Addium Review – Real Smart Drug Limitless Pill?


Can Addium Increase Brain Power?

Over the past few years, cognitive-enhancing nootropic supplements have become an incredibly hot commodity.

Let's take the time to properly review the Addium Cerebral Enhancement Complex, a natural smart drug formula designed to provide an extra punch and more zest throughout the day, to see if it works and how effective it might be for daily, long-term use.

After all, who doesn't want, need and desire more daily mental focus, concentration, alertness and energy/stamina naturally – without taking adderall.

The problem lies within the right supplemental stacking of potent, pure ingredients that offer a healthy edge when it comes to boosting your brain and feeling more control over your mind.

New products are being constantly released, and each one promises more health benefits than the next one. Just as all of the neuroenhancement nootropics and smart supplement stacks are beginning to pop up everywhere, it is a difficult distinction to know the difference between cognitive enhancement and overall cerebral restoration and which works best for the individual.

Make sure you gain the knowledge below about Addium's ingredients and side effects to see if the real life limitless pill is right for you today.

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What is Addium?

To start things off by saying Addium is by far the most complex and effective brain enhancement product in the world might be a bit quick, but how can we effectively evaluate its benefits vs results?

The website claims it helps to provide the brain with amazing bursts of energy that kick in almost instantly, yet take hours to wear off.

Plus, it does all of this without ever causing energy crashes, making the body feel jittery, or leaving you with a sluggish feeling that you just can’t seem to shake.

Essentially, Addium is the perfect alternative to caffeine, as it is more effective without ever causing any negative side effects.

But what we find interesting and intriguing is when you look at ALL the supplement options out there; from beauty, weight control, dietary, vitamin, energy, weight gain, probiotic, memory, essential oils and the list goes on – one that truly sticks out and seems like it is inevitable to be number 1, and that is brain health and brain function products / cognitive enhancing ingredients and formulas.

What does this have to do with Addium and why do we think that is where the world is heading in terms of supplements?

We project and believe, especially in relation to what Addium Limitless Pill has done for the space as a whole in the past year, that nootropics and smart drugs will be what the multi-billion dollar weight loss industry once was. Yes, that's bigger than detox and cleansing, vitamins and minerals, cosmetics and hair care too…why?

Because everyone has a brain. And everyone could use more clarity, energy and stamina to power through the day.

While nootropics – positive substances that help improve brain function – are clearly not a household name (yet), there are varying degrees of quality measurements and ingredient sourcing methods out there – and that is where we want to help you decipher and decide which smart pills bring the most punch to the table without the harsh side effects.

Boost Your Brain Power With Addium

In addition to giving your brain bursts of energy and allowing it to keep this energy for as long as possible, Addium also provides a slew of other health benefits without containing caffeine.

With this “real life limitless pill”, (considering it is not an illegal racetam, modafinil, adrafinil or prescription smart drug), concentration becomes a skill that is easier than ever before. (think Eddie Mora in the Limitless Movie on NZT48).

Addium has been scientifically proven to help individuals focus, and it is thus believed to be a great alternative to prescription medications.

What advocates and users say is that it takes almost no time at all for Addium to kick in and have immediate impact.

And once it does, your brain will become clearer. You will feel yourself becoming more alert and you will be able to process data more efficiently while simultaneously being able to easily retain all of this information. No other brain enhancement product is able to successfully achieve all of these health benefits, and that is why Addium is such a cut above the rest.

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Start Living Up to Your Full Potential

The reason why this product is so amazing is because of the fact that it is full of nootropics. Nootropics help to improve and stimulate the brain’s receptors, thus improving many of the brain’s functions, both cognitive and not. Similarly, the many other natural products in Addium allow for bursts of energy, and an increase in overall health as well.

Because of this, Addium manages to incorporate a variety of benefits into one small pill. Instead of taking numerous health supplements, you can merely stick with just this one. And, the best part about all of this is that Addium’s results are long lasting. Unlike other brain enhancement products, your noticeable health benefits will not start to fade as soon as the supplement wears off.

Listen to What Others Are Saying About Addium

Past customers are simply raving about Addium and all that it has to offer. After using this phenomenal product for just a few short weeks, users have already started to see a noticeable difference in how they feel and how their brains function.

This product has proven to be truly unlike any other, and we do not see it diminishing in popularity anytime soon. Just take a look at some of the most helpful reviews from Amazon.


