5 Ways To Stimulate New Hair Growth – Can You Reverse Hair Loss?


When it comes to confidence, nothing plays quite as big a role as having a healthy, full head of hair. Unfortunately, according to recent studies, 50% of women and 65% of men, by the age of 60, will be affected by hair loss.

While there are many solutions on the market to combat losing hair or promote the growth of new hair, many of these treatments are expensive and prove to be ineffectual to the vast majority of users. The key to really stimulating hair growth is to pinpoint the reason for the hair loss and then treat that issue.

In this article, a variety of effective and powerful methods for aiding in the regrowth of hair will be described. Unlike traditional products, these options target many of the reasons people begin to lose their hair in the first place.

As a result, they do take time to help grow the hair back completely. And in the same way there are multiple reasons for hair loss, using a combination of two or three of these methods can help hasten results, sometimes showing a change in a week or so.

The following are top 5 ways to stimulate new hair growth:

1. Diet

There are dozens of ways to help heal the hair and scalp from outside of the body. However, the most effective way to promote healthy hair growth will always be from approaching the problem from the inside. When the body isn’t getting enough nutrients, it will prioritize the organs in the body that are critical to survival.

Unfortunately, this means that hair is not a priority to a nutrient-starved body. If the body doesn’t get what it needs nutritionally, the hair won’t be getting the nutrients it needs to survive, essentially causing it to starve and fall out.

In order to undo this damage, those who want to regrow healthy hair need to adjust their diets and focus on the nutrients that will most help their hair.

The body needs an abundance of minerals, enzymes, vitamins, and good bacteria in order for it to be able to provide for the hair. Minerals and vitamins will help the body form proteins, like keratin, to build strong, healthy hair. Enzymes, which come from fermented and raw foods, support nutrients by making it easier for the body to absorb them.

The more enzymes in the body, the more bioavailable the nutrients the body needs are. And good bacteria helps keep the entire digestive system balanced, allowing the body to absorb the foods it needs and flush out toxins that could cause problems in the body and, therefore, the hair.

Unfortunately, knowing that a diet needs to be changed and actually changing the diet are two totally different things. It can be extremely hard to find nutritious foods these days and even harder to consume enough of that food. Experts on hair loss tend to agree that the easiest way to consume nutrient rich foods is to blend or juice them.

With a blender and juicer, huge amounts of fruits and vegetables can be compacted into a single cup, allowing users to get more than enough nutrients in a single serving. And, drinking these juices and smoothies can also aid in hydration.

The key to a hair-healthy diet is finding fruits and vegetables that help keep the body neutralized. When the body is too acidic, it can cause a wide range of problems, most notably seen in hair loss.

To alkalize the body and prevent too much acidic build up, specific foods need to be metabolized. Some of the best alkaline options to include in juices and smoothies include:

For those who are serious about alkalizing their bodies, getting an alkalizing water source, like Kangen Water, or buying alkalized water can be another way of promoting hair growth.

2. Massage, Exercise, & Inversion Therapy

In order for hair to grow, it needs to have access to very specific nutrients, which are carried to the scalp through blood. Unfortunately, if people suffer from poor blood circulation, their bodies will prioritize other areas and stop carrying nutrients and oxygen to the hair. As a result, the hair will lose its health, become brittle, and fall out.

In order to combat this type of hair loss, it’s critical to improve blood circulation to the head. Two of the best ways to do this is through scalp massage and scalp exercises.

Massaging the scalp isn’t anything new, but very few people do it on a regular basis. While a professional masseuse or hair stylist might take time to massage the scalp, the process is something that should be done on a regular basis to draw blood to the scalp. Scalp massagers can be found at most stores and online.

However, for those who don’t want to spend money, these massages can be done just as easily with the hands. Those who want to try can simply rub their hands on the scalp in small circles, moving from the back to the front and then from side to side.

Doing these massages once a day won’t just stimulate new hair growth, but will also decrease stress and tension, more contributing factors to hair loss.

