Green Go Cactus Water – Organic No Calorie Nopal Drinks?


All great products come from the results of a great story – usually. And, in the case of Green-Go Cactus Water it is exactly that! You see, Sarita spent time in the beverages industry seeing up close how challenging it can be – and frankly thought people were a little crazy for being involved.

However, then she ‘met’ the Nopal – also known as the ‘prickly pear’ cactus. She was introduced to how much goodness is packed into these odd-looking plants and she decided to create her own kind of beverage company.

More importantly though, the beverage needed to be a vehicle to delivering helpful benefits to overall health and wellness. And, it’s a story of love and family too. Sarita was spending time in California with her mother when she was introduced to the plant, and they spent hours together skinning the cactus paddles. They started to sell them at local farmer’s markets and that is when the idea of a beverage company took on a life of its own.

Somewhere along the road, Chad was introduced to the world of cactus and he became the main squeeze in her life, and the logo (or avatar) of the company.

Well, now that you know where this goodness originated – let’s look at this Cactus Water a little closer.

Referred to as one of the deserts best kept secrets, this prickly fruit is not only a delicious tasting beverage but an excellent hydrating alternative. Oh, and one of the best parts? No calories. None! So literally, a great alternative.

What Do We Know About Cactus The Paddle?

This part of the cactus, where the goodness is from is referred to as the paddle. Its inclusion in this beverage is the puree from the paddles that are hydrating and refreshing taste and feeling. As mentioned above, it is a great alternative to sugar drinks that can carry odd and artificial flavors – not to mention jammed with all sorts of things you probably can’t even pronounce!

This product is

  • Organic
  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO
  • No Calories
  • Delicious and Hydrating

Few fun facts include; cactus can be a great hangover remedy and has excellent hydrating capabilities that make it ideal for a solid workout at the gym, an evening run, or after playing some type of sport.

Green-Go can be consumed on its own and is described as delicious, or blended into your favorite juice or smoothie. There are recipes available on their website, specifically for smoothies.

What Are Others Saying?

Amy, who is a beauty blogger from Austin Texas says; ‘I absolutely love this product! It is so refreshing, and I feel as though I consumed 10 bottles of regular water – it’s that hydrating. The taste is very light and mild which is great. If you’re someone who works out often, this is a product for you. I also love the fact that I can consume a bottle before enjoying a few cocktails with friends and wake up in the morning without a headache!’

Prickly Pear Cactus Facts

Just in case you needed a little more information on this prickly treat you might be interested to know that the prickly pear cactus fruit is the only fruit that contains all 24 known powerful antioxidants. This is key in skin revitalizing benefits, especially through hydration of the skin naturally. In addition, cactus water contains five (5) electrolytes that are naturally occurring – this includes vitamins, minerals and other rare antioxidants.

Cactus water is described as less unusual than coconut water and in fact provides almost a berry type flavor which is both light and refreshing.

Green Go Cactus Water Review Summary

To learn more or to find out how you can take advantage of the Green-Go Cactus Water, you can do so by visiting the website and using the contact us tab to receive more information.

This beverage company also appears to have a great social media presence, specifically Instagram, with lots of active involvement from member of their team. Definitely check it out for more information on the benefits, feedback and more importantly how you can order and receive your very own Cactus Water supply. For optimal hydration and a delicious tasting beverage, why wouldn’t you?

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