BodyArmor SuperDrink Review – Natural Nutrition & Healthy Hydration?


Is BodyArmor Good For Athletes?

BodyArmor SuperDrink is a premium sports drink that contains the electrolytes and vitamins you need for superior athletic performance.

Find out everything you need to know about BodyArmor SuperDrink today in our review.

What is BodyArmor SuperDrink?

BodyArmor SuperDrink is a sports beverage launched in 2011. The beverage contains 2.5 times as many electrolytes as similar sports beverage while being low in sodium.

According to a 2014 Forbes article on BodyArmor SuperDrink, Kobe Bryant is one of the company’s biggest supporters. In 2011, Kobe invested an estimated $4 to $6 million into the company and sat on the board of directors while owning 10% of the company.

That article also explained that BodyArmor earned $10 million in revenue over the past 12 months, with sales more than doubling in both 2012 and 2013.

BodyArmor was created in June 2011 by a guy named Lance Collins. Lance Collins is a bit of a veteran in the beverage world. Early in his career, he created FUZE Beverage and NOS Energy Drink – both of which were sold to Coca-Cola in 2007.

Lance Collins teamed up with another beverage industry veteran named Mike Repole, who once sold Vitaminwater to Coca-Cola for $4.1 billion.

Together, these two entrepreneurs are trying to create a new segment of the beverage industry called “SuperDrink”. Gatorade – a beverage which has existed since 1965 – and Powerade are its main competitors. SuperDrink aims to outsell both of these beverages by offering higher nutrient counts, more antioxidants, and five times as many electrolytes.

How Does BodyArmor SuperDrink Work?

One of BodyArmor’s biggest marketing slogans is “Upgrade Your Sports Drink.” The company is so proud of that phrase that they even trademarked it.

Basically, BodyArmor SuperDrink promises to be an upgraded version of Gatorade or Powerade. It comes with the following nutritional stats:

— 600mg Of Potassium And A Total Electrolyte Blend (including Potassium) Of 704mg

— 200% Recommended Daily Intake Of Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B9, And B12

— 100% Recommended Daily Intake Of Antioxidant Vitamins A, C, And E

— Natural Flavors And Sweeteners, Including Coconut Water

— No Caffeine, Gluten Free, No Preservatives, And Nut Free

BodyArmor SuperDrink Flavors

There are currently seven different flavors of SuperDrink, including:

— Lemon Lime
— Fruit Punch
— Orange Mango
— Strawberry Banana
— Tropical Punch
— Grape
— Mixed Berry

According to the company’s official website, the Orange Mango, Fruit Punch, and Strawberry Banana flavors are all the most popular.

Celebrity Endorsements

BodyArmor SuperDrink has an impressive list of celebrities on its payroll. All of the following celebrities officially endorse BodyArmor SuperDrink at the time of writing:

— James Harden
— Mike Trout
— Andrew Luck
— Richard Sherman
— Kevin Love
— Buster Posey
— Rob Gronkowski
— Sydney Leroux

In 2012, BodyArmor SuperDrink also added “Baltimore running back Ray Rice” to its list of celebrity endorsers – although that endorsement has since ended for obvious reasons.

How to Buy BodyArmor SuperDrink

You can buy SuperDrink online from the official website at From there, a pack of 12 SuperDrink bottles costs $23.95 (all flavors). Each bottle contains 16 ounces.

You can also buy SuperDrink from various grocery stores and health food stores. To view a list of grocery stores in your local area, just type your location into this online form.

In Los Angeles, you can find SuperDrink at Ralphs, 7-11, and Albertsons. In New York, you can purchase it at Whole Foods, Duane Reade, and various deli stores.

Some liquor stores across the country also sell SuperDrink (despite the fact that it’s obviously a non-alcoholic beverage). With a bit of searching, you should be able to find SuperDrink at a grocery store or beverage retailer in your local area.

BodyArmor SuperDrink has steadily grown its audience around the world. It has a long ways to go before it attracts the same international market attention of brands like Gatorade and Powerade. Nevertheless, the company aims to be the world’s next billion dollar beverage.

