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Omega Body Blueprint Review

The Omega Body Blueprint is an accelerated-fat-burning weight loss system created by Fitness Expert and New York Times Best Selling Author John Romaniello.

john romaniello review

Look, we know these new-hype how to lose weight programs are a dime a dozen…

But does John's six-short week healthy fitness method actually work?

We asked the same question and got our answers lined up to give you a quality Omega Body review summary below.

What is Omega Body Blueprint?

Omega Body Blueprint is a weight loss and fitness training eBook that uses a combination of hormonal optimization, intermittent fasting, and interval training techniques to “rip fat” from your body.

omega body blueprint

You can click here to watch the video of John Romaniello's Ωmega Fat-Burning Blueprint right now.

The Omega ( Ω ) is symbolic as being the final letter of the 24-character Greek alphabet. And that's what he is all excited about in helping you achieve your strongest, best, final version.

The program is specially targeted towards those who are fairly close to their ideal weight, but just need a little bit of extra help cutting away those last few stubborn pounds fat – like on problematic parts of your body like the thighs, buttocks, and tummy.

According to John Romaniello, there are three reasons we struggle so much to lose those last few pounds of fat: hormones, workout confusion, and “nutritional lies.” John debunks these myths and then breaks down the Omega Body Blueprint itself.

The eBook can be downloaded instantly only for $27 and consists of seven separate components.

John claims these methods can be incorporated into anybody’s life – even if they have a busy job, hectic family life, or struggle to find time to go to the gym.

Omega Body Blueprint makes a lot of the same promises as other workout programs. Find out exactly how it lives up to those promises by reading below.

Who is John Romaniello?

John Romaniello is a NY Times bestselling author who works as a strength coach and model. According to his Wikipedia page, he’s also an entrepreneur and angel investor.

John has appeared on several major media outlets to discuss his work over the years, including Good Morning America, Bloomberg Television, and Fox. He has also written for Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and SHAPE.

John also founded an online magazine called Roman Fitness Systems, or RFS. That magazine promises to do two things: “make people hot” and “get people huge.”

John has published a number of books over the years, including Man 2.0 Engineering the Alpha: A Real World Guide to an Unreal Life. That book earned John a spot on the NY Times bestseller list in 2013.

John is also no stranger to online eBooks like the Omega Body Blueprint. He has published a number of online workout programs and guides, including:

— The Super Hero Workout
— Super Hero Fat Loss
— Final Phase Fat Loss
— Final Phase Abs
— Fat Loss Forever
— The Zombie Apocalypse Survival Workout

2015’s Omega Body Blueprint is the latest in John’s list of workout books.

How Does the Omega Body Blueprint Work?

As mentioned above, the Omega Body Blueprint outlines three critical problems with most weight loss and bodybuilding routines: hormones, nutritional problems, and poor-quality workouts.

Problem #1) Workout Confusion

John claims many people think they’re in better shape than they actually are. Why? Because they waste their time at the gym doing low-quality workouts. John specifically highlights two problems: low frequency training and traditional cardio routines.

If you’re the type of person who likes to sit on the bike for an hour or two, or have a long, low intensity workout on the treadmill, then you may be undermining your workout strategy.

The Solution: John promises something called Omega MRT as the solution to poor-quality workouts. MRT stands for Metabolic Resistance Training. It involves doing fast paced weight-training circuits. Four specific workouts are listed whether you’re trying to burn fat, build muscle, or achieve a mix of both.

Problem #2) Nutrition Lies

John attacks three separate myths about bodybuilding nutrition.

Myth 1 – You should eat 5 to 6 meals per day when weight training, including about 3,000 calories spaced every 2 hours or so per day. John claims that many people lose focus on their goals because they spend too much time preparing and eating 6 meals per day when they could be spending that time being more productive.

Myth 2 – You shouldn’t eat carbs after 6pm because your body will store them as body fat. John cites a study where people actually lost weight and trimmed their waistline when eating carbs at night.

Myth 3 – You must eat healthy, organic, non-processed foods to lose weight. John claims this myth can be destructive because too many people find it difficult to ignore the foods they love. John says the best diet consists of a mix of healthy foods and foods you genuinely like to eat. Key hormones like leptin also get blocked when you starve yourself on strict diets.

The Solution: John says Omega Nutrition is the solution. Omega Nutrition involves intermittent fasting, where you’re allowed to eat when you want and as often as you want. You might eat anything you want for 6 hours of the day and then “fast intermittently” for the other 18 hours in the 24 hour cycle, for example. John is also an advocate for “cycling”, where you vary your daily caloric intake from day to day.

