Huawei Honor Band 3 – Heart Rate, Sleep Tracker & Fitness Monitor?


Activity trackers have now become an integral part of the health and fitness lifestyle, and are rapidly becoming one of the most popular consumer products in the world.

Offering fitness enthusiasts the ability to quantify a wide range of biometric data including sleep tracking, form assessment, and a diverse range of multi-sport functions, the latest generation of fitness trackers is the most advanced ever released.

International tech juggernaut Huawei has recently released the tech specs of their highly anticipated Huawei Honor Band 3, the latest iteration of their activity tracking fitness wearable. Released alongside information regarding the impending Honor 9 smartphone, the tech specs of the Honor Band 3 are exceptionally impressive, especially considering the $60 USD price tag the device offers.

The Huawei Honor Band 3 is being released as a higher-end counterpart to the upcoming Honor Band A2, offering a richer feature set and luxury stylings. While Huawei announced the release of several other products, including the new Honor Monster Earphones, the Huawei Honor Band 3 has generated the most hype, delivering a massive amount of value with a small price tag.

Tech Specs For Huawei Honor Band 3

The updated tech specs of the Huawei Honor Band 3 are impressive when compared to previous iterations of the Honor Band.

Boasting a massive, high-resolution 0.19 inch OLED display and a suite of sensor improvements that includes a 3-axis accelerometer that is capable of collecting highly accurate positional and velocity data, the updated Huawei Honor 3 is capable of providing extremely high-fidelity motion tracking.

The Honor Band 3 will also come with a PPG cardio tachometer that provides one of the most accurate heart rate sensors on the market, providing continuous live updated cardio tracking. Interestingly, the Honor 3 also integrates an infrared sensor, and weighs in at just 18 grams, making it the lightest Huawei wearable to date.

The Huawei Honor Band 3 is also the first Huawei wearable to deliver waterproofing up to 5 ATM, which makes it probable that the feature set will include swimming activity tracking.

Like most wearables, the Honor 3 can be paired with both Android and iOS devices through low-energy bluetooth, which maximizes battery life. The Honor Band 3 is compatible with Android devices running at least 4.4 KitKat, and iOS devices running iOS 8.0 and above.

The battery of the Honor 3 also greatly improves on previous models. The Honor Band 3 is powered by a 100mAh lithium ion battery that can run the device for up to a month, with a quick charging feature that brings the device up to full power within 90 minutes.

The Huawei Honor Band 3 also sports interchangeable polyurethane bands that allow for customization, available in a range of colors including Classic Navy Blue, Dynamic Orange, and Carbon Black.

Huawei Honor Band 3 Features & Functionality

The standard feature set offered by the Huawei Honor Band 3 delivers all of the basic functions you’d expect from a fitness wearable, including distance, calorie, movement, and time tracking, as well as calorie calculation. The Honor Band 3 also integrates autonomous multi-sport tracking, which allows the device to automatically determine the activity being performed and log it with minimal micromanagement.

As with all Honor band devices, the Huawei Honor Band 3 offers smartwatch functionality, allowing for call, text, and alarm notifications. Also available in the latest iteration of the Honor Band is detailed sleep tracking, which allows users to observe and interpret sleep behaviour. An innovative wrist-flip screen wake up function has also been integrated into the Huawei Honor 3, streamlining interaction.

Although Huawei haven’t released any official information regarding the NFC function of the device, online hype dictates that the Honor 3 will integrate NFC technology in higher-end models, opening the door to wireless NFC payment systems and mobile APP recharging.

Release Date

It’s clear that Huawei are releasing the Honor Band 3 as a direct competitor to the already-available Fitbit Charge, with a nearly-identical feature set bar a few small additions. The price, when compared to the Fitbit Charge, is far more cost-effective, and the extended battery life makes it a clear leader in the activity tracker arms race.

While Huawei have yet to announce an official release date for the Honor Band 3, it’s likely that it will be released around the same time as the Honor 9 before Q4 2017.

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