Turinabol – Oral Androgenic Anabolic Steroid Tbol Health Benefits?


Turinabol is a combination of two chemical structures, Dianabol and Clostebol. Its chemical structure enables it to be nonaromatizable and also to have a minimum androgenic rating. Information regarding Turinabol was initially published in 1962, and after that Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone was manufactured and then brought out by Jenapharm in East Germany as Turinabol and Oral Turinabol.

What Is Turinabol?

Turinabol can be defined as a derivative of Dianabol, which eliminates the problem of water retention that is usually associated with Dianabol. It is regarded as the ideal anabolic compound for individuals who are seeking slow yet quality gains which remain consistent. It is a cross between Clostebol and Methandrostenolone.

Much like most compounds such as Anavar, Turinabol was regarded by medical experts and physicians for its capability to provide a slightly distinct separation of its androgenic and anabolic effects. This is the reason why it is mainly compared to compounds like Primobolan or Anavar. As a result, Oral Turinabol has extensive medical purposes, not just in male adults but also in women and children.

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It provides its users with a potent anabolic action while simultaneously minimizing the androgenic characteristics. It has the simple structural makeup of an anabolic androgenic steroid. It is ideal for individuals who compete in competitive sports that require physical skills, and that is why it is popular among bodybuilders and athletes.

This is especially true for those that are eager to recover from a major injury. This is because the slow development process that characterizes the steroid works well with the measured injury recovery process. This steroid is also commonly referred to as Tbol.

Under the category of medical uses, it was prescribed for many kinds of ailments but was frequently used for the improvement of fat-free mass in wasting disorders, strengthening and increasing the mass of bones.

How Turinabol Works

Since it is a slow acting anabolic androgenic steroid, it does not produce rapid results like what many people are accustomed to with the steroids currently available on the market. However, its results are quite consistent in nature. This is because it is characterized by a quality growth process that is far from volatile, unlike other steroid products.

It gradually and steadily increases the strength of the user. With time, the user starts experiencing muscle gain that is both sustainable and significant. Over time, users begin to notice a measurable increase in muscle endurance and their general performance.

Uses & Benefits of Turinabol

Compared to most of the protein stimulating steroids, turinabol consists of one significant benefit which is that it is difficult to detect. This is because of the incredible speed of turinabol’s excretion, which, according to the anecdotal evidence, takes only five days.

Turinabol was not screened between the 70’s and 80’s, allowing the athletes to use it without getting busted. That is why turinabol is a convenient steroid for athletes who are subjected to regular controls in doping.

Unfortunately, there are very few medical uses for turinabol. It was created solely as an athletic performance drug. However, it has been known in some cases to be used to treat disorders which inhibit proper protein synthesis.

Turinabol has several uses and benefits as an anabolic androgenic steroid, these include the following:

i. It has a positive impact on both nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is critical to muscle gains because protein is the main building block of all body muscle. Synthesis only refers to the rate by which proteins are built by cells in the human body. Nitrogen retention is an integral part of the lean tissue composition.

ii. It increases red blood count significantly. More red blood cells results in increased blood oxygenation as they actively carry oxygen gas to the blood and through it. This has an ultimate effect of increased muscular endurance, meaning that athletes will not tire as fast as they would normally.

iii. It greatly improves the strength of an athlete. This translates to speed and physical power.

iv. It will provide an athlete with a decent rate muscle growth over a reasonable duration of time.

v. It is quite useful in the cutting phase of a true off season cycle. It offers protection to the user against lean tissue loss and also increases hardness.

vi. It provides the user with greater control and predictability.

vii. It provides decreased strain on ligaments and joints of the user.

viii. This steroid is preferred because it provides better stability with regard to both hormonal issues and by way of gain.

ix. It helps with the healing process of injuries as it provides athletes and bodybuilders with the best situation for a full rehabilitation.

Risks & Side Effects

Just like other steroids, turinabol has a number of risks and side effects associated with its use.

Firstly, all steroids contribute to suppression, and turinabol being one of them does not escape this rule. Hence natural boosters such as ancillaries should be included during tbol cycles. Otherwise, this will make the body unable to recover completely, and the natural production may cease permanently suppressed.

The other side effect is hepatotoxicity. Since it’s a steroid, it contains certain factors that create liver toxicity, having an impact on the liver function. Consequently, supporting ancillaries for the liver are mandatory during tbol cycles, and these cycle durations are advised to be reduced (less than six weeks). Some people are convinced that turinabol is 100% safe for the liver.

This is very persuading considering that German athletes received huge doses of turinabol for long periods. This notwithstanding, no cases of liver health complications were recorded from them. Contrary, the doses they were administered aren’t the same as those received by modern bodybuilders. Therefore, regular liver check-ups must be encouraged.

