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Guide to Monoatomic Gold ORMUS

Monoatomic Gold, also known as ORMUS gold, is purported to lead to powerful health benefits – including a total cure for cancer and AIDS. Find out the real truth behind Monoatomic Gold today in our complete guide.

What is Monoatomic Gold?

Monoatomic gold is a unique substance originally discovered by an Arizona farmer named David Hudson in 1975.

Hudson reportedly found the gold while digging in his soil. He left the gold out in the sun for a few minutes before it magically disappeared in a huge flash of light. Hudson later dried it away from sunlight, which prevented the gold from disappearing.

Then, Hudson – who claims to be a really wealthy cotton farmer – spent millions of dollars researching the substance in labs across America. He discovered some miraculous health benefits and chemical properties.

Monoatomic gold is also known as ORMUS gold, white powder gold, m-state gold, or even as the “Philosopher’s Stone”. After Hudson discovered it in 1975, he spent many years trying to convince people he had found the miraculous alchemical device called the Philosopher’s Stone.

Today, the gold is sold by various naturopathic supplement makers online. calls the gold a “truly exotic substance” and claims that it was “highly-valued by ancient cultures for its “mystical properties” and “magical powers”.

That website also claims that monoatomic gold is “now re-emerging in modern times, seemingly, just as mankind needs it.”

What Are ORMUS Metals?

Monoatomic gold is categorized as an ORMUS metal. ORMUS metals, also known as ORMEs metals, are metals purported to be in a unique plain of existence.

ORMUS/ORMEs stands for Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements. They include metals like gold, platinum, iridium, and others.

When metals are in an ORMUS state of existence, they’re purported to not form any bonds or crystals and they instead “exist as separate single atoms.”

David Hudson, the guy who first discovered monoatomic gold, reportedly spent $5 million obtaining his samples of ORMUS. He also claims to have spent millions of more dollars performing research on ORMUS at several laboratories in the United States.

Surprisingly, Hudson was able to patent monoatomic gold in the United Kingdom, although that patent expired in 1993.

ORMUS metals are also called monoatomic elements because they’re thought to contain just a single atom. Although all elements, by nature, contain a single atom, ORMUS supporters believe that most elements are actually “diatomic” and contain two atoms. By using only monoatomic atoms, ORMUS supporters believe you can create some amazing health benefits.

Purported Benefits of Monoatomic Gold

Those who believe in the powers of monoatomic gold claim it has a diverse range of exotic benefits. Those benefits include:

— Cures All Forms Of Diseases, Including Cancer And Aids
— Corrects Errors In Your DNA, Helping Your Body Regrow Itself And Heal
— Act As A Superconductor
— Emits Gamma Radiation
— Partially Levitates In The Earth’s Magnetic Field
— Used To Read A Person’s Mind
— Can Be Fused Into Transparent Glass
— Acts As A Flash Powder To Cause Explosions Of Lights
— Can Help A Cat’s Severed Tail Grow Back

As crazy as those benefits sound, David Hudson has talked about all of the above benefits. Check out this speech, performed April 3, 1994 and this lecture, posted online in October 1995.

In that second lecture, Dave explains that monoatomic gold isn’t a medicine and it isn’t “anti-anything”. Instead, it’s a powerful pro-life force:

“This is pro-life. It literally is the spirit. The material is not here to cure aids. The material is not here to cure cancer. The material is here to perfect our bodies.”

Dave claims it corrects the DNA in every cell of the body, instantly healing you of any and all diseases.

Who is David Hudson?

David Hudson is an interesting character. He was the guy who claims to have discovered monoatomic gold while working at his cotton farm in Phoenix, Arizona. In his October 1995 lecture linked above, Hudson explained a little bit of his backstory:

“My name is David Hudson. I'm a third generation native Phoenician from an old family in the Phoenix area. We are an old family. We are very conservative. I come from an ultra-conservative right wing background. For those of you who have heard of the John Birch Society, Barry Goldwater, these ultra right-wing Rush Limbaugh conservatives; that's the area that I come from. I'm not saying whether it is right or wrong but that is my background.”

Hudson went on to explain how he discovered monoatomic gold and researched its properties as a superconductor.

The lecture was titled “Superconductivity and Modern Alchemy: Has the Philosopher’s Stone Been Found?”

Hudson claims he cured a person with AIDS by giving her monoatomic gold. He claims a doctor told him, “Dave, this is like a magic material.” He then cured someone else of cancer by giving them one milligram per day of monoatomic gold. In that lecture, Hudson basically claims to have walked around a Phoenix hospital curing everyone of their diseases instantly using his magical gold substance.

