Blood Detoxification – Toxic Body Signs & Healthy Cleanse Benefits?


What Is Blood Detoxification?

The blood is the medium through which nutrients and oxygen are supplied to all the organs of the body. The blood also carries the impurities from the body parts to the organs, such as the kidneys and liver where they are filtered.

The body also gets rid of toxins through the lymphatic system, lungs, and skin. The filtration process gets rid of these toxins from our bodies. This process occurs automatically and keeps the body safe from toxins.

Unfortunately, with time, the bloodstream accumulates a lot of toxins from viruses, bacteria, fungus and the food we eat such that the kidneys and the liver are too overwhelmed to cleanse the blood effectively.

At this point, the organs need support in cleansing the blood. This is what is called blood detoxification.

Our world is no longer clean for our perfect health. Each day we eat food that has been grown with chemical compounds such as fertilizers sprayed with heavy metal pesticides and insecticides. It’s also exposed to other elements, such as radioactive materials that are harmful to the body. Oil, heavy metal, and plastics have contaminated seafood, which was once regarded as the best source of food.

These compounds make their way into the body when we eat the food. Farmed fish are not safe either. Most farmers use foods that are of poor quality and questionable ingredients thereby filling our bodies with toxins. Livestock is also no longer fed with the green plant material only as was happening in the early times.

Today, many feeds contain growth hormones and antibiotics that are not good for human health. Other toxins come to our bodies through antibiotics, injections, beauty products, and injuries to the skin.

When Is Blood Detoxification Needed?

Most health experts advise you to go through the detoxification process once every year. As long as your organs are working well, you will not have accumulated many toxins in less than a year after purifying your blood.

Signs that you need to purify your blood:

1. Recurring Fatigue

If you are always feeling low on energy and feel fatigue that you cannot blame on heavy physical activity, you need to have your blood cleansed. Heavy metal toxins are said to cause recurring fatigue.

2. Reduction Of Bowel Movements

If you are not going to the toilet more often despite eating food regularly i.e. you are constipated, it shows that your gut has a problem. Detoxification can help get rid of unwanted substances in the gut.

3. Flatulence And Bloating

If you are always having gas problems in your stomach, a burning feeling in your throat and feeling full all the time, detoxification can improve your digestion mechanism in the body.

4. Difficulty Losing Weight

If you are trying all methods in the book to lose your weight, but some fat seems not to get out of the way, you need to improve your metabolism by detoxifying your body. One type of fat that seems not to burn is the belly or the visceral fat.

5. Itchy Skin, Acne, Or Rosacea

The body has sebum, which is meant to keep the skin nourished and protected all day. When there are a lot of toxins in the blood, the skin tends to have problems such as blocked pores that cause acne, itchiness, and some other problems.

These conditions can be relieved by detoxification.

6. Cravings And Problems With Your Blood Sugar

The body has a mechanism to keep the blood sugar levels within the acceptable standards. However, toxins such as metal compounds interfere with the balancing effect of insulin.

Very high or low levels of blood sugar cause cravings for sweet food to make up for the deficit. Detoxification can enhance the working of the insulin and help eliminate the cravings.

7. Inability To Maintain Your Body Temperature

Some people experience overheating despite having lived in the same environmental conditions for some time. Others sweat a lot especially when sleeping. Detoxification can assist the body in maintaining the correct body temperature.

Benefits Of Blood Detoxification

A number of benefits come with purifying your blood. Here are a few of them

1. Helps Boost Your Immunity

The immune system is one of the body systems that are affected by harmful toxins. Lower immunity means that you become more susceptible to diseases that you would normally fight without medication. Detoxification flushes out the elements that interfere with the working of your system thereby improving your immunity.

2. Protects Your Body From Tumors

It is scientifically accepted that tumors are caused by exposure to harmful elements or ingestion of harmful compounds into our bodies. When these elements build up in your body, they trigger the affected parts of the body to grow uncontrollably, thereby leading to tumors.

Part of the detoxification process is having enzymes between meals which clean up elements that may cause tumors.

3. Smooth And Radiant Skin

Clean blood lowers the chances of pimples on the skin and itchy skin. It helps you achieve a light, smooth, and youthful skin. Moreover, blood detoxification helps in restoring skin color and even tone for beautiful skin.

4. Helps Improve Your Digestion

If the gut is not able to digest food as it should, a number of problems such as flatulence and low appetite are expected. During detoxification, the levels of good bacteria and enzymes in the gut are boosted, and those of the bad bacteria diminished. This helps in the effective breakdown of food and easy passing of waste matter in the toilet.

5. Reduction Of Cholesterol Levels In The Blood

Cholesterol buildup in the blood is known to cause the blood vessels to lose their elasticity. This fat also clogs the inner walls of the blood vessels thereby lowering the lumen. This, in turn, causes increased blood pressure.

The detoxification process helps in the reduction of the cholesterol levels in the blood thereby maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.

