Omnitrition Review

Omnitrition is a nutritional supplement manufacturer that uses a multilevel marketing-style commission structure to sell products across North America.

Find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Omnitrition today in our review.

What is Omnitrition?


Omnitrition is an American multilevel marketing company founded all the way back in 1989.

Today, the company sells four main nutritional supplements, including liquid nutrition, energy beverages, and weight management solutions.

Products are sold through a direct sales model. If you want to buy Omnitrition products, then you’ll need to order from an Omnitrition representative in your area.

About Omnitrition

Omnitrition was created by a guy named Roger Daley. Daley had previously worked at Herbalife in the 1980s before reportedly quitting to found his own company along with a number of other Herbalife salespeople.

Daley left Herbalife and decided to create a product called OmniLife 4, which was a liquid nutritional supplement. The supplement sold well until 1994, when Omnitrition hit a rough patch and was served with multiple lawsuits.

One of the landmark cases against Omnitrition was known as Webster v. Omnitrition International Inc. In that case, two former employees of Omnitrition sued the company, alleging it was running an illegal pyramid scheme. The case achieved class action status.

Omnitrition’s defense was that it was following the same rules and guidelines outlined in Amway’s Safeguard Rules. Since Amway had not been ruled a pyramid scheme in FTC v. Amway, Omnitrition could not be ruled a pyramid scheme either.

In 1994, a judge ruled in favor of Omnitrition and dismissed the lawsuit.

Today, the company continues to be successful. It’s led by Roger Daley and his wife Barbara. The company is headquartered in Reno, Nevada and does not disclose its annual revenue.

Omnitrition does claim, however, that it has 5.2 million distributors in 24 countries around the world.

What Does Omnitrition Sell?

Omnitrition separates its product lineup into four main categories, including:

— Complete Liquid Nutrition
— Energy & Vitality
— Specialty Products
— Weight Management

The company also sells a book written by Roger Daley himself. That book is called What you don’t know will hurt you. That book was released in 2006 and promises to take readers “from the barrooms to the boardrooms to the courtrooms.”

You can buy the hardcover copy of the book from Amazon for about $40.

Some of the specific popular products available through Omnitrition include all of the following.

Omni 4 ($69.95)

This product promises to boost energy levels and enhance your immune system in order to improve your overall health. It comes in the form of a powder. You stir that powder into a glass of water and drink it daily to boost your energy.

Omni 4 is the flagship product made by Omnitrition. It’s made from a unique blend of natural ingredients, including Papaya Puree, White Grape Concentrate, Aloe Vera, Guarana Seed, Kola Nut, Gota Kola, Green Tea, Grape Seed Extract, Eleutherococcus Senticosus, Licorice, Spirulina Algae, Wheat Grass Juice, Suma, Parsley Leaf and Echinacea Angustifolia.

Each package of Omni 4 costs $69.95 and comes with 30 single serving packets.

You can also buy Omni 4 in the form of a liquid concentrate supplement with glucosamine. Each bottle of Omni 4 liquid concentrate with glucosamine costs $56.60, although you can buy the original formula for $52.95 (it does not include glucosamine).

Omni Drop ($79)

Omni Drop is the most popular product in Omnitrition’s Weight Management category. The Omni Drop program costs $79 and comes with a guidebook explaining exactly how to follow the program to achieve your weight loss goals.

The drops themselves are HCG drops. You’re following the HCG diet, which involves restricting your caloric intake to just 500 calories per day. You place the HCG drops under your tongue every day to control your hunger cravings and encourage your body to strip away unwanted fat.

Each Omni Drop program lasts for 42 days. Omnitrition sales representatives will tell you that you can lose one pound per day while on this program. called the Omni Drop diet program “controversial.” All HCG diets involve pregnancy hormones entering the body, so it’s a bit unfair to single Omni Drops out for being controversial.

That being said, you’ll want to read up on the HCG diet before you buy Omni Drops – especially because Omnitrition isn’t totally upfront that it’s selling HCG drops. It just calls them weight loss formulas.

Charge Capsules ($36)

Priced at $36 for 90 capsules, Charge Capsules are made from caffeine, taurine, and a diverse range of vitamins and minerals.

Each serving comes with high dosages of vitamin A, C, E, B1, B6, and B12 along with valuable minerals like zinc, copper, and chromium.

There’s also 100mg of glycine, 100mg of taurine, and 80mg of caffeine. It’s kind of like an entire energy drink rolled into one capsule.

Other Specialty Products

In addition to the flagship products listed above, Omnitrition sells other health supplements like fiber capsules, phytonutrient multivitamins, antioxidant capsules, protein powders, and a multivitamin supplement called Smart.

How to Join Omnitrition

Like most other MLM companies, you pay a fee to join Omnitrition. This fee goes directly up to the top of the company.

There’s only one joining package available to new Omnitrition distributors. You pay $49.95 to join the company, and then you’re forced to pay a $60 annual renewal fee.

If you don’t pay your $60 annual renewal fee, then you’re immediately kicked out of the company.

When you join the company, you’re agreeing to a long list of terms and conditions. You can read through those terms and conditions on their website, which also list the compensation plan and various requirements for new distributors.

After signing up as a distributor, you receive Omnitrition training and marketing tools to help you get started. One of the most important marketing tools is a script you use to contact “all of the people you know.”

You read through the script in order to recruit your friends and family to either buy your Omnitrition products or join your downline as an independent sales associate (ISA).

