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Supplements have always been an important part of nutrition. However, in recent years, as the modern diet has changed to include more foods with preservatives, the need for nutritional supplements is constantly increasing. For athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts, the importance of having nutritional supplements is even more important, which is why finding the best supplement company is crucial.

Pure Labs has long been dedicated to providing athletes with the best nutritional supplements available. The company uses clinically based ingredients that have been proven to be effective, utilizing the proper dosages to give real results in record time. Top athletes and fitness experts swear by Pure Labs products because they are truly the best of the best.

About Pure Labs

Pure Labs is a company that has committed itself to raising the standards of the supplement industry. To reach this goal, Pure Labs has worked tirelessly to set an example of how to craft real, quality supplements using the best ingredients. Whether it’s a fat burner to lose weight or a pre-workout formulation to help power through extreme exercises, Pure Labs offers the best solutions for fitness enthusiasts of varying experiences.

The cutting edge sports supplement company is able to ensure the quality of its products by maintaining in control of every aspect of the manufacturing process. Pure Labs researches, formulates, designs, and tests all of its supplements. The team of experts that work for the company help ensure that every ingredient in every product released by Pure Labs is perfect, so users get the results they need.

Products Sold by Pure Labs

Pure Labs sells all of its products through its online store (www.PureLabsOnline.com). To make it easier for customers to find exactly what they need, Pure Labs breaks its products down into categories. These categories, the products, prices, and product descriptions can be found below.

Hormone Support

These products are testosterone boosters that improve the natural processes that exist within the male body, enhancing hormonal production. As these supplements boost testosterone levels, they are able to improve strength, endurance, and recovery times.

Clomadex ($38.69)

A complete hormone modulation unit that decreases estrogen levels, boosts testosterone, and balances out cortisol. The supplement provides hormone recovery while also enhancing libido and sexual performance.

Testaflex ($38.69)

A pharmaceutical grade hormone augmentation system that regulates anabolic hormone, using scientifically proven formulations. The supplement works to boost testosterone levels and the growth hormone, decrease estrogen, and support the joints.


In order to power through the most intense workouts, the body needs just the right nutritional support. These supplements give users exactly what they need to not only accomplish their goals, but to surpass them.

Turbo – 174g Mango Twist ($38.69)

Pure Labs has recreated its most popular supplement to make it more intense and offer more drastic results. Turbo improves pump capabilities, increasing muscle mass and strength. The supplement also provides focus for users and boosts energy levels, without an overabundance of stimulants.

Vasopump ($32.34)

Without using any stimulants, Vasopump uses eight vasodilators to improve blood flow to the muscles, supporting the natural processes that already exist within the body. As a result, Vasopump can improve performance and decrease recovery time, but without the side effects commonly found with other pre-workout formulations.


As a building block for muscle, protein serves a crucial role for those working to build stronger, better bodies. Pure Labs provides some of the cleanest, purest protein to power real muscle growth.

Premium Whey ($38.69)

Using an improved formula, Pure Labs has been able to perfect its protein powder. With 21.3 grams of protein and only 125 calories per serving, the blend of protein and creatine provides a boost of power for users.

Weight Loss

Building lean muscle mass is only part of the process in perfecting the body. No one wants to have muscles that can’t be seen, which is why losing fat is so important to the fitness process. These supplements support fast and long-term weight loss.

Diuretix ($25.79)

For those who are working towards getting a dry, grainy look, Diuretix uses proven ingredients like dandelion and ascorbic acid for those who want to quickly lose weight.

T5 Platinum ($38.69)

A supplement that both controls appetite and boosts energy levels, T5 Platinum uses thermogenic properties to give users the results they want.

T6 Black Revolution ($45.14)

Weight loss is all about mental focus, which is why T6 Black Revolution reduces calorie intake while providing a clean, consistent source of energy. One capsule is all that’s needed to burn fat and keep users feeling fuller for longer.

T9 Extreme ($45.14)

A reformulation of the original T9 blend, this weight loss supplement uses thermogenic properties to constantly burn calories throughout the day. Using only pharmaceutical grade ingredients, this supplement is perfect for those who want to get drastic results in less time.

Turbo Cuts ($38.69)

With a transparent list of ingredients, this supplement is the most intense weight loss supplement offered by Pure Labs. Turbo Cuts suppresses the appetite so users can lose weight quickly.

Additional Supplements

These options don’t fit into any of the categories described above, but still serve important, crucial roles in building stronger, healthier bodies.

Cycle Shield ($29.66)

Liver support for those running through a cycle, Cycle Shield uses superior extracts that have been scientifically proven to provide results. Not only will the supplement protect the liver, but it will also support prostate health and keep blood pressure balanced.

Nootropix ($38.69)

In order for athletes to build and strengthen their bodies, they need a certain amount of mental fortitude. Nootropix provides this support, using research to craft the perfect formulation for enhancing focus, decreasing fogginess, and boosting blood flow to the brain.

All Pure Labs products come with a 14 day satisfaction guarantee, refunding users who aren’t satisfied with their purchases.


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