Exerpeutic 7101 Active Cycle Low-Impact Mini Exercise Bike


Many pieces of workout equipment are challenging for people to use who have compromised strength or poor balance. The Activ Cycle is a motorized bike system that allows users to exercise while sitting on the couch and can be used passively or actively depending on desire and physical ability.

This piece of exercise equipment by Exerpeutic 7101 Active Cycle Low-Impact Mini Exercise Bike is a great option for people recovering from injury or the elderly who want to help improve their body’s blood flow. Please read below to learn more about this mini bike and how to purchase.

What is the Exerpeutic 7101 Active Cycle Low-Impact Mini Exercise Bike?

Exerpeutic 7101 Active Cycle Low-Impact Mini Exercise Bike offers a wide range of fitness devices aimed at consumers who need low impact options. The Activ Cycle offers people of all ages a motor-assisted option to help stay in shape and improve health. This mini bike simple works legs either with motor assist or without.

With regular use this piece of equipment can help improve user's balance, strength, and circulation. By adjusting the different speeds and resistance levels the Activ Cycle can be adjusted to meet each user’s physical needs.

How Does the Exerpeutic Mini Exercise Bike Work?

One of the great features of this bike is how easy it is to use. It needs no assembly and can be adjusted as needed with the hand remote.

The motor helps keep legs active without putting stress on joints or muscles. When used without the motor users can push their exercise intensity as much as they want.

Features of the Exerpeutic 7101 Active Cycle Low-Impact Mini Exercise Bike

Motor assisted design means the Activ Cycle offers the same benefit as other forms of exercise but without the strain on the body. Perfect for the elderly or people healing from surgery, this bike allows users to help improve their blood flow in a low impact way.

Blood flow promotes better health and even faster healing. The low impact design means this bike is gentle on joints.

The LCD monitor offers exercise duration, heart rate, distance traveled, and calories burned. However there is online feedback pointing that this screen is hard to read and of poor quality compared to the rest of the machine.


Interested consumers can purchase this piece of workout equipment online through Amazon and Wal Mart.


Each Active Cycle is available for $87.63. Shipping is free and Amazon also offers additional protection plans.

An additional two year protection plan is available for $10.90 and three years of coverage is available for $15.94.


The price per item is the same on Wal Mart ($87.63) and shipping is also free. The two year protection plan is a lower price at $8.00.

Should You Use the Exerpeutic 7101 Active Cycle Low-Impact Mini Exercise Bike?

Whether people are looking for a way to help their body heal post-surgery or are looking for a way to enhance blood flow without risking injury, the Activ Cycle is an option definitely worth considering.

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