Another side effect of anabolic steroids is increased lipid levels. Steroids usually affect the level of cholesterol in the body, and turinabol has a significant influence on the liver’s ability to process and produce cholesterol. Therefore, one should pay close attention to the lipids levels during turinabol cycles.

As we said, like all other steroids, turinabol is not free from side-effects, and there are few issues to keep in consideration.The main side effects you need to know include the following:

Androgenic Side Effects

This product has minimal androgenic activity, such as accelerated hair loss, acne, and increased body hair growth. These side effects highly depend on an individual’s genetics. Women can only use Turinabol without the risk of virilization symptoms such as clitoral enlargement, body hair growth, and deepening of vocal cords if they do so in low dosages.

Cardiovascular Side Effects

It has a negative effect on cholesterol as it suppresses good cholesterol (HDL) levels and increases the bad cholesterol (LDL) levels.

Testosterone Side Effects

Turinabol suppresses natural testosterone in the body of the user. This is why it is recommended that it is used together with exogenous testosterone. Low testosterone is exhibited in a myriad of ways, including sexually, mentally, and physically.

Hepatotoxic Side Effects

This steroid is known to exert a significant amount of stress on the liver of the user. This is the main reason why individuals who are already diagnosed with liver-related issues are advised not to use Turinabol.

It should be noted that the side effects of Turinabol are generally mild and that is why its use is popular among athletes and bodybuilders.

How To Choose The Best Turinabol Product

When buying any turinabol product, you should look for the best quality in the market. Turinabol is a very risky steroid to take, and selecting an inferior product will only make it worse. The product you are looking for should feature balanced ingredients with no additional side effects, as the risk of negative side effects is already high when taking turinabol.

The following are some of the properties to look for if you choose to take turinabol:

Due to its distinct separation of its androgenic to anabolic effects, it's a weaker anabolic steroid than the parental hormone Dianabol. However, the assurance of the apparent muscle building ability, it will present less in the way of androgenic effects and no estrogenic effects. Because of its slight weakness than Dianabol, the doses needed to elicit effects from turinabol are considered to be quite high.

Athletes can expect steady lean mass gains with little or no risk of any bloating, or any estrogenic effects. Strength and mass gains are not known to be dramatic due to its lack of anabolic power, but the steady lean gains that grow over time are well-known. Another use is as an appropriate cutting agent during periods of losing fat or a thorough pre-contest preparation due to its incapability to change into estrogen.

Top Turinabol Products

Turinabol has a number of top products that are available for consumers in the market. They include the following:

Atlas-Turinabol Pharma – 10mg/tab

This product provides users with mass building effects. It provides impressive increase in strength, it provides best quality gains, it has less water retention when compared to Dianabol, and it also provides a significant increase in muscle mass for the user. The recommended dosage is 2 to 6 tablets per day, which equals between 20mg to 60mg.

Turinabol – Alpha-Pharma – 10mg/tab

This product has mild side effects and moderate anabolic effects. It is ideal for gradual mass building and should be taken for a minimum period of four weeks and a maximum of six weeks. It can be successfully combined with Anavar.

Euro-Pharmacies Turanabol 10mg/tab

This product’s pharmaceutical name is Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. Its average dosage is 20-40mg/day. It is good for bodybuilders and has an active life of 16 hours. It provides users with gains in both strength and muscle, but does so gradually. It has very low water retention and is not liver toxic unless consumed in high dosages.

X-CORP Turinabol 25mg/tab

This product contains also contains the active substance called Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. Aromatization is rare in this steroid and it also lacks estrogenic side effects. Dosage should not exceed 20 mg per day.

Final Thoughts On Turinabol

If you decide that you really wish to use steroids for athletic performance, turinabol is considered to be the best combination of the benefits in Anavar and Dianabol. It has the ability to build high-quality mass, with minimal estrogen-related side effects, and those side effects it does offer are mostly related to liver toxicity.

Besides that, the affinity of turinabol to bond to the SHBG is a very desirable agent for most steroids. Before you purchase any medication, make sure you are using a trusted source and follow your doctor's advice. You can also inform your medical practitioner of your medical condition to avoid instances of allergies and adverse side effects.

Turinabol’s slow process is ideal for those individuals who are not very keen on gaining a lot of muscle too quickly. This situation is beneficial to the body of the user as the gradual increase in muscle mass allows for the ligaments, the tendons, and even the joints that are responsible for providing support to the muscles to slowly adjust to the additional strain.

It is a good steroid choice if the development of high quality lean mass with minimal side effects is the goal.

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