When Kat Schneider was pregnant with her first child, she searched for supplements that would provide her and her unborn child with the best vitamins and other nutrients. However, after wide research, she was horrified by what was in the market and what it might do, especially to her unborn child. This was when the seed for a single capsule that would provide women with all the essential vitamins was planted. Her company launched Ritual Essential for Women in 2016. Riding on the wave of health conscious clientele, her beaded oil capsule has been getting rave reviews as a unique product.

In fact, it pulled in 1.3 million dollars in funding from Angel Inc. and other investors. There are plans to branch into other products such as toothpaste, deodorant, and other household items. The company LSO has an effective customer service department that delivers their products right to your doorstep. They are also ready to respond to customers’ queries and complaints.

About Ritual Product Line

At the center of Ritual’s marketing strategy are its openness and transparency. The ingredients that make up their capsules are in a clear, transparent casing. They are thus visible to the consumer.

Furthermore, the company is open about the function of each ingredient within the capsule. They also say how each ingredient interacts with food, which components they work with, and even why they are considered essential. To the consumer, they answer the essential questions: Why? Where? When? And How?

As a result, the consumers’ confidence in using the product is boosted. The origin or source of their ingredients also ensures trace-ability. This means the company can guarantee the quality of its products. Ritual capsules also come in a transparent bottle to further enhance the transparency theme. The bottle is placed in a specially packaged box that appears more like a gift box than a medicine box. At the same time, it is delivered to your doorstep, which is a nice touch of personalized service.

Ritual Essential for women is the vitamin pill that is the news in healthcare circles. For it to be trending, there must be something unique about it, something fresh and revolutionary. And there is. Formerly, vitamins have been manufactured using the same old ingredients from the eighties or even earlier. Manufacturers have not bothered to note that ingredients like vitamin C are mostly found in our diets today without the need for it in supplements.

Ritual focuses only on the most needed ingredients in this product and leaves out non-essentials. Another strong point for Ritual is the openness of their product. While most health supplement companies hide the identity of their ingredients behind scientific sounding Mumbo-Jumbo, Ritual is open on the ingredients they use and what they are expected to do for the consumer.

Ritual Ingedients

The ingredients used in one capsule are as follows:

Vitamin K2

This is a pure non-soy MK7 form. Ritual sources this vitamin from Oslo, Norway and then Kappa Bioscience manufactures it. The health benefits of Vitamin K2 are to promote healthy skin, heart health, and bone health. You can get this vitamin naturally from egg yolk, cheese, and natto.


The initial form is Algal oil from South Carolina, USA. DSM later manufactures this product. Omega-3 will help you by boosting your immune system, brain, and heart health. You can get Omega-3 naturally from salmon, tuna, and shellfish, among other fatty fish. Omega-3 has been found to help children fight the flu virus.

Vitamin E

Its initial form is mixed tocopherols which are sourced from Argentina and later get manufactured by AOM/Nutralliance. Vitamin E is a great source of antioxidant which helps in promoting a healthy skin and fight against aging. Naturally, you can get Vitamin E from flaxseeds, walnuts, and pistachios.

Vitamin D3

It is sourced from the United Kingdom in the form of Linchens and later gets manufactured by The GHT Companies. Vitamin D3 is responsible for promoting the immune system, healthy bones, and cognition. In the natural form, you can easily get Vitamin D3 from milk, fish, and all fortified dairy products.

Vitamin B12

It is sourced in Methylcobalamin form from Connecticut, USA. It then gets manufactured by AnMar International. Vitamin B12 is meant to enhance your nerve function, brain function, and boost your energy. Vitamin B12 is naturally found in milk, nori, and red meat.


It is initially in Sucrosomial form from Pisa, Italy and Alesco (Maypro) later manufactures it. Magnesium is believed to help you with increased calmness, improved heart health, and better bone support. Naturally, you can get magnesium from dark chocolate, lentils, and all green leafy vegetables.


It is initially in Ferrous bis-glycinate sourced from Utah, USA. Albion (Balchem) later manufactures it. Iron is well known for its blood building properties. It also boosts your brain health and energy. You can find Iron in natural form from peas, spinach, red meat, chard, and beans.


Its initial form is 5MTHF glucosamine salt, which Ritual sources from Pisticci, Italy. The Gnosis Company later manufactures this product. Folate is responsible for boosting your mood, promoting your brain health, and also helping in DNA synthesis. Folate can naturally be found in foods like oranges, avocado, and lentils. Mood swings are one of many emotions that women go through when they are either on their period or going through menopause. This is a great supplement for women as it will balance their mood swings during these times.


It is initially sourced from Illinois, USA in Calcium Fructoborate form. Futureceuticals later manufactures it. Boron is useful for promoting both joint and bone health. It also helps women in hormone support. Naturally, Boron can be found in prunes, almonds, and raisins.

How Much Does Ritual Essential For Women Cost?

The capsules are packed in bottles with each single bottle having 60 capsules. These capsules last you one full month. Every woman should take two capsules daily for one month to ensure they complete the dosage. These capsules are vegetarian, and a bottle will cost you at least $30.