6. Gets Rid Of Free Radicals

Free radicals are a threat to the healthy functioning of your organs. They are known to cause cancer and disrupt the normal chemistry of the body. Detoxification process includes taking in antioxidants that help neutralize the effects of the free radicals.

Thus, it lowers the chances of developing cancer and diseases that may come from poor organ performance.

7. Stimulates The Liver

The liver is the largest organ that is involved in the cleansing of the blood. If the liver is not functioning well, there is a lot of toxin build-up in the blood. Detox products help enhance the performance of the liver. They help reduce the liver workload by breaking down some toxins and nourishing the liver to improve its functionality.

8. Improves The Cardiovascular System

Once the blood vessels are cleaned and blood levels boosted with increased intake of iron, there is better circulation of the blood throughout the body. Moreover, the heart is not overworked as the detox process deals with excess weight.

9. Improves Brain Functioning

The brain is the center of all voluntary and unconscious commands in the body. Toxins hamper the good working of the brain. They may also cause lack of concentration, clouding of the brain and inability to think fast. Detoxification rids the blood of elements that have a negative effect on the brain thereby improving its function.

Side Effects Of The Blood Detoxification Process

The change of the body environment and introduction of new foods, extracts, and enzymes often come with a number of effects as the body tries to adjust. Most of the effects are not critical and go away in a few days. Other effects can be relieved by the use of simple remedies at home.

1. Headaches

Headaches are usually caused by the general change of the body’s internal environment. They usually occur within the first three to five days of detoxification. They are manifested as a cluster headache, migraine attack or a tension headache.

The common ways to relieve a headache includes massage of the head and use of ice packs on the part of the head in pain. Both of these methods help soothe the blood vessels and improve blood circulation in the head.

2. Frequent Urination And Bowel Changes

Digestive system disturbances are the most common ones that are affected by detoxification since the process works directly on the system. Many people experience the loosening of bowels, frequent trips to the urinal and semi-liquid waste. To reduce these effects, consider hydrating the body with lots of water. Water also helps replace the electrolytes lost in the liquid waste.

3. Flatulence

Although flatulence is one of the conditions that show that one needs detoxification, it is also experienced during the cleansing process. It happens as gas is produced in the course of removing toxic substances in the stomach. Avoid crowded areas when detoxing to prevent embarrassment.

Moreover, apply chamomile oil on the stomach to lower flatulence.

4. Lethargy, Weakness, And Fatigue

These three symptoms are very common especially if you are undertaking intensive cleansing that takes longer than ten days. During this period, the body craves nourishment from the food that you used to eat. However, since the amounts and types of food are reduced, the body experiences fatigue and weakness.

The muscles also feel lethargic from the lack of protein for the period. Avoid extraneous activities during this period to avoid exaggerating these effects.

5. Cravings

Body cleansing also involves the elimination of unhealthy foods from the diet. These foods include caffeine, alcohol, smoking and sugary foods. You are bound to experience symptoms of temporary withdrawal.

The withdrawal triggers cravings for the products that you once used. Cravings can be reduced by drinking lots of water, getting rid of such foods from your home or staying in an environment where there are no such foods or items.

Top Blood Detoxification Products

There are a number of effective detoxification products and diets in the market.

1. The Master Cleanse

This is one of the longest cleansing products in the market. It involves the drinking of a concoction that includes maple syrup, lemon water, herbal detox tea and cayenne pepper each day for not less than ten days while eating and drinking nothing else. It clears the blood very fast but should not be used for more than two weeks.

2. The 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

This cleansing diet involves the use of smoothies prepared from vegetables and blended fruits for ten days. The diet provides the body with fiber, minerals, and vitamins. To maintain the effects of the detox program, you have to keep eating a balanced diet. The diet should be devoid of fat, processed cereals, sugar and white rice.

3. Aerobic Life Mag 07 Oxygen Digestive System Cleanser Capsules

These cleanser capsules assist the detox process by slowly releasing the beneficial nascent oxygen in the gut system. The capsules also help in softening the stool. It is made of vegetable capsules that also help cleanse the colon.

4. Super Colon Cleanse

This product contains capsules that are made from a blend of herbs and probiotics. The nine ingredients help in cleansing the body and nourishing the colon with good bacteria called probiotics.

The capsules also contain soluble fiber and senna leaf which encourages the movement of gunk from the colon.

5. Baetea 14 Day Acai Teatox

This product is a gentle detox tea that is known to reduce constipation and bloating. It also helps suppress the appetite especially for people who want to lose weight.

The package contains fourteen tea bags. You take a single tea bag each day. The tea bags are made from a number of Chinese herbs and include citric acid, honey powder, and malic acid.

Blood Detoxification Conclusion

It is good to detox at least once every year. The process works like a reset button, which restarts the body functions again. Before starting the process, it is important that you seek the advice of a nutritionist.

If you are taking any drugs, seek medical attention. Drugs and the conditions of the detox process may interfere with the body functions or the effectiveness of the blood detox program. Moreover, do a little research on the plan you use for detoxification. Learn the side effects and effectiveness of the method before buying the products.

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