How Does Superconductivity Work?

One of the central beliefs of monoatomic gold and ORMUS metals is that they work as superconductors.

What exactly does that mean? According to Hudson, superconductors change the fundamental rules of physics, which is why ORMUS metals appear to work in such mystical ways.

Here’s what Hudson said about superconductors in one of his lectures:

“The superconducting field is the same energy as the bosonic field of the nucleus, and so when the whole material is enveloped in the superconductivity field the rigidity… well, for instance a nucleus that is in a superconductor when it is superconducting, you no longer have electrons, everything is just bosonic light and there is no resistance in the nucleus to this light. And so literally you have energy going in and out of the nucleus freely flowing in and out of the nucleus while it is in the superconductor.”

Does that make any sense to you?

Most people – even educated physicists – have dismissed Hudson’s research because responses like the one above make little to no sense (at least according to modern rules of physics).

How to Buy Monoatomic Gold

You can actually buy monoatomic gold and other ORMUS materials – or at least you can buy what people claim are monoatomic gold and other materials.

These materials are sold as nutritional supplements and come with a wide variety of names. Some of the supplements you can buy today include:

— Cleopatra’s Milk
— Liquid Chi
— Prime Enzymes
— Zenergy
— Sola
— Mountain Manna
— C-Gro

Most of these supplements contain water-soluble forms of various precious metals. These metals are purported to be in a monoatomic state, which is different from a diatomic state (the metals have one atom instead of two atoms).

Unfortunately, water-soluble forms of precious metals can be toxic – so unless you really believe in the mystical powers of monoatomic gold and other ORMUS metals, it’s recommended you stay away from these supplements.

One company called has also made a name for itself selling monoatomic gold and other ORMUS metals online. ZPTech claims to be creating “superhealth through modern metallurgy”

ZP claims to use naturally-occurring monoatomic elements harvested from mineral deposits in southern Utah. The company sells dozens of different supplements across different categories, including liquids, powders, m-state supplements, and crystals.

The supplements come with unique names like “Conduit” and are priced at around $100 for a small 2 ounce liquid container or around $70 for a 1 gram package of powder.

Each supplement promises different benefits. Conduit, for example, claims to be a monoatomic brain alloy with 600ppm of gold, platinum, copper, iron, zinc, and manganese. It claims to be able to “supercharge your brain” by delivering “a combination of some of the best minerals it needs to experience consciousness to it’s fullest” [sic].

None of the supplements listed above have been studied extensively in independent, high-quality scientific laboratories, so it’s impossible to assess their benefits.

Conclusion: Who Should Use Monoatomic Gold?

Monoatomic gold is backed by no high-quality scientific studies or clinical research. Those who support monoatomic gold, however, believe that its unique properties cannot be tracked with modern scientific research.

If you believe in the powers of monoatomic gold and other ORMUS metals, then you can use it to cure cancer, AIDS, and virtually every other harmful disease in the human body.

Most people, however, will find the claims made by monoatomic gold makers and ORMUS precious metal supplements to be a little too outlandish for their current belief system.

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  1. I started to to take Energold that l bought on e-bay, then l found Monoatomic red gold on E-bay too, l’ve been taking it for 2 months now and l felt different, happier, peaceful, and l stop taking medication for cholesterol and Thyrod, l feel pretty good, more energetic, but l don’t take it at night because l have problems sleeping, l got another bottle with 8 different monoatomic metals, l will start that tomorrow, but at the same time l don’t eat meat and lm starting to stop ingesting dairy, so far l like it.

  2. I’m rh A neg and will start taking my meso gold as soon as it gets here. I am stage four cancer and doing great. This may be the missing link for my healing. I hope it helps. I know my leaky gut formula from Dr. Axe has fermented gold in it and when I’m taking that I really can tell the difference. I’ll let you know how it goes. Do your research because you don’t want colloidal gold but the medi gold that is not toxic. I maust be doing something right as I am now well past 5 years!

  3. T.Taylor

    How long did your hair continue to fall out?
    Has it started growing back on it’s own?
    I am experiencing the same ascension symptoms…

    Thank you!

  4. There is only one thing to say: Look were “modern” Science has brought us! There is another Physics “they” do not want you to know about!

