefits of this supplement, you should take two capsules per day. For the best results, take one pill in the morning before breakfast and one pill before lunch. This dosage is what is recommended by the maker of Slimgenix Pro and this is the only dosage that will bring you the real results you desire.

Where to Buy SlimGeniX Pro

Slimgenix Pro is available online via a risk-free trial offer. Simply pay a small shipping and handling charge and you’ll receive a risk-free trial bottle to test out Slim GeniX Pro before forking over any more cash.

If you do decide that you like Slimgenix Pro, then you’ll receive another bottle once your trial bottle is gone. If you find Slimgenix Pro is not right for you, then simply cancel your trial bottle and send your trial bottle back without any further cost to you.

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