Problem #3) Dysfunctional Hormones

Some people are doing all of the right things to try to lose weight, but their hormones are undermining their efforts.

John pinpoints four hormone problems in particular that play a critical role in weight loss. Those hormone problems include:

Low Testosterone: Testosterone aids in muscle synthesis, which means higher testosterone can lead to lower body fat and more muscle growth. Low testosterone makes it more difficult to lose fat and produce energy, among other problems.

Decreased Growth Hormone: Growth hormone helps your body use protein more efficiently. When you don’t have the right levels of growth hormone in your body, you’re more injury prone and have more difficulty recovering from workouts.

Suppressed Leptin: Leptin is often called a “master hormone” because it’s linked to all other hormones in the body. New studies have shown that people with higher leptin levels can lose fat more easily. This is because leptin controls your body’s fat burning. When you starve yourself on “crash diets”, your body freaks out and lowers its leptin levels, which means you desperately hold onto more fat.

High Cortisol: Cortisol is the stress hormone. High cortisol levels lead to more body fat around your stomach.

The Solution: Omega Hormone Optimization is the solution to your hormone problems. With Omega Hormone Optimization, you strategically combine certain exercise routines with certain foods to kickstart your hormones in all the right ways. John describes this as a “one-two punch for your endocrine system.”

What’s Included with Omega Body Blueprint?

Omega Body Blueprint will explain exactly how to fix all of the above problems over the course of seven components. Those seven components include:

#1: The Omega Body Blueprint Training Manual

This is the first part of the Omega Body Blueprint program. It consists of 6 full weeks of training routines that take you from entry-level workouts for someone who is in moderately good shape, all the way to advanced level workouts towards the end of the program. This part of the program also introduces you to the 24 Hormonal Response Training workouts, which aim to raise levels of certain hormones within your body and fix dysfunctional hormone problems that, according to John, force your body to hold onto those last few stubborn pounds of weight.

#2: The Omega Body Blueprint Workout Log Sheets

This component is fairly basic: it’s just empty log sheets that let you track your gym progress over time. See your personal bests and get motivation to continue your training.

#3: The Omega Body Blueprint Nutrition Calculator

You’re not going to achieve your dream body without strict dieting, and that means knowing exactly what you’re putting into your body every day. Use the calculator to determine what you should eat, how you should eat it, and when you should eat it.

#4: The Omega Body Blueprint Nutrition Manual

The Nutrition Manual goes hand-in-hand with the Nutrition Calculator. It gives a little more insight into the reasons behind different choices in the calculator. Instead of just listing a handful of superfoods and expecting you to spend $500 at the supermarket every week, the Nutrition Manual describes a diverse range of foods you should be eating to fuel your workout routines and achieve your dream body.

#5: The Omega Body Blueprint Supplement Guide

Not sure which supplements you should buy and which ones you should ignore? Some people say that 95% of bodybuilding supplements out there are totally useless. This component teaches you which supplements provide the best return on your investment in terms of real body results.

#6: The Omega Body Blueprint Quick Start List

This is another basic component that consists of a list of items you’ll need to collect before starting the Omega Body Blueprint.

#7: The Video Database

Not sure how to do specific workouts? Want to perfect your form at the gym? Omega Body Blueprint comes with a massive video database of John performing different workouts. If you’re a visual learner, then these workout videos can be a lifesaver. Some reviewers have even claimed it’s like having your own personal training in the home.

How to Buy Omega Body Blueprint

Omega Body Blueprint is only available from the eBook’s official website, which is

At that site, the eBook costs $27. You can pay through Clickbank using VISA, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or PayPal.

Because you’re purchasing through Clickbank, you also automatically get a 60 day return policy. You can request a refund for your Omega Body Blueprint purchase anytime within 60 days. That refund is available with no questions asked – so it’s a great way to know you’re getting a risk-free purchase.

Who Should Buy the Omega Body Blueprint?

does omega body work

In John Romaniello’s 2013 book, Engineering the Alpha, he described how to become an alpha male using fitness, diet, and workout techniques. If you want to take your body from Alpha all the way to the end of the Greek alphabet, to Omega, then Omega Body Blueprint promises to help you do that.

The eBook comes with 7 components that promise to help you kick off the last bits of stubborn fat on your body. If you’re morbidly obese and trying to get down to a normal weight range, then this isn’t the exercise book for you.

But if you’re in relatively good shape and want to get in the best shape of your life, then Omega Body Blueprint may be worth a download. It’s also designed for both men and women. And hey, if you don’t like the lessons covered in the book, then you can easily receive a 100% full refund anytime within 60 days of making your purchase.

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