iFit Coach – Intelligent Wearable For Adaptable Fitness Tracking?


Quantified fitness products are becoming increasingly popular. Offering fitness enthusiasts the ability to track their progress, results, biometric data, and more, fitness wearables, apps, and equipment are becoming more high tech every day, and are making reaching fitness and health goals easier than ever.

While the first generation of fitness wearables and intelligent fitness products may have been limited to simple calorie counters and other basic functions, the latest generation offers consumers a broad spectrum of functionality.

Modern fitness tech provides a massive amount of data, and can even interpret the data collected to provide targeted artificial intelligence coaching.

Choosing the right fitness and health tech brand can be difficult, however. There are now so many different apps, wearables, and accessories available that selecting the right product for your needs can be complicated and time consuming.

As a result, many fitness enthusiasts possess multiple tools and products from disparate manufacturers, which can hinder fitness progress more than it helps.

iFit Coach is a fitness technology company that offers a full stack of smart, cross compatible solutions that are designed from the ground up to work with each other in order to enhance the process of getting fit and healthy.

With a complete range of wearables, fitness equipment, and smartphone apps, iFit deliver the entire fitness tech package.

In this article, we’ll assess iFit and break down their product line to help you determine whether they offer the right fitness technology solution for your needs.

What is iFit Coach?

iFit Coach is a fully integrated workout and fitness technology system that is built around the range of iFit wearables.

Offering fitness enthusiasts a comprehensive fitness tracking experience, the iFit range consists of two wearables, a dedicated coaching AI smartphone app, and can integrate in a unique manner with various fitness equipment to track workouts and progress.

iFit Wearables

The iFit wearables are the core of the iFit brand, and are packed with a host of intelligent features that make them one of the smartest fitness wearable options on the market. The first option in the iFit wearable range is the iFit Axis HR, a contemporary, elegant, wrist mounted fitness tracker.

The iFit Axis HR is intended to provide fitness enthusiasts with instant access to a wide range of biometric information at a glance, including heart rate tracking, activity detection, and real time stats.

The iFit Axis HR is able to track steps, calories, distance, time, and even provides sleep analysis. Boasting a 5 day rechargeable battery and integration with the iFit Coach, the iFit Axis HR is a complete tracking solution.

The second option in the iFit wearable range is the iFit Vue. The iFit Vue combines a wrist mounted wearable with a chest mounted heart heart rate band for highly accurate and reliable heart rate tracking.

The iFit Vue is kitted out with a OLED touchscreen, and is able to automatically detect changes in movement pattern to autonomously track fitness data.

As well as offering iFit Coach integration, the Vue sends activity reminders to the user, and is available in seven different colors. The iFit Vue is also covered by a 30 day money back guarantee and a one year warranty.

iFit Coach

The iFit Coach is iFit’s dedicated smartphone coaching app. By gathering information from the iFit wearables, the iFit coach is able to create a detailed, highly specific personalized workout plan that takes into account the fitness goals of the user. The iFit Coach provides users with a new workout every day, complete with instructional videos.

The workouts provided by the iFit Coach offer adjustable daily calorie goals, personalized workout preferences, and can be swapped out with three different workout choices every day.

The iFit Coach app also integrates a comprehensive nutrition guide that even provides specific meal plans, recipes, and grocery lists built around the specific dietary needs of the user. Lastly, comprehensive activity and fitness tracking make keeping on top of goals and progression easy.

iFit Equipment

The iFit platform can also be used to enhance fitness equipment. By incorporating google street view data, the iFit Equipment platform makes it possible to virtually work out anywhere in the world, and even provides unlimited commercial-free music via the RockMyRun platform.

iFit Equipment integration allows fitness enthusiasts to view past workouts, track improvement, and sync up with the iFit wearables in addition to sharing and competing with other iFit users.

iFit Coach Review Summary

iFit Coach is the most seamless, intuitive, and easy to use cross-platform fitness tech system available on the market, and provides all of the tools needed to achieve long term success in health and fitness endeavors.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one fitness technology and wearable solution, iFit has you covered.

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