You may find the prices high, but what you should remember is that this product consists of all the ingredients that a woman’s body needs for it to function properly. It is hard to get all the required nutrients from our food alone. However, what you lack on your plate can be found in this product.

This also tells you that the product does not contain any harmful or unneeded nutrients that despite claiming they are efficient don’t help in any way.

Do These Vitamins Work?

These vitamins can withstand stomach acids, and the nutrients remain inside the pill to avoid being degraded by the stomach acid. These capsules are also coated in peppermint oil, making them have a pleasant taste.

The formulation used in preparing these vitamins makes sure that they do what they are intended to do. The fact that they are made from vegan ingredients makes them safe for any woman.

One of the best results you get from taking these vitamins is smooth skin. Women are prone to acne, with breakouts occurring mostly during the menstruation period. These vitamins will leave your skin supple, clear, and glowing.

Previous customers also reported having stronger finger nails which were growing pretty fast, as well as improved sleep patterns.

Why Choose Ritual?

Ritual vitamins are a bit pricey, but women swear they are worth every penny. The following are some of the reasons you should consider choosing Ritual:

No Vitamin C

This vitamin is easily absorbed from food, and the fact that Ritual doesn’t include it is great. Vitamin C can cause lower absorption of some medicines like ones taken for ADHD. This means that virtually any woman can take this multivitamin.

Omega-3 And Vitamins In One

The fact that they have combined Omega-3 with their vitamins, they have solved the problem of forgetfulness that many people tend to have. You do not have to remember to take both Omega-3 and your vitamins at the same time, since Ritual has simplified this for you.

Transparent Sourcing

Ritual does not conceal information about what is contained in their product. When you visit their site, you will get all that information there. They also disclose where they source their ingredients from to their customers.

Subscription Based

Although this might sound expensive and too much work for some people, most of their customers appreciate the fact that they don’t have to worry about refilling their bottles. They just get refills at their doorsteps. Every month, Ritual employees pay visits to customers to drop off their bottles of vitamins. This is a great thing for working women who are so bombarded with work that they don’t get any time to shop. Also, stay-at-home moms also appreciate this service since they don’t have to worry about leaving their children behind to go shopping for the vitamins.

Ritual Benefits

They Don’t Smell

Most vitamins have nasty smells, but Ritual vitamins tend to have a sweet minty smell. This makes them desirable to most women.

They don’t make you nauseous. With most vitamins, when taken on an empty stomach, they tend to make you nauseous. This doesn’t happen with Ritual vitamins. Even if you take them on an empty stomach, you will not have any nauseous feeling or end up throwing up.

No Bright Yellow Pee

Some vitamins make your pee appear bright yellow even after drinking a lot of water. With Ritual vitamins, expect to have clear pee unless you don’t drink water. It is advisable to consume 7-8 glasses of water a day. So, don’t skip your water and later complain that Ritual’s vitamins made your pee yellow. Keep in mind that this happens do to dehydration no matter what else you take in.

No Fish Burps

Omega-3 always makes you have fish burps, which are very undesirable. With Ritual vitamins, you will have no fish burps since they use Omega-3 derived from algae.

They Don’t Make You Smell

When taking some vitamins, people tend to have smelly sweat. Most vitamins will make your sweat smell much worse. However, with Ritual vitamins, you are good to go and won’t need t worry about any odd smells.


All Ritual’s products are non-GMO, vegan, gluten, and allergen free. They are also bio viable with no synthetic filters or colors.

Contain Iron

Ritual vitamins are packed with iron which is great for all women. Women who have low iron in their bodies tend to bruise easily, and some even end up anemic.

Easy To Cancel

With most subscriptions, it is hard to quit. You will get frustrated with procedures to be followed and time wasted. The best thing about Ritual subscription is that you can easily cancel your subscription the way you got in the first place. Just log in to their website and cancel your subscription.

You do not have to go to any office or call a representative. You can easily do it from the comfort of your home. This means that Ritual is confident with their products, making it possible for their customers to cancel their subscription whenever they feel like.

Ritual Side Effects

Many women have sworn by this multivitamin. According to them, the multivitamin does not cause any stomach upset or nausea. Increased energy levels and alertness have been reported while using these vitamins. However, you should check for ingredients you might be allergic to before taking these vitamins.

Ritual Vitamins Pros And Cons


  • They are small in size
  • They are manufactured from natural ingredients, making them completely safe for use
  • They are created purposely for women and work effectively
  • They have a pleasant peppermint taste that makes them easy to take
  • Their results are visible in skin within a short period


  • They are quite expensive
  • You have to pay for a subscription service, which can be costly considering they are expensive already
  • The packaging is not the best. In most cases, the supplements come in an oversized box.

Ritual Review Summary

Although they might be on the pricey side, the fact that they offer the convenience of swallowing just one pill instead of different supplements makes them a capsule of choice.

From their many positive reviews, it is therefore right to say that these supplements are not only safe but beneficial to women’s health. Their clients are definitely looking forward to other great products from this company.


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