MYO-X Review

Myostatin inhibitors are a new class of bodybuilding supplements that aim to boost muscle gains by blocking a chemical called myostatin.

Our bodies actually produce myostatin to prevent our muscles from getting too big. In the last few years, researchers have become better at finding ways to block myostatin production. Originally, myostatin inhibitors were intended for those with muscle wasting diseases, like muscular dystrophy and cancer.

It didn’t take long, however, for the bodybuilding community to realize that myostatin inhibitors could have a powerful effect on a workout routine.

That’s why MHP created a supplement called MYO-X. MYO-X is a clinically-tested myostatin inhibitor which uses an all-natural formula that’s designed to inhibit myostatin production and, by extension, boost muscle gains.

What Is MYO-X?

MYO-X comes in the form of a powder. You mix it with a glass of water and stir or blend. The powder has a vanilla flavor. Each container of MYO-X contains 300 grams, which works out to 30 scoops.

MYO-X has one goal: block your body’s production of myostatin. To do that, it has combined a number of natural ingredients which may block myostatin, and then added all of those ingredients to a simple powder.

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How Does MYO-X Work?

MYO-X works using a unique formula of natural products and synthetic chemicals. Its most active ingredient is actually fertilized egg yolk powder.

Here’s the idea behind MYO-X: the fertilized egg yolk powder will inhibit myostatin production. That doesn’t mean myostatin production will be totally blocked, but it may be reduced.

Reducing the production of myostatin will theoretically tell your body to grow its muscles as large as possible. Since myostatin usually blocks excessive muscle growth, this will no longer be a problem.

MYO-X Ingredients


Each scoop of MYO-X comes with the following ingredient profile:

As you can see, each scoop of MYO-X comes with a small amount of protein, sugars, carbs, sodium, fat, and cholesterol. There are also some vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin A (45% Daily Value) and Iron (4%) Daily Value).

But it’s the ingredient section at the bottom that’s particularly interesting. That ingredient chart lists the MYO-X proprietary formula, which makes up 6.6 grams of the 10 gram scoop. The proprietary formula exclusively contains fecunded G. Gallas Domesticus Yolk Isolate.

What exactly is that?

It’s actually the powdered form of fertilized egg yolk. You may recognize the name of this product: it was previously used in MHP’s testosterone boosting formula, MYO-T12, where it was rumored to boost testosterone levels and lead to massive muscle gains.

Claimed Benefits of MYO-X?

MYO-X has one main benefit: increase the size and strength of your muscles.

Evidence for MYO-X

There’s one massive problem with MYO-X: there’s no scientific evidence behind it. If you look at the official product website for MYO-X, you’ll see a study cited like this:

“Colker C., Effect on Serum Myostatin Levels of High-Grade Handled Fertile Egg Yolk Powder; Journal of the American College of Nutrition, Volume 28, No.3, Abstract 47; Page 309. October 2009.”

This study does not exist and never existed. There was no page 309 in the October 2009 issue of the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, so that’s a huge red flag.

MHP, however, does claim that it performed a clinical study at the Tampa Human Performance Laboratory. This study showed that subjects were able to add 8 pounds of lean muscle mass and gain “four times greater muscle thickness” compared to a control group which did not take MYO-X.

We don’t know anything about how this study proceeded, so it’s unknown whether or not the results are legitimate.

Conclusion: Who Should Take MYO-X?

At this point, there are no proven or safe myostatin inhibitors on the market.

In fact, modern medicine is still trying to figure out how to safely inhibit myostatin production in people who actually need it: like cancer patients and those with muscular dystrophy.

Aside from a single clinical test performed by MHP, there is no scientific evidence behind MYO-X and its powdered, fertilized egg yolk. Wait until modern science has figured out how myostatin inhibitors work before you purchase products like MYO-X from shady supplement companies.

Right now the main explosion of popularity is due to the recent Justin Bieber Calvin Klein photo shoot, where Bieber gained a significant amount of muscle mass for the pictorial. When asked about it, Justin replied with:

MYO-X supplement helped me with my workouts thanks Carlon Colker
— Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) January 7, 2015

Now, you can take that how you want, but we would still be cautious. The Justin Bieber MYO-X review should only be thought of as one review. Wait till more non celebrities (that may not be getting paid for it) come forward.

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If you would like to leave your own thoughts on MYO-X, then leave a comment below!

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  1. Just a note – the publication “Effect on Serum Myostatin Levels of High-Grade Handled Fertile Egg Yolk Powder” does seem to exist. At least it’s cataloged by Google Scholar. The problem is that it’s a conference abstract, not a peer-reviewed journal article, and these things often don’t show up in the main table of contents of the journal. Try looking for it on Google Scholar.
    The problem that remains is that it is only an abstract so it hasn’t really been subjected to the full peer-review process and we don’t have any real confidence that the study it describes has been vetted very well. Take with a grain of salt….

  2. My scam detector is broken (especially for myostatin products). So consequently, I done a 5 month run of the product.
    Results: no results. I took it up the kazoo and deserved it.
    Buyer beware.

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