Is Addium Right For You?

If you are having trouble focusing at either work or school, or you are finding yourself having difficulties with retaining information, we strongly encourage you to give Addium a try.

You have nothing to lose, as this product has virtually zero negative health effects, and will never harm you in any way. Even if you are just looking for a way to feel rejuvenated and refreshed, Addium can truly benefit you and your overall life, like SilaLive has for its users.

If you give this product a try, it is practically guaranteed that you will never regret using it. Addium is truly unlike any other supplement currently out there.

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Supplement Police
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  1. Supplements affect people differently. Just like everyone’s finger print is not exactly the same same goes for their chemical, metabolic and physical makeup. What works for some doesn’t work for all. There are some people who want perfection. You will NEVER get it. Keep trying different supplements over a period of time and monitor and gauge yourself. Sounds like a lot of work. It is. So suck it up and smarten up. Eventually you will find the right ones that work. From what I have been reading is that people have unrealistic expectations like a child who wants instant gratification when they want a lollipop

  2. I’ve just read every comment. There is a giant smile on my face. I’m trying them. I’ll be back.

    Hopefully they will be the bomb dot com.

  3. I was going to take it for my exam but I changed my mind after I read the comments. what about lumonol? @admin can you start a review on lumonol?

    • They changed the formulation. I took this for 3 weeks, and it did NOTHING. It didn’t even keep me awake. I returned the remaining bottles. Seeing this site was a wake up call. I never got my money back!! So I called, and was told I’d get it in 3-5 business days. But the bottom line is don’t waste your money-it DOESN’T WORK.

  4. Well I ordered a bottle to see how it does. Been taking 2 tabs every morning for about a week and a half. I wish I could say that it’s awesome or whatever but I got nothing. That’s all its done for me. Nothing lol. I feel the same as before. It may give just a very tiny bit of a boost about an hour after taking it and that’s it. Well that may have been the extra cups of coffee. Lol I must have already reached my limit. But seriously, they haven’t done Jack crap. If they are actually working on others then those people may never consume high caffeinated beverages like strong coffee all the time. I’m just stating what these pills have done for me. Nothing. I’ll continue to take them until the bottles empty but if i don’t see a difference than I’m not purchasing any more cuz it’s just a waste of money.

  5. which nootropics? phenylpiracetam? oxyracetam? Modafanil? Noopept? It really matters. Also, these chemicals are the equivalent of a bulldozer to clear away a few flowers. the physical effects can be disproportionately larger than the mental effects, which may or may not matter for you. some of these may make you go insane though cause it is an untested alkaloid and a well understood bbbarrier crossing aid it is dangerous to just take a blend…very dangerous. one very promising nootropic is a discontinued soviet alertness aid. it was canned in the 70s…not exactly cutting edge. in some cases acts as a potent re uptake inhibitor. but i bet it isnt even any of the above. those are the ones that show the most activity. its probably some crappy piracetam mix or merely a pseudo-nootropic. perhaps those knowledgeable about the specific meanings of each of those hyphenated parts will see the humor in their juxtaposition.

    • I’ve been able to function correctly all day on just 3 1/2 hours of sleep. With just addium.. (rarely a mtn dew with it)

  6. I ordered this based on the recommendations by Julia Ross in her “Mood Cure” book. After reading it I realized that I exhibit many of the symptoms therein, brought on by many years of intense stress due to severe marital problems. Prolonged stress takes a heavy toll on the mind and body that isn’t easy recovered from without some help. I wasn’t interested in the kind of “help” that the typical doctor would recommend. Thankfully, there are natural approaches, like the amino acids in Addium, which are balanced to, among other things, rejuvenate adrenal function. My adrenals had been under so much stress for so many years that they just weren’t functioning right anymore. This meant that I had gotten to the point of not being able to cope with even relatively minor stress anymore. I also had no energy at all, which was especially pronounced in the morning. I compensated with coffee which, according to Julia Ross, is the worst possible remedy (caffeine is terrible for healthy brain chemistry). I’ve tried giving up coffee before, but was never successful. With a couple Addium first thing upon arising, and then a couple more mid-morning, I have energy now that I haven’t experienced in twenty years! My mood is vastly improved. I can cope with stress now. I’m no longer dragging and fatigued (no need for an afternoon nap). Addium has made a huge improvement in the quality of my life. Highly recommended.