  5. I have been taking home made ormus for about 3 days. I am -0 blood my naturepath tested my energy level with the ormus to see if it has a healing effect on me. According to the reading he got from the biotron machine the ormus didn’t increase my energy reading. I am wanting to know if anyone out there knows if such a reading is reliable in determining whether or not the ormus is helping my improve my health as I have not noticed any results.

    • Oxygen therapy. Alkaline yur body lemin juice baking soda. Vitamin b17. Cottage cheese and flax seex oil. There is new dna cell treatment. Cumin. Black seed oil. Ormus. One minute cure using hydrogen peroxide.

    • I do not know for sure at this time how much it has helped I bought some online. About 2 months ago I do not take it everyday. I usually do not take the recommended amount. But I have a notice Improvement in my joints in my knees predictably. But I’m not sure if it’s from monatomic elements. Or is because I have reduce my milk consumption. If it does improve my knees. I will let you know by the end of October Maybe. I am going to give it that long before I buy another one.

  6. Mary,
    I am rh- & just ordered colloidal & monoatomic gold. I also suspect there is a connection with rh- blood types. So I will let you know how it works for me.

    • I too am rh- and was VERRRY SICK WITH “MORGELLONS OR CHEMFLU= Synthetic chromosome #47..agenda 21 depopulation. .” So badly that my kidneys were shutting down and my Dr was outta options besides admitting me and dialysis until a match was found. . I heard about Ormus and researched it heavily..I made my own n have been on it for 2+ months maybe 3 now.. it’s the BEST THING I EVER DID!! However indeed my hair is falling doesn’t really have anything to do much with the has more to do with the push it gives u towards ascension and spirtual integration/connection… as we turn crystalline. .yes we are ..everyone staying on the planet is..most of us go through a phase where we lose our hair..Its called “light body” activation..and there are 12 phases.. ul notice eye blurriness, increased eye discharge, feeling like grit or hairs or stuck in ur eyes, ear ringing, dizziness when standing, flu aches n pains, increased fatigue bigtime, change in relationships, jobs, living environment, etc…and sling urself the bigger questions. .why am I here? What is my purpose? Why do we really have $, n why only 1% are in charge when they’re f……ING it all up? What is God? Etc…. as more Gamma waves enter our atmosphere see Obamas recent unprecedented executive orders on “space weather” gamma waves r the only thing known to increase the gray matter of the brain.. the deepest trance state.. by taking Ormus u r realigning ur DNA in the way it was intended.. Right now the NWO is pushing their “Transhumanism/depopulation agenda” have u noticed this yr the “flu epidemic” doesn’t behave like a flu? When does the flu give u dementia? Respiratory infections that kill u?? It’s NOT THE FLU FOLKS… Have u noticed that they’re mandating all health care workers get fully vaccinated including the useless flu vaccine?Read the package inserts on vaccines…why DO WE NEED INSECT DNA IN THEM, MERCURY, FORMALDEHYDE, ANTIFREEZE, ABORTED FETAL CELLS??? Do ur own research… but also be aware they want everyone RFID CHIPPED BY END 2017, DON’T BELIEVE ME..CHECK UR LOCAL WALMART..ours if u look on the underside has a RFID SCANNER in the blood pressure thing by the pharmacy.. it’s also in legislation passed that ALL VACCINES AND PHARMACY MEDS CAN HAVE RFID CHIPS IN THEM WITHOUT UR KNOWELDGE OR CONSENT. .. true facts… check it out.. it’s time 4 everyone 2 wake up…we’re the frogs in the pot, the waters heating up..will we all jump b4 its boiling?? Rh- by the way they’ve been trying to get rid of for a long time..if u havebt researched the differences in rh- blood vs. Rh+ u shld…we r medically different..
      Stay safe..use ormus. .
      Much luv to all..

      • If you could get in touch with me T. Taylor I use skype under the name of Sionnach or Museigan ; I would be very interested in talking with you firsthand and learning more about your experiences!

      • i make and use this stuff on plants, with good results. i make it out of sea water, the wet method.

  7. I’m thinking about taking this but I’m afraid. Is it like putting alkaline in your body? I thought alkaline it’s bad for you?

  8. STAR FOOD for your mind, body and spirit
    STAR FOOD is totally natural wholefood made from the very best natural ingredients. It also contains large amounts of naturally sourced Monatomic Gold. It is cram packed with all the nutrients necessary to encourage and promote optimum health. It is the only product of its kind available today. When you add STAR FOOD to your diet you are supplying your body with large amounts of naturally sourced Monatomic Gold plus antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and chlorophyll all from one daily spoonful.