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  1. I found this drink and purchased 2 of them thinking of how beneficial the additional hydration would be. Drank 1 at lunch and by the time I got home from work my lips had swelled up and broke out in blisters, I don’t just mean a little swollen, they blew up and were pulsating with pain. The only new thing I introduced to my system was Body Armor Lyte. After checking the ingredients found several “chemical” looking ones that I couldn’t pronounce and believe I had a reaction to either a preservative, color additive or sweetener substitute. Took Benedryl and the swelling and blisters reduced significantly but will be steering clear of this drink in the future.
    Anyone know what could have caused this reaction?? Would like to know the cause of the reaction so the next time I may come across this stuff I don’t wind up in the ER!

  2. I just found this drink at the grocery store and I read it I said wow this is something that I need so I drink one about 3 hours ago and it is fine with me I will keep doing it until something change.

  3. I bought a small bottle a few weeks back. I have been sick for 3 days with sinus infection, can barely hear due to the infection, tired tired tired, nauseous and could not eat. I drank the bottle this afternoon and soon after my 22 yr old daughter says “you must be feeling better. You’re talking and up moving around…socializing”. I was feeling like my old self…YAY…and I’m hungry!!! I came to the conclusion that this little bottle of “magic” is what got me to feeling better. I am a huge spinach smoothie, chai seed, vitamin popping, essential oil, coconut oil, crazy lady. So I find it amazing that this drink is what did it for me. I went out and bought more. I have a new love.

  4. I just drank my first yesterday at work and I must say, I enjoyed it very much. I am (or was) an avid Powerade fan but now i must say with certainty that this is my new favorite drink. I live in Mesa, Arizona so i Love the fact that it has more Electrolytes than than the other drinks. I am really impressed. Must be, I’ve drank 3 already today and it is only 9:00 A.M.


  6. Love the taste of several flavors, love the energy, hate the upset stomach (acid reflux) uggggggg. Is that from the b3 also?

  7. My daughter and I found these by accident prior to her lacrosse game. The strawberry banana is amazing! Will definitely be trying more soon!

  8. I came across this website while searching for an alternate source of the drink after failing to find it where I last purchased the package of 24. By chance I purchased a case while shopping. A couple of weeks later in a rush one morning I grabbed a bottle as I went out the door along with an oatmeal bar to carry me over until I could return from town. Later I noticed that the ringing in my ears that I had had for years but of late had gotten to the point that I was hearing impaired and was becoming on edge had reduced by 90%. I started drinking one bottle every morning with the same results. I researched on the Net and found that Bs were being used in “alternate medicine “. I talked to my GP who looked at the contents, looked at the levels on my Mens Mega Vits. And said yes the drink is working for you. OK, this is NOT medical advice! Only what has happened to me your mileage may differ. I NO CONNECTION WITH ANYONE IN THE COMPANY other than buying a case at the store and opening bottles and drinking the contents. One other thing adding the drink to my food and drink intake is the ONLY CHANGE that was made. I start my days with average ringing, drink a bottle with breakfast and the ringing is reduced to about 10% By the end of the day the ringing is increased but I can still deal with it. In closing I have no idea how long the quiet will last but I plan to enjoy that time.

  9. What works for some may not work for others. Whit that being said, i love the drinks! Wont drink nothing else.

  10. I love this drink. I had the Mango Orange flavor. Awesome!!!! It’s nice and smooth and doesn’t leave and after taste. I’m going to start drinking it during my cardio workouts. AWESOME DRINK!!!!!

  11. My son drank one of these for the first time yesterday and is not allergic to anything, but his neck became extremely red and had a tingling in his tongue. Not sure what would have caused this.

    • Most likely it’s cause of having toxin inside your body. All the B vitamins are good antidetoixants. Vitamin B3 is niacin. If you take a niacin pill and have toxin in your body. Your body gets red and ichy. It cleans your body. Help you sweat also which helps removes toxins from your body.

    • I bought a 16oz thought it was amazing(tasted great woke me up) but as the day went on I began to sweat really bad.. more than normal and I work outside in construction around 10 – 12hrs. The drink has 100% niacin in it. Niacin opens you pores and makes you sweat out toxins. I wouldn’t recommend this drink for anyone that actually goes outside… made me very weak to.

  12. I started drinking these a week ago and I don’t know why they make me sleepy?! I eat healthy and always feel energetic and fine during the day but within 30 minutes of drinking any of these flavors I start to feel really drowsy and can barely stand on my feet. When I don’t drink one for a day, I’m fine. Weird.