    • but caffeine is the #1 ingredient in this supplement (means there’s more caffeine in it than any of the other individual ingredients) !!! confused

      • no its not i looked up all 6 ingredients and none of them are caffeine or caffeine related where did you get that info?

      • i rescind my statement i just talked to customer support and all she would tell me about the new formula is that they had to take out the niacin because people complained of hot flashes and she said otherwise it was the same and i mentioned that from my understanding it had caffeine in it now and she said she couldnt tell me the ingredients for legal reasons and when i said what the website said all she said was im not marketing or ad department!!!

  7. If you’re on the fence, do it: buy this product. I am not exaggerating when I say it is by far the most impressively effective supplement I have ever tried, and I’ve tried a lot. There are at least 30 different supplements in the ‘reject box’ in my hall closet- things that I’ve tried over the years and, after seeing no results, discontinued. I have several medical conditions and, due to my desperation to feel better, I often turn to alternative medicine for relief when ‘standard’ medical approaches fail (or cause their own problems). 98% of these ‘alternative options’ end up being bogus, money wasting dead ends, so I don’t get my hopes up (and I only buy on sale!).

    I had switched to a new multivitamin about 15 days before I received Addium in the mail so I waited 2 weeks to start them. I wanted to ensure I could assess the effects (if there were any) of this product rather than giving Addium credit for something that was really due to the multivitamin. (And honestly I wasn’t psyched to start taking them since, like I said, I didn’t think they’d do anything- these “brain pill” supplements have always been particularly disappointing).

    Imagine my SHOCK when, the first day I took a Addium, I felt a HUGE difference! Due to my medical issues, I often have majorly fatigue and some serious ‘brain fog’. After taking Addium, I felt alert, clear headed, and laser focused. It made enough of a difference that I actually thought “Wow, I really feel great today! I wonder why on earth…wait, I took that new thing this morning… could it actually be… working??!”. I consistently experienced these same results over the next 10 days whenever I took Addium. I even stopped them for 3 days and, again to my surprise, the fatigue and fog slowly rolled back in.

    So, in conclusion let me say: 1. I NEVER write long reviews like this but I am so thoroughly impressed that I can’t shut up, 2. I went into this not expecting it to do much of anything, much less anything SO noticeable, 3. I (obviously) enthusiastically recommend this product. 4. I’m so glad to have found something that WORKS for my fatigue/mental fog that, ironically, my only cause for hesitation with writing this review is that I’m afraid too many people will discover it and they’ll sell out.

  8. I ordered Addium to help me get through my work day. I start my day at 3:45 A.M. every day and I end it at around 10:00 P.M. By mid afternoon, I’m typically ready for a nap but by Friday, I’m completely exhausted. I’ve only been on this regiment for about a week but I’m noticing a difference. I wake up tired but by the time I get to work (5:00 A.M.), I’m ready to start my day. I’m focused all day and I’m alert through the day without the jitters or a big crash at the end. By Friday, I was still tired but not nearly as exhausted as I was before the pills. The pills are easy to take and have no taste. I hope they continue to work this well for me. I’d give 5 stars.

    • Joey—I don’t know what you do but take it from a 79-year-old man still in reasonable health, your life is shorter than you think. I urge you to have a DEEP THINK about what you are doing with your precious life’s time. I worked that hard but fortunately only for about a year. Still worked hard but am wishing I had spent even more time than I did with my four boys.

      As for investing, pay attention to Buffett. He says folks like me should be in a mutual fund that mimics the S&P 500. The granddaddy of those is the one started by Bogle, the Vanguard 500. The growth of the US is mind-boggling. That’s what you’re buying. And sleeping easy at night. Best Regards

  9. you can take 1 pill once day with plenty of water. I have trouble sleeping at night and I have a lot on my plate with my disabled parents. So I tend to be very tired and have no Concentration and I tend to forget a lot of things but since ive been taking these pills I can focus much better on the things I need to do and I have a much better memory when it comes to remember the tasks on my list for the day. If you dont want to spend a crazy amount of money for unhealthy drugs to help your concentration and memory this might work wonders for you. This stuff is NATURAL and comes from plants so you do not have to worry about the harmful chemicals like you do most pills. This stuff works wonders and it will help you even if its just to focus at work or school give it a try. this is very safe to use

  10. Got my bottle from my coworker who said that it doesn’t do much for her. Well it did wonders for me…replaced my daily intake of 5 hour energy. Addium seems to last me longer, and gives me laser focus. Not sure why it didn’t work for her, and I guess that’s the nature of supplements. Works for some, and doesn’t for others. 5/5 for me at least.