    • Hi I was reading your comment. I’ve been thinking about the same thing not necessary star food. But using it to grow Sprouts in. Would like to know more about star food though. Back to the growing in sprouts in monatomic Gold Elements. That way you get in the pure organic form that I could body use more readily. I have heard that would Mount Saint Helen exploded. That it blew out some monatomic Gold Elements. Like to find out if I could get some of the ashes from it. Do you know how I might go about that. If if it’s still possible. Please let me know where I can get some star food.

  9. I don’t know about the legitimacy of what Hudsons research claims, but one thing I know is that it is alkaline forming which in and of itself has many healing benefits. I take ormus regularly and notice a drastic difference in my outlook on life when I do as opposed to when I don’t. I am much more positive, driven, understanding, and less affected by peoples general negativity. I have dealt with depression my whole life and ormus has been a major factor in helping me through it. I didn’t start taking it for that reason, its just how it worked. I feel better about everything in a significant way. I will say this as well. I do not get sick or even get colds. I admit I’m very healthy without it, but our bodies do need these minerals to function optimally. We are very depleted of them because of farming practices and toxins in the environment. Whether you believe the claims or not it is something that is healthy addition to our diets.

  10. I was looking for something to help me resolve issues of PTSD. I tried psylocybin, hemp oil, and then the white gold powder. The results of psylocybin were erratic, but seemed to helped release subconscious memories. The hemp oil relaxed me and helped to accept the things I cannot change. However, the white gold powder brought me spiritually to a higher level. Everything just seemed to come together. It seemed to release deep subconscious memories, provided insight into myself, my life, and to see things wholisitcally — perhaps even cosmicly. I felt happy for the first time in years. I felt a peacefullness. Some weird side-effects included a tingling electrical feeling on the whole right side of my head. Tingling electricity down the entire right side of my body. A lasting warmth just above my navel, and around my chest. As to mind-control or tapping into evil, I felt that it kept such things away — the opposite of attracting them. I’ve read some reviews of this product and it seems that only about 15% of the people taking it experience the really good effects. Most people feel nothing. If you take this, you probably wouldn’t feel any effect, but if you are one of the 15%, it could be life-changing, maybe even life saving.

    • hello…how long did you take the product?…which product exactly did you use?…any negative effects?….i am just getting into this…ive purchased products from zp tech …any help appreciated….

    • I’m interested as well… I’ve been taking it for 3 weeks now (Mother Earth Alchemy) but I’m not sure if anything major is happening. It has improved a lot of my sleeping problems. But in the beginning it brought on exhaustion and a heaviness to my head, kind of like a stoned feeling but those effects have since gone. I am thinking more clearly but I’m also taking a colloidal gold which I know has something to do with it. I’m hoping clarity will improve over time from both. I have quite a bit so I will at least finish what I bought and see what happens. It is recommended to give it 6 weeks to make a full assessment anyway.

      But I would love to hear more about your experience. How long were you taking it before you noticed the effects? More importantly the spiritual qualities. And where did you buy it from?

    • I got to thinking. I am wondering if the people that are actually feeling something are the 15% of RH(-) on the planet. Do you know if you are RH(-)? 85% are RH(+). Like A(-) vs A(+) or O, or AB etc
      I would like to know if people who take this are or arent’ rh-. Due to it’s chemistry and what it does for the body, it would seem that it would benefit the RH (-)…
      Let me know!!!

      • Works great for RH-Null still deciding on O+ .. Both should have an impact from this as they’re blood types are linked. I may have purchased wrong product. I was a bit more focused sex drive was through the ceiling then some big Plus for this. First night of taking it I had a vision of things that I already know will come. I hadn’t had visions in quite some time..None after that night. I’m looking for a product that will turn all this up a notch. I was taking 4 realms Monatomic gold. Need something a bit stronger.

      • I’m Rh- look at my above comment for more info. . I make my own…I feel better, gotten less sick, more spiritual, on n on…I take 1 med which I’m almost off now for Lupus and and every other thing I have gotten previously..I was the 1 who if got a cold got an infection..with this last flu 3 days everyone around me hospital bound. . Ormus is the only difference. .
        I’m more then happy to discuss more..
        Much luv

        • Hello, how do you make your own Powder and also how are you taking it?

          Thank you so much for your time and any info you can provide!

    • My husband served in Iraq and has PTSD along with TBI. He also had benefits from psilocybin…. What dosing did you use for your PTSD? How long did it take to see results? Any other info possibly? Thank you. Xo

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