Perfect Aquatic Greens – Spirulina & Chlorella For Liver Health?


Men and women who are looking for a way to increase their daily nutrition will want to consider adding a superfood powder to their diet. Perfect Aquatic Greens offers a blend of two algae, Spirulina and Chlorella which when combined offer over 100 different minerals and nutrients along with a huge mix of amino acids.

People who are looking for a plant based source of iron will appreciate how well this product supports iron levels including reducing iron deficiency and anemia. Please read below to learn more about Perfect Aquatic Greens powder and capsules and how to purchase.

About Perfect Aquatic Greens

Many people are familiar with the growing popularity for Spirulina for its ability to boost health and help prevent disease. Perfect Supplements has taken that trend one step further by blending Spirulina with another super potent alga called Chlorella.

This 50/50 blend combines two superfoods that offer users over 100 different nutrients. Perfect Aquatic Greens is a good option for consumers who have digestive issues especially constipation and bad breath. This supplement is especially beneficial for supporting liver health and helping regulate blood sugar levels.

Probably the most widely known use of these ingredients is boosting the body’s iron levels from a plant source helping reduce anemia symptoms and improve blood health. Vegetarians and vegans alike may struggle to get enough iron in their diet and adding a supplement like Perfect Aquatic Greens can help.

How Does Perfect Aquatic Greens Work?

When taken regularly, this supplement will help keep the body’s digestive system in rhythm helping to prevent constipation. Additionally, Perfect Aquatic Greens is a good option for people who are looking for a natural way to support liver health or regulate blood sugar levels.

Due to the high levels of iron Spirulina and Chlorella are both commonly used plant sources for iron to help reduce anemia and prevent blood issues due to nutrition or disease.

Ingredients in Perfect Aquatic Greens

Both the capsules and loose powder offer a combination of organic chlorella and Spirulina powder.

These two microalgae combined offer over 100 different nutrients including high levels of plant sourced iron as well as significant levels of vitamins C, E, B, and A.

Perfect Aquatic Greens also gives users an extra boost of beta carotene which supports eye health. Spirulina is a complete protein that offers eight essential amino acids as well as fatty acids that support brain health.

Perfect Supplements is committed to sustainable growing practices ensuring all of their product’s ingredients are top quality. Perfect Aquatic Greens is suitable for people who cannot process gluten.

Perfect Aquatic Greens Pricing

Interested consumers can purchase these Perfect Supplements products online through the manufacturer’s website

  • Perfect Aquatic Greens Capsules: Due to popularity this supplement is currently on backorder. When back in stock each 120 capsule bottle is available for $29.99.
  • Perfect Aquatic Greens Powder: For people who prefer to add powders to smoothies for breakfast cereals this product is available in 135 gram containers for $29.99.

Perfect Supplements offers an additional fifteen percent saving son all purchases of three or more products. Purchases of six or more products will automatically receive an additional thirty percent off. All orders totaling $99.00 or more ship for free.

Should You Use Perfect Aquatic Greens?

Consumers who follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle will be excited to see a new option for helping them increase their daily iron intake.

Since Perfect Aquatic Greens in gentle on the stomach and digestive system this supplement should not cause any negative side effects.

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