  11. I want to clarify that I am not being paid or compensated for this review. I have Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and I have tried most prescription medications to treat it. Two of my four children are diagnosed with ADD as well, so I am a bit of an expert on the subject. I really like this product. I researched the ingredients before purchasing and they are all proven safe and effective for treating focus and memory problems. You don’t get “high” from this unless you are sensitive to caffeine. But you will experience a sense of focus and engagement that will make boring tasks less tedious. I had a great day at work yesterday. I was able to stay on task and didn’t forget anything. I was more confident in my work without any of the jittery feelings I used to get with adderall. I would say that this is definitely worth trying. It could even be used to supplement prescription add meds without side effects. I am so convinced by the efficacy of this product I will give it to my 15 year old, who has been diagnosed with ADD. If I didn’t think it was safe I wouldn’t take it myself let alone give it to my own children. Hope this helps!

    • Thank you for this review! My 15 year old has been diagnosed with ADD as well. His doctor is at a loss. Nothing she prescribes has been helping. I just wasn’t sure if he’s old enough. Sometimes you have to be 18. I’ll some for both of us and give it a try :)

      • I have a 15 year old son who has been diagnosed with ADHD. He’s tried many prescription/non-prescription meds to help him, but most don’t help. He’s currently taking a 5-hour energy drink diluted in a 16oz bottle of water per day. He says it helps, but he still has trouble focusing after school with homework. So, I’m writing to see what your results have been since trying the product. Can you share? Thx.

  12. I really like this product. It has helped me focus on the task at hand and has also sharpened my memory, I used to have trouble memorizing things, but after using Addium for the past 2 months, i have since been able to recall images photographically. I look at something one or two times and days or weeks later i can still visualize that image in my mind!

    Really good stuff!! I am now buying this for my niece thats going to college, my father that is 78 yrs old and is having memory issues, and my employee that that has trouble focusing at work and school. I will update my review after they have tried this product as well.

  13. I first purchased this for my sister because she like myself is a Baby Boomer who was were getting more frustrated each day because she couldn’t get remember even the smallest of things like where she had just placed her keys. Another example was having to learn something new at work only to forget most of it almost as soon as she learned it. That in itself was causing more frustration and stress for her each day. I realized I was experiencing the same problem myself in my own job and since retirement just isn’t an option for us just now, I looked into Addium and boy was I glad that I did. It helps an awful lot so that we can keep up with the younger generation who are entering the workforce alongside us and who are obviously not yet having any trouble learning and retaining something new as we are. We needed something to keep us on track with them and this did the trick. It certainly cut down on the stress of not having short term memory loss problem anymore, so it’s a big plus. Thank you very much Addium.

  14. Awesome! I can’t believe it works!!
    After having 2 kids and being a home stay mom for about 10 years, my brain could not remember more things than how to feed children and clean the house. I used to remember how sharp and agile my brain was before, but not anymore. I came back to work recently, and found that I can’t focus anymore like before and even remember things. My job requires high concentration and good memory, so I started look for a solution. I found this product and the reason I purchased it is because of so many good reviews. To be honest, I can’t spend a day without these pills anymore. I am studying right now for my test and the day I forget to take it, I feel it…
    I am sure, it probably doesn’t work the same for everyone, but I am glad I found it. Feel like it’s a lifesaver for me.

  15. Some mornings I need an extra kick of energy to start the day and I’ve tried lots of supplements. I was hoping that addium would give me a clean kick of energy and focus so I tried it, and it did absolutely nothing for me. Complete waste of time for fifty bucks I paid- never again. Seriously my vitamin shoppe brand multi gives me more energy, don’t waste your money on this, you are better off buying a thermogenic or preworkout powder for the money. Nothing even close to what I thought it might be. Im glad it works for the people who say it does, but for the effects and cost it is complete bullsh*t.

  16. I am addicted to Adderall and have been for years. I recently heard about Addium and decided to try it hoping it’d work the same as Adderall and I could take it instead. I just tried it for the first time but since I took Adderall earlier in the day, my opinion of one vs the other isn’t accurate. I’m curious to know if there are any other narcotic upper addicts who have tried substituting Addium for their normal drug and if so, what they thought about it. Can you get the same effects from Addium and be able to use it to get off narcotics?

