Perfect Lip Nutrients Balm – Organic Moisturizing Sun Protection?


Lip balm enthusiasts are always on the search for the next best product that truly keeps lisp soft and protectedPerfect Lip Nutrients Balm offers two different lip balms that are made from fair trade ingredients that are organic and natural.

The combination of all-natural beeswax with a mixture of oils offers users great tasting lip balms that glide smoothly and feel great. Many lip balms start to feel gritty with continuous wear but these balms glide on smoothly and feel great application after application. Please read below to learn more about Perfect Lip Nutrients Balm and how to purchase.

About Perfect Lip Nutrients Balm

Consumers who love lip balms and are continuously on the search for the perfect product will definitely want to give Perfect Lip Nutrients Balm a try. These lip balms combine organic beeswax purchased fairly from Africa along with coconut oil that naturally moisturizes and protects skin.

Users can choose between two different flavors tangerine and lemongrass. This lip balm was actually created by a lip balm connoisseur who wanted to offer people the best product available.

The essential oils used to flavor these lip balms smell great and do not contain any added chemicals or artificial ingredients. Many consumers who regularly suffer from chapped lips have written online reviews mentioning that these lip balms are the only things that work that are chemical free.

So many lip balms rely on petroleum products to keep skin soft and moisturized, Perfect Lip Nutrients is different. These balms are suitable for vegetarians and vegans as well as anyone who cares about living an organic lifestyle.

How Does Perfect Lip Nutrients Work?

Users will love the smooth glide offered by these lip balms. With the combination of pure beeswax and coconut oil these lip balms soften lips while also protecting them from sun and wind.

At just over 43.00 per stick it's worth trying both flavors and have plenty on hand to tuck in backpacks, gym bags, desk drawers, and even the car.


Both flavors are made from a base of organic beeswax from Zambia and coconut oil. These ingredients combined with jojoba and Mongongo oils offer lips a skin softening boost as well as protection from the elements. Mongongo Oil is an oil harvested from an African tree and offers skin protection as well as hydration.

The tangerine flavored balm utilizes tangerine essential oil and the lemongrass uses lemongrass essential oil respectively.

Perfect Lip Nutrients Balm are vegan friendly and are made from non-GMO ingredients. Consumers who care about where their products come from will feel good knowing that all of the ingredients sourced for these lip balms are purchased fairly and come from sustainable growing and harvesting methods.

People who have nut allergies should be aware that these lip balms may not be safe for use.

Pricing For Perfect Lip Nutrients Balm

These lip balms are available exclusively online through Perfect Supplements.

Each three pack of lip balms is available for $9.99 and consumers can select between three tangerine or three lemongrass.

Consumers who purchase other Perfect Supplement products can save an extra fifteen percent off they purchase three or more products. Purchases of six or more products save an additional thirty percent.

Perfect Supplements offer free shipping on all orders over $99.00.

Should You Use Perfect Lip Nutrients Balm?

The search for the perfect lip balm is over. Perfect Supplements is now offering two different varieties of beeswax lip balms that soften and protect lips with ingredients consumers can feel good about using.

Available in three stick packs, users can tuck Perfect Lip Nutrients Balm in their bag and keep one at home and work to ensure their lips are continuously soft and protected.

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