Algae Benefits – Chlorophyll Oceanic Superfood Phytoplankton?


Algae is proclaimed to be an oceanic superfood but the question remains, is it good for your health? It’s not strange to assume algae is just a plant found in the ponds, oceans, and lakes of the world. But, we have had a long time to uncover the facts lying behind this interesting plant.

Many believe it’s a plant that has no important use in this world apart from coloring the marine world. We agree that most of the marine animals feed on this green matter and it has been found to supplement their diet in a bigger way.

If you are keen, you will realize that algae is now a composition of everything you send your eyes to. In many instances, we have seen medicines made from algae, as well as beauty products and foods coated with algae.

That in itself should end the question as to whether the inclusion is a perfect deal for your body or is it an addition to a quantity of the product. A lot of people are now strongly supportive of algae and praising it as a quality food that should never be missing in any food supplement.

The view formerly branded to this plant is fading away and many people are now protecting this almost extinct plant. Due to this protection, you will be able to find algae in the woods and forests; some individuals have even decided to plant it for the benefits it now has been featured to have.

I know you have had a drink sprayed with algae and apart from the praise this plant is getting, the questions remain. Does it contain any health benefits to your body? Does its healing outweigh the other green plants? And do you believe the algae is worth the fame it's gaining currently?

In the following write-up, we shall explore all that you need to know about algae, the benefit it has on your body organs including heart, skin, general body, as well as publicized concerns on algae.

Algae 101

What Is It And Why Is Everyone Crazy About This Algae? In the wellness community, you will realize that algae has gained growing fame. Available in different shapes, colors, and sizes, algae has been able to grow in fresh and salty water and in both the environments, it now thrives in abundance.

The most popular type of the algae are the blue-green ones which include cholera, spirulina, and AFA — which are the talk of everyone as far as the health benefits are concerned. Many people assume algae are plants but instead are cyanobacteria and this has made them look less like plants. However, algae come out to be the best photosynthesizes as compared to most plants.

Have you wondered why people are consuming algae? It might feel disgusting after you give it a thought but most interesting fact remains that algae consumption is gaining popularity across the world. The University of Maryland Medical Center has found out that the algae has significant body building nutrients hence its wide use.

Some of the facts from sampled algae point to it as the best source of food protein, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and carotenoids among other beneficial minerals in the body.

Chlorophyll is also another factor to consider in algae. You might be speculating why, but fungi rank among the best in terms of chlorophyll and plant food manufacture. It absorbs the sun's rays for the plants to make food.

When it comes to chlorophyll in algae, it has been found to possess healing purposes hence when consumed, it promotes body health. For those who have had wounds, you will agree that application of algae makes the wound dry and subsequently heal faster.

What Science Say About Algae

In most cases, we find ourselves copying others when it comes to supplements we take. With algae in mind, we need to know what research has for us. So before you dash to mix that algae into your diet, there are some additional scientific facts to know as far as algae is concerned. Does it have the potential to impact your body health? And how does it work to deliver the results?

With increased death cases resulting from heart failure, research is focusing a great deal on how natural ways can be adopted as a means to tame the unnecessary deaths caused by heart problems. The blue-green algae has been fronted as the most positive algae to give the necessary results. It works perfectly on arteriosclerosis and the lipid levels in the blood.

According to Dr. Joel Kahn, he personally uses green algae in handling cardiovascular issues. He says that in most of his patients, he uses algae to support major body functions such as boosting cholesterol levels. He affirms that this is the best, natural way to deal with cardiovascular issues in patients.

His explanation allows the algae to be used in heart health matters. The information on the types of algae he uses makes it easy to find the cure for the cardiovascular issues.

Benefits of Algae

Inflammation And Pain

AFA algae has all the best ingredients that aid in anti-inflammatory issues. Cholera has been seen as a remedy to those suffering from chronic and intense pain. The research done supports the fact that chronic pain is soothed by the intake of algae.

Toxins and Heavy Metals

Detoxification is a difficult process with our bodies. Some metals and toxins make the body unfit to perform its duties. Algae has been proposed by Dr. Kahn as the solution to detoxifying the body by removing the heavy metals. He says that when his patients are on medication, he prefers to use Cholera as a means of detoxifying the body and this has worked perfectly, making algae preferred over other methods.

Body Protection and Cancer

Algae has been found to be effective in containing tumors that cause cancer. It also slows down other viruses that attack the body. It’s effective in killing cancer cells in the brain hence research seconds its use.

Skin Health And Beauty

With skin products on the rise, you will learn that most of them have incorporated algae as a supplement to keep the skin smooth and healthy. It features powerful antioxidants which act as anti-aging supplements. Susanne Norwits finds its skin food and always applies it to her clients during skin therapy.

Gut Health

Dr. Sally Warren says that the use of algae on gut health is effective in boosting the production of beneficial bacteria for the body. The algae has the ability to boost body microbes as well as maintain the digestion health. However, not as many studies have been carried out on the algae effectiveness when it comes to gut health

Need To Know More?

If you are doubting the effectiveness of algae as far as your body health is concerned, then there is a lot you need to find out about this product. But before you decide to choose algae, your safety should come first.

Algae remove toxins and metals from the body by compacting them together and this raises the question about its safety. If for instance, the water in the ocean or pond where the algae is taken happens to be contaminated, then the algae consumed can be just as hazardous to the body.

Since it hasn’t been authorized by any medical body, its use is subject to questioning , despite the benefits it has for you. According to Dr. William Cole, most of the sea creatures are toxic, therefore anything that comes from the sea or lake might be poisonous. Algae supplement comes in chips and round balls hence it’s used by adding directly to your food or drink.

The facts about algae should not make you panic as to the way they absorb metals and toxins. The only thing you should put into consideration before buying algae supplement is the source you are using.

Doctors advise that you need to take your algae supplement from a trusted source or dealer so as to avoid the severe side effects that might accompany its use. Moreover, you need to find out more information from your doctor to know whether the supplement is compatible with your body.

These cautions can work well in aiding you to monitor your body health while using algae as well as picking the right dosage and information concerning algae. According to Dr. Cole, the use of algae supplements is safe as long as you look for a top brand and the one that has been carefully analyzed. Algae from China is least favored and therefore Dr. Cole cautions against buying that product.

Have You Made The Decision On Algae?

Just like other supplements sold on the market, there is the caution of buying from trusted suppliers and that is the main thing you need to look for before you decide to buy the algae supplement. Someone not interested in algae might find other supplements that play a better role in the body.

The information by experts gives us the benefits, cautions and side effects and if well adopted then algae supplement will work effectively when it comes to your body healthy immunity and supplementation.

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