Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan


Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan

Dr. Oz’s Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan has been making headlines the past few days and generating excitement across the country.

The Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan episode originally aired on January 5, 2015. In that episode, Dr. Oz described how over the course of 2014, a team of researchers and participants tried to make the “ultimate” diet plan.

That diet plan was designed to Fight inflammation, Detoxify the Body, Speed Up Metabolism, and improve the body’s ability to Naturally Burn Fat.

The goal of the diet was to do all of those things while making the diet easy to follow. That means flexible meals and realistic, affordable grocery lists.

Today, I’m going to explain everything beginners need to know about Dr. Oz’s new Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan.


What Is Total 10?

The Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan is unlike most other diets in the world today. First, it only lasts for two weeks.

Second, it’s called the Total 10 diet because it’s designed to make participants feel like a “total 10” instead of a 5, 6, or whatever else they rate themselves. The 10 also refers to the number of days dieters should focus on practicing the diet as well as the number of pounds they should lose during those 10 days.

Third, dieters should never feel hungry when on the diet. In fact, if dieters do feel hungry, then they’re probably not doing the diet right.

According to Dr. Oz, this diet was tested over the past year on over 2.5 million viewers, all of whom downloaded the Total 10 Diet plan from the Dr. Oz website. Those viewers lost an average of 10 pounds after the 2 week diet period.

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How Does the Total 10 Diet Work?

Dr. Oz claims that the program works by “helping your hormones readjust”. One of the key ways Dr. Oz does this is by eliminating simple carbohydrates from the diet.

Aside from simple carbohydrates, many of the foods you know and love can still be eaten. You’re not severely restricting any part of your diet.

You will, however, need to eliminate wheat, alcohol, refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, and processed foods.

Why don’t dieters feel hungry on the Total 10 Diet? One of the key components of the diet is being able to eat food “every hour or two.” Instead of eating an unhealthy snack, however, dieters eat a vegetable broth, a serving of low-glycemic fruits, or similar foods.

Ultimately, the Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan works by implementing simple steps done right every day.

How to Get Started

Dr. Oz has published a list of recipes and shopping lists at his official website, Those recipes are designed to help beginners get started with the Total 10 diet as quickly as possible.

The ingredients have been specially chosen to limit preparation times. Dr. Oz recognizes that people don’t have the time or willingness to spend 2 hours in their kitchen every night cooking food and cleaning it up. That’s why he advocates simple meals. In some cases – like with the vegetable broth recipes – meals can even be purchased prepackaged from any supermarket.

Getting started is easy. Below, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to losing weight with the Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan.

Step By Step Guide to the Total 10 Diet

Start Your Day

Start your day with a hot cup of water with lemon. This kickstarts your metabolism while also improving digestion and increasing detoxification. The bitterness of the lemon activates bile flow, which helps to emulsify and remove fat-soluble toxins, cleansing them from the body.

Eating Breakfast

Studies have shown that a protein-rich breakfast reduces your hunger hormone, which means you eat less throughout the day. Dr. Oz recommends making a smoothie for breakfast, like a Berry Smoothie, Pumpkin Pie Smoothie, or Chocolate Almond Smoothie. These smoothies regulate blood sugar and reduce metabolic fluctuations.

What to Eat for the Rest of the Day

Spend the rest of the day focusing on protein-based meals. One of the many benefits of high-protein meals is that your body has to work hard to digest the meals, which means you burn more calories processing them. On the nutritional side of things, proteins contain high levels of amino acids, which your body needs to build lean muscle. Poultry, fish, eggs should be the main sources of protein per day. Aim for 12 ounces of protein-rich food per day.

Eat Every 1 to 2 Hours

One of the key parts about the Total 10 diet is that you can eat as much vegetable broth as you want. The Total 10 Vegetable Broth is packed with detoxifying vegetables and valuable vitamins and nutrients designed to keep you satiated throughout the day. Dieters can also enjoy a half cup of quinoa with unlimited amounts of non-starchy vegetables. Some dieters choose to eat these foods every 1 to 2 hours to avoid hunger.

