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Beddit is a Finnish company that is focused on tracking sleep. It mainly deals in sleep trackers that are scientifically validated and that work with the Apple Watch and iOS. The company was initially known as Finsor Oy.

It was in 2006 that Beddit was founded with its base in Espoo, Finland. Beddit became a subsidiary of the giant Apple Inc. as of May 8, 2017.

The company is the top provider of all non-wearable sleep tracking technologies that are utilized in the measurement and analysis of whole-body movements, heart rate, snoring, and respiration. It has offices in both Finland and the USA.

Beddit originally came into the market via an IndieGoGo campaign, it has successfully survived in the market since then. Recently, it was made available for purchase in Apple Shops on a global scale.

Why Beddit Sleep Monitor Is Needed

There are several reasons why the Beddit Sleep Monitor is needed. Some of the notable ones include the following:

  • It significantly helps athletes to focus on improving their sleep patterns and tracking recovery. This is because sleep is vital for the human body to recover. This applies for both the mind and the muscles. An athlete who is well rested is both mentally and physically more capable compared to an athlete who has receive the same amount of sleep but with poorer quality.
  • The product provides users with personal insights about their sleep and exactly how they can strive to improve it. This is facilitated by the notes section that gives users the option of tracking what happens during the daytime and that which happens during nighttime so as to relate how those activities affect their sleep. Beddit analyzes these notes against the user’s sleep quality and gives trends to determine what works best to help the user develop good sleeping habits.

Benefits of Beddit Sleep Monitor

There is an array of benefits that are associated with the use of the Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor. The main ones are as outlined below:

  • It is quite intuitive, as well as easy to set up. This means that the consumer can do it on their own, without needing to hire extra help that attracts cost implications. In addition, it has both software and hardware that is well made and easily managed.
  • It is entirely encased inside of a fabric sleeve that helps to protect it. This promotes the product’s durability and translates to financial savings as the user will not need to repair it when damaged or buy a new one often.
  • It is highly advanced and accurately monitors sleep. The accuracy is very good, especially if one is sleeping alone.
  • The future development of the product looks promising. This means that consumers can expect better features that will increase its efficiency even further.
  • The Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor is an automatic sleep tracking device, which means that it does not need to actively engage the user as the iOS is adequate in itself. This is because it is designed to automatically sense when an individual goes to bed and tries to sleep. Furthermore, its capacitive touch sensor is designed to instantly start measurement and stop it when the user enters their bed. The auto detection happens when the unit senses pressure on the bed.
  • It has a wide variety of sleep data that it inspects, and it has an overall sleep score as well as some useful tips that can help the user to improve sleep.
  • It has a thin measuring strip that users barely feel when properly placed under a mattress protector or sheet. This guarantees comfort when sleeping, an aspect that most sleep monitors in the market lack. The sensor strip has an effective non-skid pattern on its underside that aids in firmly holding it in place.
  • It has an amazing smart alarm that wakes up the user at the ideal point in their sleep cycle. This is a major feature of the Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor. It employs a concept whereby the device monitors the user’s activity and consequently wakes them up in the lighter portions of sleep in order for them not to feel groggy. It is very effective as users are guaranteed to wake up feeling energized and well rested.
  • The Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor has a lot of different tracking data, such as temperature, bedroom humidity, time out of bed, restless periods, time asleep, snoring, and breathing and heart rate.
  • It is very compatible with HealthKit, and all the data it records can be easily transferred to the iOS Health App.
  • The sleep monitor does not move much once it is placed on the mattress. This is due to its grippy rubber back. This feature functions to effectively extend the service life of the unit.

Downsides of Beddit Sleep Monitor

There are a few downsides or limitations that the Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor is associated with. Some of them include the following:

  • The sleep monitor’s measuring strip needs to be plugged into the main power supply during the night for it to work. The unit is powered using a USB cable that is connected to a socket on the user’s bed side. This is a disadvantage because it means that it will not work in case of a power outage or if the user visits a place that has no main power supply.
  • The results of the Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor can be disturbed if the user sleeps with a partner. This is a major limitation because many users have partners whom they sleep with in the same bed.
  • Rolling away from the strip to the opposite side of a wide bed has the potential of affecting the sleep monitor’s results as well. This is a bit unrealistic for most people as it is a natural body reaction to change sleep position by rolling to a different side of the bed.

Beddit Sleep Monitor Conclusion

The Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor is a product that is all about the simplification of concepts as well as improvement in function delivery to the consumer. It has a solid scientific background, making it reliable and effective to use.

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