Meta Matcha – Green Tea Drink For Sustained Energy And No Crash?


Meta Matcha is a company that offers beverages that increases energy levels without the need for sugar-filled coffee. The company offers a limited number of flavors, though they are continually expanding.

What Is Meta Matcha?

Getting ready in the morning is different for every person. Most people get up and shower, grabbing a coffee on the way out. However, very few people appreciate the nutritional value of black coffee, which is why it is often loaded with sugar and creamer. What if there was a flavor that you could have each day without needing anything added? That is what Meta Matcha can offer.

The Meta Matcha brand focuses on delivering green teas that can help improve energy levels, cognitive function, and even the consumer’s mood. Primarily, the company advertises itself as an alternative to coffee, since Matcha is much healthier and safer.

Matcha tea is a type of green tea, which left unoxidized to preserve the natural enzymes and effects. It offers more antioxidants than regular green tea, due to the growing process and harvest. From harvest to packaging, all the Meta Matcha flavors are preserved and nourished for any user that wants the improvement that it offers. With just 60 calories in every bottle, this tea is the perfect way to start any morning.

Available Products From Meta Matcha

The part of the Meta Matcha company is that they are so rich with the flavor of their tea. In fact, they have more of the Matcha tea in their drinks than any other product presently on record. It offers more caffeine than an espresso shot can give, which is perfect for anyone that does not want to drink coffee.

With L-Theanine to calm the body in every drink, consumers can try out any of the different flavors. Though the primary product offered is the bottled drink, consumers that want to prepare their Matcha tea at home with one of the powders available.

Read on below to learn about the bottle drinks available through Meta Matcha.


The Original Meta Matcha drink features the classic flavor that most people turn to green tea to get in the first place. With apple cider vinegar, ginger, and lemon, this drink is much more than just a refreshing beverage; it has an infusion of nutrients that the body typically is not afforded otherwise.

With the inclusion of the apple cider vinegar, for example, helps to improve the balance of blood sugar in the body. It also helps to reduce the amount of toxins in the body, while helping to motivate the correct digestive processes.

Meyer Lemon

The Meyer Lemon is a wonderful way to get that gentle lemon flavor with tea, which is often only available with a lemon slice in a fresh-brewed mug. By offering this lemon taste already in the bottle, the work is done for the user.

Along with lemon flavor, this drink also has cucumber and the subtle taste of Matcha. If you are someone who has only recently started to enjoy green tea, the Meyer Lemon blend may be exactly what you need.

To balance the blend, while still offering a sweetness, basil and monk fruit are both included as well.


For consumers that want something sweet, rather than something tart like lemonade, the watermelon flavor should do the trick. The refreshing taste is complemented by a gentle addition of strawberry and lime, which makes it perfect for summers by the pool. This flavor is primarily meant for consumers that want to gain all the benefits that green tea has to offer, but without the taste of green tea that is less popular for some palettes.

Regardless of the other flavors, watermelon is the strongest, giving impressive amounts of vitamin C to support various processes in the body. However, to balance all the ingredients out, a little bit of vanilla enhances the flavor.

Where To Buy Meta Matcha Products

The easiest way to claim the flavor desired is by ordering from the website directly, which makes it easy to choose from any of the products. However, some people do not want to take the time to wait. If the consumer wants to find Meta Matcha drinks locally, they can visit to enter their location information.

Availability is subject to the current stock offered within the store. Consumers can call and check this information.

Contacting Meta Matcha

With multiple options to choose from, including blends that the user can make on their own, consumers may have questions about the Meta Matcha brand. The customer service team provides a form for consumers to fill out with their questions. However, for a more direct method of communication, choose from either a phone call or an email.

Meta Matcha Review Summary

Meta Matcha is the perfect way to feel refreshed, while still getting all the energy that is needed from an average cup of coffee. Choose from a green tea flavor that is familiar, a little lemon, or even the sweetness of watermelon. Whatever you select, Meta Matcha is up to the challenge of meeting your energy needs.

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