Eat Two Snacks Per Day Maximum

Another key part of the Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan is being able to eat two snacks per day maximum. Suggested snacks include nuts, apples with nut butter, 2% plain Greek yogurt, kale chips, kettle corn, or one of the other snack recipes listed.

What to Eliminate

Here’s the not-so-fun part about the Total 10 Plan: you need to eliminate certain foods. You need to eliminate wheat, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, dairy, alcohol, and processed foods from the diet. Taking these foods of your diet will speed up the weight loss process and lead to higher energy levels.

Drink One Cup of Coffee Per Day Maximum

The Total 10 Plan doesn’t require totally eliminating caffeine from the diet. Instead, dieters can have one cup of coffee per day. They can also use unsweetened vanilla almond milk or coconut milk as a sweetener.

Treat Yourself Once Per Week

Dr. Oz claims that striving for perfection with any diet is pointless, because perfection ultimately leads to failure. Indulge in a dessert, a drink, or favorite meal once per week to treat yourself.

Weigh Yourself Every Morning

Dr. Oz says to treat the scale like your ally: it’s your partner in your weight loss quest. Whether your weight goes up or down, you can figure out which parts of your diet are working and which parts are not. Ultimately, dieters who weigh themselves every day are more accountable for their actions and have more long-term success.

Avoid Packaged Snack Foods

Instead of unwrapping a granola bar, chocolate bar, or bag of chips, Dr. Oz recommends swapping these out for protein-based snacks. Popular protein-based snacks include hummus and veggies, hard-boiled eggs, turkey roll-ups, and chickpeas. Take special care to avoid eating snack foods high in sugars and artificial sweeteners.

How to Maintain Results

After going without certain foods for two weeks, your body may have a strange reaction to those foods upon re-introduction. After your 2 week diet is over, you need to take careful steps to maintain those results.

Dr. Oz recommends testing each food with a half-cup serving to minimize the effects of any potential reactions. He also recommends reintroducing food groups one week at a time using the following schedule:

Week 1: Reintroduce Low-Fat Dairy

Start eating 2% milk, low-fat cheese, and butter again. If you feel bloated, moody, or other negative health effects, consider permanently eliminating these foods from your diet.

Week 2: Reintroduce Low-Glycemic Fruits

Start incorporating pears, oranges, mangoes, and peaches back into your diet.

Week 3: Whole Grain Carbs

Introduce whole grain bread, pasta, and ancient grains into your diet, but eat these foods before 2pm.

One of the benefits of the Total 10 Diet is that many dieters have identified certain “problem” foods to which they are sensitive. Many of us eat these problem foods every day without recognizing their effects. Once you eliminate these foods during the Total 10 diet, you may start to feel a change.

Shopping List for the Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan

Conveniently enough, Dr. Oz has published a shopping list anyone can use for the Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan. This shopping list is packed with superfoods anyone can use to make Total 10 recipes and live healthier:

What to Eat During the Total 10 Diet

Before shopping for the ingredients listed above, take some time to read through Dr. Oz’s list of recommended recipes. Those recipes have all been published on the official Dr. Oz website and separated into sections based on when you should eat them. Check out recipes for all of the following meals:

Total 10 Snack Recipes (kale chips, squash chips, cauliflower kettle corn, etc.)

Total 10 Protein Bowls (Mexican bowl, Italian bowl, Chinese Chicken bowl, etc.)

Total 10 Breakfasts (scrambled eggs, turkey breakfast sausage, quinoa porridge, quinoa cereal, etc.)

Total 10 Smoothies (berry, chocolate, pumpkin pie smoothies, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions About the Total 10 Diet

Ready to start the Total 10 Diet but have a few questions? Dr. Oz has addressed those questions in a FAQ section on his website. Here are some key answers from the FAQ:

Is the Total 10 Diet Safe?

The Total 10 Diet is safe and well-tolerated for virtually all participants. However, those who have unique nutritional requirements or take certain medications and have certain medical conditions may have trouble. Before starting the Total 10 Diet or any diet consult with your doctor to make sure it’s safe.

