NeuroLuma Review

Neuroluma is one of the several new nootropic supplements that have appeared on market shelves over the past few months. Like many other nootropics we’ve reviewed, Neuroluma claims to be the secret to combatting mental decline and enhancing cognitive abilities. Neuroluma goes as far as to call itself “Viagra for the brain.”

However, as we’ve found with many other nootropic products, health claims are often not backed by science. Is Neuroluma just another nootropic scam or can it actually restore your cognitive abilities?

What is Neuroluma?

Neuroluma is an all-natural supplement designed to enhance your cognitive abilities and to reduce the effects of aging on the brain. As far as we can tell, Neuroluma is manufactured by a company with the same name based out of San Diego, California.

According to Neuroluma, their product works in four ways. Neuroluma claims it can:

— Elevate Levels Of Endogenous Neurotransmitters To Improve Focus And Concentration.
— Provide Anti-stress Compounds For Better Sleep And Concentration.
Improve Mental Clarity For Improved Thinking And Awareness.
— Enhance Blood Flow To The Brain For Long-term Neuroprotection.

Ingredients in Neuroluma

While Neuroluma makes some pretty bold claims, the scientific evidence doesn’t give us much confidence. The only ingredient we could find in Neuroluma is phosphatidylcholine, which does some clinical data to support its claims.

However, the data shows that phosphatidylcholine only has a minor effect on cognitive abilities. Some users feel a minor boost in productivity and concentration, but nothing close to what Neuroluma is claiming. So while phosphatidylcholine would be a good start to a high quality nootropic product, Neuroluma stops there and doesn’t offer us else to go on.

What are the Potential Benefits of Neuroluma?

If Neuroluma were to give us a complete list of ingredients, we’d be able to tell you whether or not their claimed benefits have scientific evidence or not. Since we do not have this, we can only go based off of what Neuroluma claims. These may be the benefits of Neuroluma:

Enhanced Concentration And Focus
— Improved Intellectual Skills
— Improved Productivity
— Better Sleep
— Improved Energy Levels
— Improved Short/long-term Memory Recall
— Enhanced Neuroprotection
Healthier Overall Well-being

Side Effects of Neuroluma

Since we don’t know the other ingredients in Neuroluma, we can’t determine all of the potential side effects of Neuroluma. However, we do know that phosphatidylcholine is in Neuroluma, which can cause headaches, stomachaches, and sleep issues.

We were able to discover that Neuroluma is manufactured in an FDA GMP facility, which means that each bottle is tested for purity and quality. This is definitely a good sign, which means you can at least be assured that your product was tested before it was sent to you.

Still, we cannot full guarantee that there will not be any side effects associated with Neuroluma. There’s a decent chance you might encounter

Neuroluma Pricing

Neuroluma is priced very similarly to other nootropic supplements we’ve reviewed. Here is the pricing for Neuroluma:

— Sampler Package (1 Bottle): $53.98
— Three Bottle Package: (Buy 2 Get 1 Free): $104.97 – $34.99/Bottle
— Monster Plan (Three Bottles + Two Free): $144.95 – Only $28.99/Bottle

In addition, Neuroluma offers an autoship program on all the orders if you decide that you’d like to receive monthly supplies of Neuroluma. It is not required that you go on the autoship program, and you can join at your sole discretion.

Is Neuroluma Worth Buying?

We’d feel a lot more comfortable about Neuroluma if they disclosed a full list of their ingredients. While we do like that phosphatidylcholine has some evidence, we simply can’t tell whether or not we think Neuroluma is a slam-dunk because a lack of disclosure about the full ingredients list.

We aren’t saying that Neuroluma is definitely a scam, but rather we don’t think it’s worth trying until we know all of the ingredients. There are far better options available right now, so it might be best to seek an alternative nootropic rather than Neuroluma for the time being.


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