  13. Sounds like this product will do well. My concern and the reason I won’t be trying any is the amount of B vitamins, especially B12, is this a sports drink or energy drink? Those numbers compare to Monster. Thats just my oponion, just like everyone else’s on here. Read the comments, but make your own decision.

  14. Really love this drink. I drink it at work and also after my workouts. I don’t think I will be buying Gatorade or powerade anymore.The vitamins and anti oxidants are a plus and the taste is amazing.

  15. I have been drinking Body Armor for 2 years with no issues. No allergic reactions either. I am happy with the taste of all the flavors I have tried except the grape when it gets very warm on a long cycle or towards the end of a game if any is left. Fruit Punch is my flavor of choice, but I do enjoy the Lemon-Lime as that is a typical “sports drink” flavor in my mind.

  16. I work for Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group of Knoxville TN as a driver delivering these drinks to a multitude of store and I drink them myself and I have a allergy to certain types of nuts. I’ve been drinking these since we started selling these drinks and i can’t tell you enough how amazing they are. I’ve even made them part of my workout routine as well as drinking them at work through my day. I’m completely off soda and i can feel a significant difference in the way these drinks are treating my body. I think they are real good drink. GOOD JOB ON THIS ONE GUYS

  17. I’m surprised by the negative comments. I just recently stumbled onto BodyArmor. It is my new favorite drink, especially after a workout. I love the taste. Lemon Lime is my favorite. My kids (ages 7-17) all love it, too. They especially love the coconut water. My only concern is that there are a number of ingredients that I can’t pronounce. But I appreciate the vitamins and minerals. The reviewer missed one point. The nutritional info indicates TWO servings in a 16 oz bottle. So if you drink the whole thing you are getting DOUBLE the nutrients listed.

  18. From what I’ve known and my boyfriend of over 3 years has let me know he, is that he is not allergic to anything but today decided to buy a Body Armor drink for the first time and as a result had a pretty bad allergic reaction after drinking this drink. From the looks of this site and a few others it seems as though quite a few people are getting these reactions. They should put a warning, especially now that a good amount of people are getting the same way. I’m not mad but I am a bit upset if nothing is done. I will be looking further into this and will also be seeking a second opinion and thoughts.

  19. Tried one today for the first time, Lemon Lime, it was so bad I actually threw if away. And I’m not that picky!

  20. I drank one today and 15 minutes later had a red rash on my arms ,hands and face.I believe it was the b3(niacin) that caused this problem.After 20 minutes ,the rash disappeared.

  21. Worst drink ever I had had one and became violately sick!!!!! Wasn’t sure if the drink until the next day my son drank the other one I bought and ended up the same way these are the worst!!!!!!!!!! Thanks not really Nancy

  22. Why does everyone act like this drink MUST fail because it has coconut water? Not everyone is allergic to it- the rest of us can still enjoy.

    For the record I think these are fantastic.

  23. Coconut isn’t a nut, despite the name, it’s a drupe. Fruit with a hard shell. Nothing is impossible but ii is incredibly uncommon for someone to be allergic tree nuts and have a reaction to coconuts. Did your son, hopefully not, require more medical attention? Or was it limited to the vomiting. It may also not have been the coconut water but the different flavorings and colorings in that flavor. My son is that way. He can drink body armor, but if he drinks coconut flavored juices, have a bag handy.
    I personally drink 6 of these a day. I work in a production plant with high temperatures. I prefer strawberry banana and blackout berry.

  24. Cocount isn’t a nut, but says it is extremely rare but possible to have a allergic reaction to coconut if you have a tree nut allergy.

  25. I found some sort of rubber thing at the bottom. My mom thought it was a condom. I thought that it was to small and didn’t stretch.

  26. This sounds great, but in today’s day and age with all of the peanut and nut allergies, the coconut water is a concern. My son happens to be allergic to all nuts, including coconut and once drank a Powerade that had coconut water in it and he threw his guts up within seconds. Just an FYI. I would have definitely considered this drink until I saw it contained the coconut water. :-(

    • As stated by someone earlier if the beverage makes you sick via allergy, don’t drink it anymore. But because you’re allergic, or bought a flavor that tasted bad to you, don’t trash the entire company. I love it. It gives me plenty of quick energy and makes me feel like a boss. But everyone’s body is not the same. As far as them saying nut free, a coconut can be considered a nut by definition according to what I researched so their gonna have to consider maybe a label change, but so far it’s two thumbs up for me.

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