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Mental Titan KOIOS Review

KOIOS is a nootropic supplement that promises to help you maximize your cognitive performance and athletic ability. Purportedly used by athletes all over the world, KOIOS advertises itself as a safe and effective natural supplement.

What is KOIOS?

KOIOS is a nootropic supplement popular among athletes. Found at, KOIOS promises to enhance your memory retention, brain capacity, focus, and other cognitive abilities.

The manufacturer of KOIOS claims that taking two KOIOS per day is the best way to maximize your cognitive ability. That manufacturer compares the supplement to energy drinks and coffee: just like these beverages can boost your cognitive ability, so too can KOIOS:

“Taking two KOIOS per day will create mental superiority and is less expensive than drinking Starbucks and much healthier than consuming energy drinks and pre-workouts.”

The supplement contains 11 ingredients. It’s particularly targeted towards athletes. The manufacturer recommends taking KOIOS instead of taking potentially harmful beverages like energy drinks and pre-workouts.

Benefits of KOIOS

The manufacturer of KOIOS advertises all of the following benefits:

Better Focus And Concentration
— Improved Memory Retention
Boost Cognitive Functionality
— All Day Mental Clarity And Energy
— No Jitters Or Anxiety Like Other Stimulants

How Does KOIOS Work?

KOIOS claims to work by using ingredients specially chosen for their ability to enhance blood flow to the brain. Here’s what the manufacturer has to say about those ingredients:

“It uses 11 ingredients specifically designed to target brain function by increasing blood flow, oxygen levels and neural connections in the brain.”

Those 11 ingredients include all of the following:

— Vitamin B12
— Vitamin B6
— Alpha GPC
— Huperzine A
— Cat’s Claw Bark
— Vinpocetine
— Bacopa
— L-Tyrosine
— Phosphatidylserine
— Ciwuija
— Guarana

KOIOS explains all of these ingredients and their scientific benefits at this page:

All of the ingredients listed above are established nootropic compounds backed by real research. That’s good. Unfortunately, we don’t know the precise amounts of each ingredient in the formula. That’s bad.

If you’ve taken nootropics before, then you know how important dosage is. Since KOIOS doesn’t list its ingredients, it’s difficult to assess its effects until you actually take it.

One of the most unique ingredients in KOIOS is ciwuija – most of our readers have never heard of it. It’s found in few supplements. Recent research, however, has indicated that ciwuija can have powerful effects on physical and mental ability. One recent study found that cyclists who used ciwuija for 8 weeks increased their VO2max by 12% and boosted endurance by 23%. Cyclists also increased their heart rate by 4% but experienced no increase in fatigue.

The ciwuija herb originally comes from Tibet, where there have long been anecdotal reports of its use by Tibetan mountain climbers.

Who Makes KOIOS?

KOIOS is made by a company – appropriately enough – named KOIOS. There is very little information about that company available online. The company maintains a website, Twitter account, and Facebook page all with the name “Mental Titan” – although it’s not clear why they chose this name or what it means.

You can call KOIOS at 844-636-8258 or visit them online at The company doesn’t list its address but it does have a contact form on the site.

How to Buy KOIOS

There are two easy ways to buy KOIOS: you can buy from the official website at, or you can buy from Here’s how the prices break down:

Official Website

— 10 Pack: $12.95
— 60 Pack: $49.95
— 2 x 60 Packs: $85
— 3 x 60 Packs: $120.95

You’ll need to add shipping onto all of these prices. Typical shipping to domestic US addresses is $5.95. International shipping can be as high as $55.99, depending on your location.


— 60 Pack: $42 plus $4.49 shipping

You take two capsules per day as directed. So a 10 pack would last 10 days and the 60 pack should last for one full month.

Should You Use KOIOS?

KOIOS was just recently introduced but it’s already growing in popularity. The supplement is backed by sponsorships with e-sports players as well as real athletes all over the world.

KOIOS also uses ingredients that have proven to be beneficial. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t disclose the exact amount of each ingredient included in a serving of KOIOS. So if you wanted to know the exact amount of vinpocetine, for example, going into your body, then KOIOS may not be the right choice for you.

If you wanted a convenient, easy-to-use supplement that helped you achieve better cognitive performance in competitive tasks, however, then KOIOS may be right for you.

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  1. 10mg Vitamin B6
    250 MCG Vitamin b12
    100 MG Alpha GPC
    200 MCG(10mg) Huperzine 1%
    5mg Vinpocetine
    100mg Bocapa
    200mg Tyrosine
    50mg Phosphatidylserine
    300 MG Ciwujia Powder
    200 MG Gaurana

  2. Hey guys we would love to share the dosage of each ingredient in the product. We will post it on our site and send it to you directly.

      • I have gerd(gastroesophageal reflux disease)….would this cause any inflammation on my esophagus or stomach ??…since caffeine caused me heart burn..


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