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In recent times, there has been an increased interest in the cannabis plant. This is because the plant that was formerly a drug in most of the United States has been declared legal in many of those same states. There are numerous components of the cannabis plant that have medicinal value.

The most vital and least intoxicating of these components is cannabidiol, or CBD as it is abbreviated. It is also the biggest component in the plant, accounting for up to 40% of the total extract from the plant. It has numerous medical uses and due to this there are companies that produce CBD products for consumers. Among the best companies globally that produce this miracle product are GenCanna.

About GenCanna

Founded by pioneers

GenCanna was pioneered by some of the leading pioneers of the use of the CBD extract from the hemp plant. The founders were at the forefront of spearheading the legislation for the use of hemp in the United States. They were also at the front of the curve by leading the research into the hemp genetics.

The company is focused on scaling the genetics of the hemp industry in order to provide the customer with the best hemp products. The company is also focused on increasing the availability of the same products in the market. This way you get the best products from the hemp industry with relative ease.

Quality And Science

The mission of the company is to provide the customer with the best farm to table products that are available in the market, and in this way better their quality of life. At the core of the company are science and quality. The company holds a strong belief that the reliability of their products is the most important factor to the success of the company.

It is for this reason that GenCanna has instituted an in-house team comprised of farmers, scientists, botanists, and operators. This team comes together to make sure that all of the products from the company are of leading standards in the market. The products of the company are all subjected to quality tests by independent laboratories. These tests make sure all of the products meet the industry standards of both quality and safety.

Aggressive Research Into Innovation

The company also makes partnerships with the leading researchers from the local universities to make sure that their products genetics are as trend setting as their quality. The researchers also make sure that their products are cutting edge in terms of novel formulations and agronomic practices.

It is in this light that GenCanna has repurposed the Hemp Research Campus, and the campus has 16 buildings all dedicated to bringing you the best quality of hemp possible.

GenCanna Product Range

The company only makes use of the whole plant hemp extracts. These give you either the full spectrum of the hemp plant extracts or only give you the isolated crystalline CBD. They make these products available to their customers in bulk. The products are sold in bulk to the customers either in the crystalline form, as oils, or in a water dispersible form. All these are done to promote mass production.

The company also offers the consumer a wide range of products designed to suit their needs. These range from topical creams that can be used either for general or specific health issues to white labelled, custom made products.

Why They Are Needed

Putting Kentucky Farmers To Work

The company specifically does its own farming. They are able to do the same farming in very rich soils found in the Kentucky family farms. In this way, the company is giving back to the Kentucky community by putting the Kentucky farmers back in business.

They have put the Kentucky farmers back to profitability by giving them a platform to grow the quality controlled GenCanna products.

Protect The Environment

The company has also initiated its all new environmental program. This is by making sure that the seeds are all grown in a manner that is suitable to the environment.

In this way, the company is performing its social role of preserving the environment in Kentucky. They also do this by providing a seed that scales commercial production.

Latest Cultivation And Propagation Methods

They work with the local universities and researchers to develop and deploy the latest propagation and cultivation techniques. This increases the company’s levels of efficiency. It also helps to generate an increased yield of the hemp plant.

Produce Symptom Specific Capsules

The company makes the use of CBD in liaison with other vitamins to provide the consumer with capsules that are symptom specific. These are used in the treatment of several ailments. Among them are to boost the immune system, to support a peaceful night’s rest, and to support the muscles and the joints, among others.


  • The products of the company facilitate for the increased strength of the immune system. This is through the use of the CBD isolate in conjunction with an array of other vitamin supplements.
  • The products promote sleep by the combination of CBD with passion fruit extract, among numerous other vitamins.
  • The products of the company increase support for the joints and the muscles. This is through the use of creams that have been custom-designed to ease the muscle and joints pains that are associated with exercise.
  • The creams by the company also function to alleviate everyday stresses not limited to exercise.
  • The company produces tinctures. These are a great way of getting all the benefits of the CBD as they are consumed orally and enter the bloodstream faster. They taste great and are a great way to get the benefits of the CBD plant.

Side Effects of GenCanna

The use of CBD has been shown to decrease the activities of drug transporting hormones. It also results in dry mouth. It is especially not recommended for patients with Parkinson’s disease as it results in increased tremors for the same. It also causes a degree of nausea and light-headedness in some patients. It may result in lowered blood pressure.

GenCanna Conclusion

CBD has also been used in the treatment of patients suffering from Epilepsy. It is a vital cannabis extract which has no drowsy effects like other cannabis extracts. It is also legal in all the 50 states in the U.S. All the products from this company are subjected to FDA regulations, so you are assured of quality.

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