BrainFire Brain Booster – Quality Cognitive Enhancer?


BrainFire Brain Booster Review

BrainFire Brain Booster is a new nootropic supplement which promises to ignite your brain’s true power and rejuvenate your ability to focus.

Does BrainFire Brain Booster actually work as promised? Find out today in our BrainFire Brain Booster review.

What is BrainFire Brain Booster?

BrainFire Brain Booster

BrainFire Brain Booster is a cognitive supplement which promises to unlock some powerful benefits on your mind. Those benefits include:

Increased Memory Recall
— Increased Brain Reaction
— Happier Mood
— Better Overall Health
— Better Focus

The manufacturer claims that the formula is 100% natural. It even guarantees that BrainFire Brain Booster will improve your focus and memory within just the first week of use.

Best of all, BrainFire Brain Booster promises that there are no negative side effects and that this supplement doesn’t come with the same risks as a prescription drug.

BrainFire Brain Booster is made by a company called BrainFire located at 61 South 500 East in Saint George, Utah. And can be reached at 1-888-316-3321

The supplement’s official website,, was registered on December 9, 2014.

How Does BrainFire Brain Booster Work?

Oddly enough, BrainFire Brain Booster doesn’t exactly explain how it works or which exact ingredients are included in the formula.

Instead, here’s how BrainFire Brain Booster describes its mechanisms:

“The ingredients in BrainFire have been proven to increase memory recall in men and women of just about all ages.”

The manufacturer cites a clinical study stating that men and women in their “early 20s and late 30s” noticed “significant increases” in short term and long term memory recall. It does not, however, explain the source of that study.

The site goes on to explain that BrainFire Brain Booster is a “one of a kind formula” that was “engineered to ensure your brain gets all of the ingredients and vitamins it needs in the exact dosage it needs it to improve all areas of cognitive growth.”

Once again, BrainFire Brain Booster doesn’t explain exactly what those ingredients are or how they work, which makes it difficult to judge the accuracy of those claims.

Typically, these nootropic supplements contain racetams or natural herbs which have been linked to improved cognitive ability. Since BrainFire Brain Booster doesn’t list its ingredients, we don’t know how effective its ingredients are at delivering its promised benefits.

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How to Use BrainFire Brain Booster

BrainFire Brain Booster offers straightforward instructions on how to take this cognitive supplement:

Step 1) Take One Pill Every Morning

Step 2) The Cognitive-boosting Ingredients Will Reportedly Go To Work Immediately

Step 3) Start Seeing Results Like Better Memory, Better Mood, And Better Focus

Buying BrainFire Brain Booster Online

On the front page of BrainFire Brain Booster, you’ll see numerous offers to start your Brain Booster trial. After entering your basic contact information into the online form, you’re taken to the next page, where you can view payment information and various pricing details.

There are three packages from which to choose, including a 1 bottle, 3 bottle, and 5 bottle pack. Each bottle contains 30 capsules and is designed to last for one month.

BrainFire Brain Booster Pricing

BrainFire Brain Booster offers three different packages to customers.

Those packages include:

Buy 3 Bottles & Get 2 Free: $144.95 or $28.99 per bottle

Buy 2 Bottles & Get 1 Free: $104.97 or $34.99 per bottle

1 Bottle Starter Package: $53.98

You can pay for these packages using three major credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.

Fortunately, Brain Booster doesn’t work on an autoship program: you won’t automatically receive dozens of unwanted shipments of this supplement after ordering your first package. Instead, you’ll just get exactly what you ordered.

However, when you read through the terms and conditions, you’ll see that BrainFire Brain Booster does mention the fact that an autoship program exists:

“If you have signed up for the Monthly Auto Ship program you may cancel your membership at any time by simply contacting customer service.”

The terms and conditions, however, makes no further mention of the auto ship program. In any case, watch out for any “auto ship” options if you order a package of BrainFire Brain Booster: you don’t want to end up with hundreds of dollars on your credit card.

There’s one more odd thing to note about the BrainFire Brain Booster pricing: there’s one line which states that Brain Fire “reserves the right to temporarily reduce the price of each Product to Forty-Nine dollars and ninety-five cents $49.95 without prior notice to you to ensure that Brain Fire receives payment.”

In other words, if your credit card rejects the full price of BrainFire Brain Booster, then the company may reduce the price just to make sure they can still charge you.