In terms of commissions, Omnitrition is more lucrative than most other health supplement MLMs. When you hit the rank of Supervisor, you’ll earn retail commissions of 40%.

Final Thoughts: Should You Join Omnitrition?

Ultimately, Omnitrition isn’t a scam: the company has been around for over 25 years and survived numerous lawsuits in the 1990s.

However, the company’s marketing materials are starting to look old and product marketing is struggling to keep up with a slew of digital-savvy competitors.

If you don’t mind those problems and enjoy unique products like the Omni Drops and Omni 4, then you might want to join Omnitrition’s global network of over 5.2 million salespeople.


  1. Is it normal for your distributor not to check on you to see how your doing or offer words of encouragement advice anything? I used the program and it work well for me. Unfortunately I have gain some of thecweighr back. Don’t want to continue to grow someone’s business if they don’t check to see how things are going?

  2. I am on phase 2 right now. Starting week 2. Lost 10 Lbs but tired and hungrY. I am also concerned because many have said they’ve lost their hair I do not want that to happen. Does that happen to many? And why?

    • Reach out to your coach! Are you taking the other products or just drops? You hair is changing. just like when you start any diet or program.. you body creates new cells, hair, skin, etc. I love this program and never had any issues with my hair.. I lost 50 lbs in 100 days and kept it off for 2 years now =)

  3. I was a distributor, but didn’t receive the mailer that I was expiring, 14 days after the expiration date I called and was told I was suspended for 1 full year. No worries….. I’ll move on to their competitors and sell their products in stead! Stupid rule!

  4. I’m proud to be a distributor, I started with the liquid gold Omni 4 and this product has changed my life. I’m healthy and feel amazing. Omni4 has given my ability to take hikes and long walks , exercise without pain. We are all different and not every program of weight loss works but we are not just a weight loss company.

  5. Thank you for clarifying the inconsistencies listed about the Omni products Susie W. They have been amazing products for my family and I. My cousins have gotten their healthy back as well as losing over a Couple hundred lbs combined, and kept it off longer that all the other diets (& gastric bypass surgery) they were on…because Omni taught them clean, healthy eating habits along with quality products. It’s great that Susan B. Lost so much and kept it off but soooo many people don’t and won’t, simply because we’re all human and tend to indulge a bit much or maybe get sick and it sets us back. I dont think that was a fair or justified statement of Susan B. To make. Omni is great and not everything is the same for everyone but I know of soooo many individuals reaping the health benefits of OMNI, myself included. Thank God for Omni! I think everyone should give it a try and decide for themselves. Have a great day!

    • I’d be happy to talk with anyone who is interested in getting healthy, learning how to enjoy foods that you buy at your grocery store, how to prepare it a different way. Also with the vitamin supplements, they have helped me so much, Omni 4 is a must try for anyone. Contact me and we can chat about what is best for you.

  6. I tried this diet in Novemeber, and could survive the holidays (excuses excuses), would my omni 4 and nite lite still be good?

  7. I am trying to get in contact with a distributor about this product have a wedding and vacations coming up in The next few months would love to be 50 pounds lighter.please email me
    So I can place an order

    • Hello! I am a distributor with Omnitrition. I would be happy to give you information about our program and help you select products.

    • HI Karen, congrats on your wedding (if it’s yours) or on a friend’s wedding!! I wish I was going on vacation ;o) You can lose weight and keep it off, Absolutely!! Omni is a lifestyle, not a fad. The products keep you healthy and energized. IMO the weight loss is an added perk! if you have questions!!

  8. Atta girl, Susan! that’s the right way to diet, not by starving your body with an intake of a mere 500 calories a day. Eating the right foods aren’t knowledge that’s exclusive to Ommitrition; anyone can become healthier by becoming more knowledgeable via their own research. Forgo the expensive, unnecessary diet aids and invest in healthier foods.

  9. I am an Omnitrition distributor and it has truly changed my life and the people I love the most. I lost 30lbs in 60 days and have kept it off for over 6 months. Omni educated me on REAL food that is so satisfying and how to cut the sugar out of my diet. I love food more now than ever before. I love many of the products and take many of them daily. I was looking for only weight loss but have found so much more. I feel younger, have more energy, and slimmer than I did in high school 20 years ago! I feel honored to represent this company.

    • Get back to us when you have kept it off for 17 years like I have (100lb weight loss) with no supplements, only eating right and exercise.

      • As a health coach, I wish I can agree but unfortunately, after experiencing the difficulty losing weight as I approached menopause, some people need an extra boost and diet and exercise just ain’t gonna cut it. I have been preaching eat less, lose weight and always assumed a person overweight just has not control. Yes, a very shallow way of thinking until I became a Certified Nutrition Coach and realized, that is not the case. Hormones play a huge part and so much more to weight loss. I speak not as an Omni Rep but as a person who has studied weight loss intensely and I would like to defend the decision for some people who need something more than the eat less and exercise regiment. Everyone’s body is completely different and needs to be treated as such.

    • First the narrative about Roger Daley and this company are fair but not completely accurate. The Omni 4 LIQUID dietary supplement was the original product founded in 1989 and was used to launch this company and remains the number one seller today. The narrative above states its a powder, it isn’t now, nor has ever been a powder. Liquid gold is what we like to refer to it as. We do have products that are powder and are mixed with water or juice, we even offer coffee and tea. Yes I am a proud distributor of these products since 1995 and they have changed my life~ Get Healthy, Stay Healthy!


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