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AdvoCare Review – Is It Right For You?

AdvoCare products not only fuel your body, but change your life. The AdvoCare company and customers believe in the products because of the time, money, and science that is dedicated to every product offered. This company puts the best of the best together to make sure that you, the customer, benefit from your purchase.

Athletes make up a large percentage of AdvoCare customers. These athletes are not looking for products that contain harmful ingredients that are hard for their bodies to process; they want the best of ingredients for their body to use for peak performance.

AdvoCare partners with companies such as Informed-Choice to make sure that each product has zero “banned-substances.” As an AdvoCare customer, you will feel better, perform better, and sleep better knowing that you are not putting harmful ingredients into your body.

About AdvoCare

AdvoCare is a Plano, Texas based MLM that focuses almost exclusively in weight loss, energy, and sports performance products. Charles Ragus, the founder of AdvoCare, started AdvoCare after he noticed that no other MLMs (Multi-Level Marketing) sold high quality sports and weight loss products. He quit his job at Herbalife and founded AdvoCare in 2001.

Unfortunately, Charles Ragus died in 2001 and Richard H. Write became the new president and CEO. He began to immediately make changes that have increased AdvoCare’s sales to record numbers.

AdvoCare Products

The most popular AdvoCare product is the “24-Day Challenge.” This bundle of products contains a variety of products designed to cleanse the body and jumpstart weight loss. The “Cleanse Phase” is the first group of products designed to last you from day 1 to day 10. These products purify and detoxify the body.

The “Max Phase” contains metabolism boosting and appetite controlling substances designed to jumpstart weight loss and help support future weight loss. This bundle has been one of the top selling bundles since the beginning of AdvoCare.

In addition to the bundle mentioned above, AdvoCare sells many other products including: metabolism boosters, energy products, muscle building products, herbal products, and vitamins.

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge

AdvoCare 24 Day ChallengeThe AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge is a great place to start.

AdvoCare Cleanse Phase

Days 1-10 consist of a cleansing phase where you rid your body of toxins. You are eating healthy meals at least six times a day while taking vitamins, minerals, and supplements. The cleanse itself gets your metabolism and body back in order to prepare you for the benefits of the AdvoCare program.

Cleansing is a logical place to start your AdvoCare challenge. Once you rid your body of those toxins and boost your metabolism, the AdvoCare products help you transform the dreaded “diet” into a new, healthier way of life. Who wouldn't want to use top notch products and supplements to build muscle, shred fat, and feel more energetic at the same time?

AdvoCare Max Burn Phase

“Max Phase” (Days 11-24) is the last phase of the 24 Day Challenge. During this phase, the Challenge becomes personalized to what your body needs. You eat the same way you did during the cleansing phase, but you add supplements such as MNS-E, MNS-3 or MNS-C depending on what you need. Supplements can suppress appetite, boost energy, etc.

You can add or take away supplements according to what your individual body needs. At the end of the 24 Day Challenge results include weight loss, more energy, clearer mind, and an overall healthier life.

AdvoCare customers are people just like you, people who are in need of good quality products to help them with weight loss, muscle gain, energy levels, etc. When choosing a program or product that directly affects your health, why choose anything but the very best? AdvoCare products are here to aid you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle through quality programs and products that have been proven productive through real customers like you.

AdvoCare Compensation Plan

Unlike other MLM’s, AdvoCare ignores many fancy bonuses and pays commissions to distributors for their direct sales. This enables even the most basic distributors to earn commissions and not lose out because they are not selling as much as their upline.

To make money with AdvoCare, distributors buy products from AdvoCare at wholesale pricing, generally 20-40% lower than retail price depending on how much volume is purchased. The distributors then sell products at retail pricing and can profit anywhere from 25% to 66%.

Wholesale discounts are also offered to for all purchased made by a person in a distributor’s downline. Commissions are paid based on the difference between the distributor’s discount and their downline’s discount.

Example: if Distributor A has a 30% discount and their downline has a 20% discount, Distributor A earns 10% on their downlines sales.

Although bonuses are not as common as other MLM’s, there are several cash bonuses given to AdvoCare distributors who meet several requirements and show continued growth while selling AdvoCare products.

Is AdvoCare Worth Joining?

Should you be afraid of AdvoCare simply because it is also ran as an MLM? – Nope.

Compared to other MLM’s, AdvoCare is a much more legitimate MLM. Rather than attract new distributors with fancy incentives, AdvoCare focuses on making everybody as much money as possible through retail sales and personal signups.

While the top of the AdvoCare chain is still going to make the most money, a higher percentage of people make money with AdvoCare than other MLM’s. Their program is built based upon product and customers first then opportunity second.

Our own personal review reveals that not only is the opportunity legit, but the products are extremely solid. They are even backed by some of the sports worlds top figures like Drew Brees. This is something that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Final Thoughts On AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge

I have personally done the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge twice (after both of my kids were born) with my wife. We have both had tremendous results.  The first time, we both lost in excess of 10 lbs and 12 to 15 inches. This round (currently finishing the 2nd time) we both dropped 4 to 5 pounds after first 10 days and both lost about 8 1/2 inches.

You have to remember this is a tool to use to jump start your weight loss. It can help you drop weight fairly quickly if you follow the program. But you also need to learn how to adapt the eating style and workout programs to your every day life AFTER the 24 days is over. It has certainly helped us.

If you are looking to lose weight or get healthier, then we highly recommend taking the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge or if you are more into trying to build a business as well as losing weight, you can signup to earn 20% off of your orders just by Joining AdvoCare.

They have a lot of products that simply WORK.

I do not think you will find much, if any, reviewers online that have anything bad to say about the program. If you have questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I'll do my best to help answer those.

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