Conclusion: Who Should Use BrainFire Brain Booster?

BrainFire Brain Booster is a difficult nootropic supplement to judge: on the one hand, it promises amazing cognitive benefits. On the other hand, it doesn’t explain anything about how those benefits work, or even which ingredients are included in the supplement.

It mentions a clinical study, but does not list a source for that study or even specific details on how that study worked.

If putting mysterious, unlisted, brain-affecting ingredients into your body makes you uncomfortable, then BrainFire Brain Booster may not be the right supplement for you. But it does seem that BrainFire does have a strong web presence with a lot of comments/reviews that say BrainFire has worked well for them.

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  1. This review says it best: if you are all for putting unlabeled mystery ingredients that alter your brain by people who are obviously lying about being out of stock everywhere…. Man how stupid are we? Then you deserve the horrible long term side effects it surely will inflict upon you. Sheesh. America, the land of suckers and blood hungry sharks.

  2. I have not had acne problems in years, I do now. I work in the sun and have taken adderall in the past. Adderall does great if your not a dumb a$$ crack head and abuse it, which I do not. It has no side effects like this crap. First thing this is not anything like Adderall. If it was it would maybe stand up to at least one of the lies it said it would do. It did none of these..

    First there is nothing that one with any amount of intelligence can notice at all off the bat from this crap. Second, it has no effect on being alert like Adderall does. The BS crap I read was what I thought to be a truthfully honest person. My bad, what a scam. I’m changing all my accounts in fear this company might be linked to terrorist. I made a one time buy of this crap, don’t do the same!

  3. and who, pray tell, “Moderates” this Comment Section? Let me guess….the same carnival barker that tries to scam you with some placebo nonsense.

    • BroncoBilly,

      We do moderate the comments that are left on our site. We do this because some people come here to just post affiliate links or pure spam.

      Others, like your comment here, leave no real value to the conversation. We often delete them because it doesn’t provide anything for our readers.

      — Supplement Police

  4. BrainFart is just another advertising scam…..who , for Christ’s sake, wants to be as smart as Denzel Washington? Puh-leeeezzzzeeee!!!!

    • BroncoBilly,

      Thank you for leaving a comment, but as you can see in the article… We do not sell this product. So your comment is null and void. We create these reviews based on supplements that we come across or that visitors ask us to take a look at. We are not paid to leave any reviews.

      — Supplement Police

  5. Any company that claims you can double your IQ in 1 day, seduce gorgeous models, read over 100k words a minute, add 4 inches to your reproductive organ and know the answer to life after just 1 pill… Has got to be legit. I hope my drug dealer can get me a few today. I cant wait for shipments. I want to got be smart today write now, so I kun imp ress my famlee. I am dumber now havun red all dis bull shot.

  6. i ordered this crap after reading a false statement that it was used by Stephen Hawking and Denzel Washington, This stuff is just a expensive multivitamin. After 30 days of taking this i can tell you i notice no difference in brain function or memory. Just a scam if you ask me.

    • anyone with a 3rd-grade education or higher should be able to tell it is a scam by the horrible spelling and grammatical errors all over their “testimonial” page. Why anyone would ever buy this load of crapola is beyond me. BTW, didn’t the “it is sold out everywhere, so buy it now and buy a LOT” schtick raise a red flag???
      I guess you might be part of the market they are hoping to make a quick, sleazy buck off of.

  7. I think brainfire is fake because a lot of its advertisment are wrong, i’ve seen once that it says brainfire is covered in forbes, and limitless are based on brainfire but both of it are not true. if you want a brain enhancer try searching nootropics.

  8. I am all about supplements that contain natural ingredients…I would love to try this product “Brainfire” but due to their secretive nature and non-disclosure, I will not put something into my body without being able to look up each of the ingredients/supplements combined to make up a product. I would think this would be illegal because we are all about disclosure…unless we are hiding something. Very disappointed in the company making such a bad decision.

    • I just ordered some brainfire. I am a 21YO male with ADHD. And I will defiantly be able to tell you weather or not this supplement works. My next post will be uploaded 4 weeks from now with my findings.

      • I know it is two weeks before you said you would post again, but I’m wondering if so far you feel any better mentally or have had any side effects

    • I’m a 48 year old male I just bought brainfire and I will let you known weather it works. Can you sue thus company if it’s a scam?

      • I can tell you without a doubt “whether” it works or not without even trying it for one day.

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