  17. I agree with the comment below mine. If this is such a great pill please use proper use of the english language. I am referencing the 2nd paragraph in the summary where you incorrectly use the word, “saw” instead of the correct word, “seen.”

  18. Ok, if this increases your cognitive function and aids the brain the way you say, why couldn’t you correctly type “why they work THE way they do”? I’m not on any brain booster and I know how to use the word “they”, and more importantly, how not to.

    Bad example set. Dare i say case in point here.

  19. I take it for my night job, helps me stay awake throughout my shift. Much better than walking around with bottles of 4hr energy. Recommend this product to anyone who needs an extra boost for their day.

  20. Pretty impressive pill. Had a coworker at work suggest I give Addium a try once they heard me complaining about feeling too tired throughout my work day. I take one a day, and it does get me through my work day. Pretty nice price for its value. I recommend it.

  21. I absolutely LOVE addium. The amount of money I would spend every day taking in different products for an ounce of energy was burning a hole in my pocket. I get a good deal for the 3 month supply of Addium, take one right as I get to work, and I am good for the day. Can’t beat that value for the price.

  22. So my wife and I have both been taking Addium now for around 2 months. We were both concerned about the pills not doing much for us since we are big coffee drinkers. We read in some reviews that the pills simply had a lot of caffeine so that was definitely a big concern for us. Thinking that it would have nearly no effect on us.

    Thankfully, the pills really did hit us hard. We began to slow down on the coffee intake since Addium seems to be a nice job in getting us pumped for the day. We work together at the same firm, and honestly speaking, she and I are the only ones looking alive around 3 PM. As opposed to coffee, a pill of Addium gets us going for around 7 hours and we don’t crash afterwards. That alone is a major savor in terms of cutting down on our coffee.

    If anyone is looking for an energy boost for the whole day, dump your coffee and give Addium a try. It worked for my wife and I.

  23. All it took me to know that addium is not for me was one capsule. At fist I thought it would be ok but after a few hours I didn’t feel good! Jittery and nauseated. I did not feel more energy or focused. Feel free to ask me any questions. Im just telling my own experince with addium.

    • Leo,

      Thank you for leaving a comment. Just curious, did you take the pill with an empty stomach or with food? Often times that can calm the effects of feeling jittery/nauseated.

      You may also looking it what is called the Healing Crisis.

      — Supplement Police

      • Thank you for your question, yes I took the capsule with food, I think it really has too much caffeine in it. I was feeling bad for about 36 hours with just one addium capsule, I sent the company an e-mail about me wanting to return them for a refund the same night I was feeling bad and I have not heard back from them I will have to call them. I wanted to try addium because they say it has all the ingredients to stop the caffeine jitters from happening but it most not have enough of the good stuff.

        • Leo,

          You may want to try a Nootropic/Smart Drug that doesn’t have the caffeine that Addium has in it.

          Here are a few of our other reviews for you to check out:

          Alpha ZXT

          Maybe one of those would be better for you. We have a whole list of Nootopic supplements that we have reviews on our Smart Drug Guide that you can find at the menu at the top of this page.

          — Supplement Police

        • I’m glad to understand that it has a lot of caffeine. Not for me or anyone else who has glaucoma or incipient glaucoma. Glaucoma can make you blind, left untreated. Caffeine is detrimental to its control. My eye drops have it under control. I guess I’ll just have to muddle thru.

  24. Ok, I just received my order today but Im scared of taking it now. The more I read the more scared I get. I keep reading that it contains niacin or B3 and the bottle only sais that it has B6. I dont see B3 or niacin anywhere so why is it not listed?

    • I believe I read somewhere that people were complaining about the niacin flush they experienced after taking the pill. As a reply to the complaints, the manufacturers supposedly removed the niacin.

  25. Addium is a cerebral enhancement complex that is intended to help increase your energy, maintain focus, and boost your brain performance. According to the marketing I am reading behind this pill, it seems to be much more then that.

  26. I purchased Addium three weeks ago for my son. He was having issues getting through his school day, and constantly complained of a lack of energy or not being able to focus in class. We tried to get him prescribed for Adderall, but the doctor said that he doesn’t need it. I found Addium on Amazon while looking through the reviews.