When people think about exercising, they don’t think about working out their scalps. However, just like every other part of the body, working muscles around the scalp can help improve its health. The key to proper scalp exercises is the forehead, which controls much of the blood flow to the scalp.

Simply raising and furrowing the eyebrows several times throughout the day can loosen the scalp and restore blood flow. And for those who work at a desk all day, these exercises are also a great way to strengthen the muscles around the eyes, which can become tense when staring at a computer too long.

A third way to improve circulation to the scalp may be a bit more drastic than the two mentioned above, but it provides results. Inversion therapy is a process that makes it easier for people to hang upside down. As one can imagine, this causes all the blood to run to the head.

For those who are trying to regrow their hair, this infusion of blood to the scalp can help the hair follicles get the nutrients they need.

Due to gravity and because the head is the highest point on the body, it can be hard for these nutrients to be delivered to the hair on a good day, which is why inversion therapy may be a solution for those who want to use as many methods as possible to get healthy hair.

3. Mechanical & Chemical Mesotherapy

A cosmetic surgery that uses several small injections to deliver specific treatments, mesotherapy can be mechanical or chemical. While this is a more in depth process than other options on the list, it has been proven to work and can be less expensive than other surgical solutions.

The first part of mesotherapy is a mechanical stimulation. Hair is made up of skin cells and a protein called keratin. However, when hair stops growing, it is a sign that the skin in that area has stopped producing cells.

The key to stimulating these cells again is to tear the old ones to make space for new, healthier cells. While ‘tearing’ might sound painful, mechanical stimulation does this on a microscope level, wounding the skin ever so slightly to create new cells.

Over time, these new cells will start producing collagen, elastin, and keratin again, aiding in the growth of new, healthy hair.

The second part of mesotherapy is chemical stimulation. While the small wounds are being made to renew cells, a specific blend of ingredients needs to be added to the scalp. These blends include a mixture of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, as well as botanical ingredients and enzymes.

Not only do these blends aid in healing the wounds made during the mechanical stimulation, they are also able to provide a range of benefits that work together to revive hair growth. This can include cleaning out hair follicles that have clogged, boosting circulation to the scalp, and even blocking DHT, which can contribute to baldness.

4. DIY Hair Serums & Creams

As mentioned above, there are hundreds of thousands of tonics on the market that promise to promote new hair growth. The problem with many of these options is that the ingredients that are supposed to help stimulate growth are often so diluted by filler ingredients that they either don’t work or they don’t work fast enough.

The best way to make sure the hair is getting the nutrients it needs to start growing again and to continue growing healthily is to make these serums at home, using concentrated forms of the most important ingredients.

There are several natural ingredients that have been found to help stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair as it grows.

These botanical options can be mixed into shampoos or leave in conditioners to provide users with the support they need to start growing hair again. Some of the most effective ingredients to improve hair health can be found listed below.

Best of all, these ingredients are extremely easy to find and can be mixed and matched according to the unique needs of each user.

5. DHT Removal

While there are many causes for hair loss, one of the most common is a hormone called DHT. While the hormone itself doesn’t cause hair to fall out, when people are sensitive to DHT, their hair will start to decrease in health and eventually fall out.

The key to fighting DHT is to prevent it from accumulating on the scalp. Using a quick DIY DHT removal blend can remove the hormone from the scalp and block it from coming back.

The main active ingredient to combat DHT is hyaluronic acid, which serves as the base for this hormone fighting blend. Equal parts of hyaluronic acid and emu oil, another DHT inhibitor, should be mixed together, followed by one part of liquid saw palmetto to the seven parts of the first mixture.

Once those three ingredients are well blended, one part of apply polyphenol should be added to the mix. The formulation should be placed in a spray bottle and applied to the bald area, left for ten minutes. Using cool water, the mixture should be gently washed off after the ten minutes.

This natural solution won’t just provide results, but when used twice a week, these results can often be seen within a month or two.

5 Ways To Stimulate New Hair Growth Conclusion

Again, while all of these options will work in some manner, one of the best ways to ensure hair growth is to use two or more of these solutions to compact their benefits.

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