Can I Start The Total 10 Diet While Taking Medications?

As above, discuss with your doctor before dramatically changing your diet. This is particularly important for those who take blood thinners or diabetes medications.

Can I Take The Total 10 Diet While Pregnant?

Women should avoid dieting while pregnant. All women gain weight during pregnancy, and trying to lose weight during pregnancy can negatively impact the fetus.

Conclusion: Who Should Start the Total 10 Diet?

The Total 10 Diet is designed for anyone who wants to safely lose weight and keep that weight off. Dr. Oz has published a list of recipes at his site and that list is growing every day, which means it’s getting easier and easier to follow this diet without cheating.

2.5 million people have already reportedly had success with the diet, losing an average of 10 pounds over a 2 week period. Cutting dairy, alcohol, sugar, and wheat from your diet may be difficult, but since the diet only lasts for two weeks, many people feel like this is an attainable goal.

If early accounts are to be believed, then the Total 10 Diet is the real deal: consider trying it today if you’re looking for an effective way to lose weight naturally without feeling hungry.

If you still feel like you need an edge while following this diet or at least a “jump start” as some call it, you may look into one of the top selling supplements. Use it for a month then then get on the natural path.

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  1. I have tried some of Dr. Oz endorsed products, as too many of my friends have. We have found the products are offered with these sample products or unfounded and not products that you would normally buy if you review the ingredients. Plus it is a gimmick to get your card info to auto charge you high prices for monthly shipments. Don’t be taken in, go to a reputable doctor and discuss options and get honest answers. This is how Dr. Oz gets rich and we stay fat or continue to have the same skin problems etc. as we did prior to getting sucked in. It is easy to be taken in by Dr. Oz, because we see him on the Oprah Winfrey and think he must be okay because of her endorsement of him.

  2. Does anyone know if the protein in the protein powder that goes in the breakfast shake counts against the 12oz of protein allowed per day?
    Also, is it okay to use Vanilla Protein Powder?
    Thank you!

    • From what I understand from Doctoroz website……..No, the protein powder (whey or egg protein) does not count for the daily protein intake.
      I’ve Started on Monday, June 13, 2016. So far, I’ve shed 16.5 pounds.

  3. I am on day 6 and have lost 7.6lbs so far. The 2nd and 3rd days were the hardest, mostly from the headache from going from 4-5 coffee a day to one. But now? I am loving it. Feel pretty great!

    • For me coffee intake was always the largest and hardest problem, I would drink about 3-4 per day, so cutting down was always hard. A friend from work suggested I try matcha tea by a company called The Tea Effect, been drinking that for about 3 months now and I can say I have never felt better, lost 7kg but I’m not on a diet really, I just don’t over eat any more, and I have one cup of the tea in the morning and that gives me all the energy that I needed coffee for.
      Just thought I mention it as it worked for me.

  4. THE WESTERN world has created a money oriented business to profit from supplements. FAKE science and illegal drugs are promoted to help people improve their appearance while at the same time they require them to go through their lives, dieting with strenuous exercises while suffering a fear of a lack of Weight Loss & Diet Plans supplements.

    “It ain’t so much the things we don’t know that gets us into trouble. It’s the things we know that just ain’t so.” (Artimus Ward)

    This is NOT a Diet!! This is a Way of Life! An Ancient Sacred Way of Life This is…


    First, if you are reading this it is likely because you are struggling with your body. You are unhappy with your appearance on some level. You are labeled as “plump” “chubby” or “overweight” or worse you are labeled “obese.”

    So, how do you feel about being called obese? I certainly know how that feels. For half of Him life He was grossly overweight. He was accustomed to being teased and bullied for my appearance and weight when He was in school. He despised looking at myself in the mirror, and stepping on a weight scale caused me unbearable anxiety.

    My parents were the only approval He had in life. They insisted that He was cool, but this carried no consolation for Him. They were my parents and they were obliged to try and encourage Him.