    My son has now been taking Addium for two weeks and I’ve personally seen a difference in his demeanor. He actually comes back home ready to help around the house, go out and play ball and get started on his homework. Before he would always settle down for a 2-3 nap right after school. I’ve also looked at his notebook and have noticed that he has been taking much more notes in class than he ever was before. Using his words, he said Addium “makes me feel alive”.

    So this is my family’s experience with Addium, thank you Addium.

  27. I would like to offer my input on Addium.

    In the past few years I have been going through a craze of going through different supplements to help make my days go by better. I have been working a full time and a part time job at the same time, so energy has always been a deficiency for me. As I have mentioned in a few other comments on here, I was taking Niacin for some time, which is also found as an ingredient in Addium. I noticed that several people here and on the web are concerned about the “allergies” that come from taking Addium. The funny thing is that is a result of Niacin.

    Since Niacin improves blood flow and opens up your veins, you get hot flashes which is known as “flushes”. Just like you, I had to go through these flushes whenever I took Niacin, and I still go through with them when taking Addium. The benefit is that at least Addium improves my focus, and lasts me much longer than Niacin would. Regarding the flushes, that is something that with a bit of time your body will adjust to and you won’t begin to notice them as much.

    With all that being said, it’s somewhat clear that I am a fan of Addium. As a supplement, it definitely fits me needs and works the way it should.

  28. The first day I was hesitant but made sure to wake up fully and eat a good meal before taking it. I also didn’t have work or school that day so it was a full day of playing with my kids. I felt nothing… If anything, a lack of normal energy.
    The next day I had a project due (on equipment only available at locating) so I leave early and decide to give the supplement another try on the way out the door. I had a crazy reaction on the drive, where my lips became swollen and num, my skin got red and itchy. I am very familiar with the effects of over exposure to niacin but a normal amount of niacin should not have given such an extreme reaction. Luckily, the swelling subsided after 45min or so, and after that I had a little more concentration on my tasks but the itching didn’t go away for a few hours.

    • I’ve been taking Addium as well, and before hand I used to take 500mg of Niacin daily. What you said still sounds very similar to the Niacin flush. I know that for the first couple weeks when I was taking Niacin the flushes were bad, but with time my body got used to it and adjusted to it. Since I was already on Niacin before Addium, I haven’t been dealing with any irritations from the Niacin found in Addium. The best I can offer you is to put up with the flushes for the first week or so, and from there it should be much better.

  29. I did experience this feeling as if my skin was literally boiling and I did get some kind of an allergic reaction but, it did go away. Really weird. As far as the pill claiming to not have any negative side effects is beyond stretching the truth. I would say my arms growing into fat red puff balls would be a negative side effect.

  30. I really like this product ALOT, And just ordered ordered another bottle last week. I am a small business owner and property manager and we have million balls in the air at the same time. We have a hi stress job and lots to remember. I have noticed I am more focused and have less anxiety during the day while taking them. My only concern is it bothers my stomach. When I eat anything even just a few bites of food it does not sit well. Is this a normal side effect? I do no want to stop taking but would like to know what I can do to combat the stomach pains.

    Any help is most appreciated,

    • Melissa,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. Are you taking this on an empty stomach or full? I could see it possibly causing an issue on empty stomach like a lot of other supplement.

      — Supplement Police

  31. I took it for the second time today. I am calm and focused, I had a spinal fusion and an ankle fusion, my energy levels are bad, my house is a mess, but today I exercised a bit and started cleaning before work at noon. Felt a bit itchy this am, but lotion helped. Time seems to be going slower and i can get more done. I’ll post again in a week maybe my house will be clean…lol

  32. Felt I had to write a review, people are bashing this pill pretty ignorantly, nobody paid me to write this or take a pill, nobody is outside your window. This drug WILL EFFECT EVERYONE DIFFERENTLY. I have a chemical imbalance, and this balances me out, I haven’t had this many great days in a while. My mom tried it, and got more amped than me, with the same calm focused energy, but had very minor flushing due to niacin. My brother tried it and barely noticed anything at all. You have to find what’s right for you.

  33. I just ordered a bottle in a single parent and could use the Xtra energy and memory so I let everyone know how it works

  34. If this supplement truly worked as advertised they would not be charging so much for it. If it were me with this “wonder product”, I’d offer samples for a small amount of money. Then once people see that it works charge them the regular price.