    Deddy Corbuzier was born with an unfortunate body type; He is an endomorph. This means He have a thick, husky, wide, bear-like build with a metabolism slower than the average person. The genetics of my body type REQUIRES that He be fat. This was also the case with my two siblings, a brother and a sister.

    My sister dieted furiously, eating brown rice and plain chicken breast, for 20 years until He introduced her to OCD. To date, her body is pleasing to look at. At almost 50 years of age, she is still beautiful. If you can endure a diet like that, good for you. Not me. He can’t do that.

    It’s not what you don’t know that kills you, it’s what you know for sure that ain’t true. (mark twain)

  5. I was overweight. If you are having trouble losing weight read . This is a review of a weight loss program called The Venus Factor. This program focuses on a hormone called “leptin” that is more concentrated in women. I can’t stress enough that women should try this before wasting money on things that don’t work. It changed my life.

  6. This actually sound like a diet I could stick to! Starting out your day with hot lemon water to naturally boost metabolism sounds pretty nice. The only difficult part of the plan would be eliminating artificial sweeteners. I don’t think I could ever give up diet soda, even if it meant loosing 50 pounds.

    • Hey Callie,

      I said the same thing about cheese. Until I found out I was lactose intolerant. With IBS.
      In life, the second we deprive ourselves of anything, we want it even more.

      Artificial sweeteners are really bad for you because they may lead to dementia/alzheimers. But nobody can force u to stop drinking them. Just ask yourself if you think ignorance or refusal to change will help you get to where u want to go.

      Maybe you can treat yourself with one diet drink a week instead of making a daily part of your diet. I grew up addicted to Coca Cola. Until a 8 years ago when I realized how bad it is. Now I allow myself to have one a week. But I don’t miss it. You might just be experiencing fear of change, or thinking that you’re not capable of reducing your cravings. Out of sight, out of mind my dear. And please know you are a superhero that is capable of everything you want! Time to make a choice…of course only when you’re ready and have had enough. Good luck!


  7. Dz. Oz is a thief !!! I did exactly the same diet long time ago and it’s called “The Ultra Simple Slimdown ” and it was originally posted in Lifetime Fitness magazine in 2010. I still follow this diet from time to time and I know it works, but come on DZ. OZ you are a thief for sure !!!

  8. Hi!
    My name is Susana Barker, I like “Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan” because it’s helpful for me.

  9. Great resource to compare what’s out there! Thanks.

    I look forward to recommending and sharing this with my readers who are looking to kick start a new weight loss routine or conquer a diet plateau, “Thank you so much for the helpful Info.”

  10. Great resource to compare what’s out there! Thanks. I look forward to recommending and sharing this with my readers who are looking to kick start a new weight loss routine or conquer a diet plateau, “Thank you so much for the helpful Info.”

  11. I have lost a total of 30 pounds so far through the doctor oz total 10. I start with the berry shake in the morning. I add a little bit of chia seeds to the shake on top of following his recipe exact. I go to the gym for an hour 4-5 days a week depending how busy I am and do the elliptical before work because I know I’ll be too tired after work. I’ve made a lot of modifications to his diet such as popped Quaker rice cakes for a snack or chicken Breast and veggies for dinner as long as you have that protein even turkey burgers which are delicious by the way and sometimes an accidental slip up of ice cream :O but shhh! Its still working and this is coming from someone with pcos who couldn’t loose weight on any other diet. I look and feel
    great and everyone around me is

  12. Diet does not only aim to lose weight, but also should make us healthier. Of course, we need knowledge about diet correctly. Not just eating less and drinking.

    What food may be consumed and should not be consumed. All must be based on the science correctly. Should not be arbitrary.

    I remembered my neighbor several years ago. He died because of excessive dieting. As a result, she was actually ill and eventually died.

    Yes, because he had the disease. The disease became more severe due to her excessive dieting.

  13. I am a bit confused, when I go to Dr. Oz website, I keep finding different versions of the total 10 rapid weight-loss plan. One says just a shake in the morning but then I find breakfast meal plans. Which is which?

    • You can have a protein shake OR a breakfast. It just gives variety. it’s easier for me to do a shake during the work week and cook one of the breakfasts on the weekend. I’ve lost 11 pounds in 6 weeks with no exercise.

  14. I’m confused. I’ve read you can only have 6 ounces of meat a day but then I’ve read 12 ounces per day. Can anyone clarify?

    • I agree, im confused as well, one area of dr. website says 6 oz of protein but another says 12 oz that has very similar instructions to the plan. One plan is called Dr. Oz Two-week Rapid Weight Loss Plan and the other is called Dr. Oz Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss plan. Both are similar but have some stuff that’s a little different, one says to just drink a shake for breakfast but the other says you can have an omlet, one says no coffee but the other says just one cup a day.

      • I think it’s 12oz total… 6 for lunch- 6 for dinner. I’m getting ready to start it and that’s what I’m seeing. They do specify that you should try to stay around 10 for the day if you can though. Good luck. :)

          • It’s only 4oz in the morning if you don’t have the shakes. If you eat protein for breakfast (like an egg) then its’ 4oz each setting.

            I drink the shake and can have 6oz for lunch and 6oz for dinner. The protein shakes doesn’t count towards the daily protein.

    • No!!! Not at All. But an allowable alternative to rice is cauliflower (chop in blender to rice size and cook in pan without a lid or added water until it’s cooked but not cooked too soft.) You can season too (just no butter or added salt).

  15. I started total 10 3 days ago and have lost 3 lbs. I am following plan as stated. I drink as much water as I think necessary but do his ” pee test” to make sure I am hydrated enough. I plan on following for two to three weeks and then go to the total 1200 that he advertises on his website…….So far no adverse effects, no headache, no hunger pangs etc, I think this will work for me………good luck everyone. :)

  16. Wow! excellent information for us. You discuss here best weight loss tips which save and effective. You mentioned here 9 important topic which are very helpful for us to control health. I have also one tips that 12 to 23 pounds lose weight in only 21 days! without even 0 risk. It is really 100% working without any negative effect. Very easy and simply working to lose weight, kill fat, and make flat belly for comfortable life without any risk.

  17. I did the plan for 2 weeks and had good results. About 8 pounds. My question is if anyone has any thoughts if you have more weight to lose how long do you do this or should modifications be made? Obviously the weight loss will slow down but can this be continued till weight goal is achieved? Has any one in this done in for awhile and had tremendous success??
    I so want to get to goal but struggle constantly.


    • @ Kristine
      I plan to switch between this, his 1200 calorie diet and the 7 day confusion diet so that my metab Jumpstarts between each one. The key is changing it up.

    • Alternate between this diet and his total 1200 diet. He also has a 7 day confusion one. It’s all to keep your metab working.

  18. Does anyone know if whey protein power vanilla will work for this diet I bought it insted of rice please let me know asap

  19. I am on day 6 and have lost 7.6lbs so far. The 2nd and 3rd days were the hardest, mostly from the headache from going from 4-5 coffee a day to one. But now? I am loving it. Feel pretty great!

  20. The Total 10 recipe instructions are a little confusing because they don’t give serving sizes. I’ve made all of the Dinner Bowls and they yield so much food my husband and I share and we still have leftovers. And no where have I found that this diet instructs you do drink water. I’ve been on the diet for a week now, and actually gained weight the first 4 days in a row, but overall have only lost about 3 pounds. I still feel I’m retaining water on the diet (swollen fingers, bloated feeling). And I already ate pretty healthy anyway (no sugar, bread, pasta, rice…..and lots of veggies and lean protein). So I thought this would really kick-start for me, but after next Sunday I’m going to try something else.

    • Helen,

      There are no serving sizes for the non starchy veggies you can have as much as you want that’s why. For the meat if you watch the video on the site, you can eat up to 12oz a day of eggs,fish or meat. water drink your 8 glasses a day.if you gained weight then you must of added something. but its alright keep your head up watch the video its help big time i lost 15 pounds and wife lost 8.

    • I just began this diet 3 days ago. I eat veggie burgers and fake chicken to gain my protein with meals

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