  35. I’ve been reading various reviews of Addium at different sites and the general consensus is positive. However, what I would like to know more about is the synergistic effects of this product with other drugs/medications? Suppose one was opiate dependent for example. Or taking cholesterol meds? What about drinking alcohol while taking it? Just wondering, I might get a bottle, but honestly, I can’t imagine being any clearer and more focused than I already am.

  36. There you have it! Conclusive proof that those who purchase Addium actually become smarter. After seeing how badly they’ve been ripped off… most finally have the intelligence not to purchase it again. Of course…those who have the intelligence to do some research on the product beforehand are the smartest of all — they don’t waste their money on it to begin with.

  37. Ive purchased addium and had it for about a month. Ive taken it here and there. Not dosing the same time everyday or anything like that. I have felt no affects. How long does it take to get the full benefits? Any suggestions?

    • Do you prefer your nutts smooth and unsalted, or moist and salty? And also does the choice of nutts make a diffrence in the effects such as asian nutts or african nutts?

  38. Well, I’ve been Having troubles memorizing songs for musical events, I forget the lyrics hehehe. I hope addium works.

  39. Hello I just recently ordered this product just to give it a try and it’s coming in tomorrow. Monday that is. I will take it the first day I get it and see how I do in pre cal. I’ll be sure to come back and write a review on how it goes.

  40. This product is an absolute scam. I took Addium today and ended up in the Emergency Room with a body rash that did not go away until I received medical treatment. When I emailed the company from the ER they REFUSED to reimburse me. Do NOT buy this product, the company is a scam

    • Liz,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. Did you break out in an entire body rash due to being allergic to one of its ingredients?

      What did the doctors say was the reason? I know it has 30 mg (150% DV) of Niacin in it, which can make some people turn flush.

      — Supplement Police

    • Liz,

      We’re very sorry to hear that you had a negative reaction to Addium. A very small percentage (<1%) of our customers who are sensitive to niacin, do occasionally report itching or flushing of the face and body.

      We would be happy to provide you with a full refund. Please send your full name and order # to [email protected], and we process your refund right away.

      Thank you,

      – The Addium Team

      • Hi, okay today is my second time taking addium, and I just had a reaction… I first got hot, then my skin turned red, a little swollen, now it’s residing… The sensation isn’t as strong but I’m still a little blotchy… Is it just a reaction to the Niacin or is it fact a allergic reaction? Because it’s feels just like a heat rash…

        • Nicole,

          I would just contribute that to the Niacin. According to WebMD: “Niacin can cause flushing — harmless but uncomfortable redness and warmth in the face and neck — especially when you first begin taking it.”

          That sounds like your issue.

          — Supplement Police

          • Michael,

            That’s tough to say. I would guess they didn’t because the “Flush Free” version isn’t as strong as the regular. You would need to contact Addium to ask them that. They may have a real answer for that.

            — Supplement Police

          • If Addium included the flush free Niacin or timed release Niacin, it would be vastly less effective. Unfortunately many consumers aren’t knowledgeable about the effects of Niacin on the human body so they believe that Addium is causing an allergic reaction.

            Fortunately I was an avid Niacin consumer before Addium so I have learned to get used to the flushes and itches, which has has lessened by quite a bit since when I was first exposed to Niacin.

  41. I would love to try this product for sure seems to be kindof hard to get your hands on. Any suggestions?

    • Jay,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. You can actually purchase Addium through Amazon. When you first find it on Amazon, you may see the following:

      Note: This item is only available from third-party sellers (see all offers). Available from these sellers.

      Just click on the “See all offers” or “These Sellers” link and you will see that at least 5 sellers that have it.

      If you do purchase, come back and leave a user review. We would love to hear what you think as well.

      — Supplement Police

  42. I have tried many products and this product is the BEST I have ever used. I have maintained a 12-16 hour day for over a month since beginning this amazing supplement…and the product began to work within a short period of time. It is the first supplement I take each morning with a hand full of raw Pecans (or other nuts) so that I am not taking it on an empty stomach. I was at a point as an owner of 2 businesses that I was very sleepy and “needed” a nap mid-morning and mid-afternoon! Those days are over! If a person will just give it a few days (though I felt it the first day), my opinion is that you may want this as a lifetime supplement! I am over 60 and I am functioning as I did in my 30’s again! I am recommending this product! It is amazing!

  43. Addium is the bomb dot com. It gives me great energy and focus every morning when I take it. I never bought into the Limitless Pill hype, but it certainly works for what I need it for.

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