5 Weight Loss Drinks & Healthy Ingredients For Shakes & Beverages?


The New Year is finally here, which means more people than ever are going to be looking for ways to lose weight. This is because one of the most popular resolutions that people make for the New Year is to lose weight.

And most will start looking for healthy foods to put in their diets and what exercise regimens are most effective at burning fat and building muscle. But one often overlooked aspect of one’s diet is what beverages one chooses to drink.

And while they are not as important to weight loss as the foods that one eats, beverages can play a pivotal role as well. This is because when it comes to beverages, there are some really unhealthy ones that people drink that do not even quench one’s thirst (such as soft drinks and beer), and some really healthy ones that provide a lot of benefits to one’s health.

I chose to compile this list so that I can highlight those healthy beverages that will do wonders for your weight loss goals. Pull up a glass, it’s time to dive into the list of beverages that you should start drinking more of in 2017.

Following is the list of 5 weight loss drinks and healthy ingredients for shakes and beverages:

#1: Green Tea

Green tea is an incredible beverage to drink if you are looking to burn calories quickly. A lot of studies have been conducted to test the effect that green tea consumption has on weight loss and the findings have been amazing.

They found that just drinking three cups of green tea in a day can cause your body to burn up to 43 percent more calories than you normally would have on that day. It is widely believed that this is due to green tea’s high concentration of caffeine, which is a potent metabolism booster.

Metabolism, of course, being the key to fat burning, is something you definitely want to be sped up and green tea does just that. The benefits of drinking green tea do not end there, either, as it is also capable of draining any water that is not being used by the body so that it is not stored as fat and cause you to gain weight.

Additionally, green tea has mood-stabilizing properties which will keep you from turning to comfort foods (which are often unhealthy junk foods) to deal with a bout of depression or stress.

#2: Good Ol’ H2O

Nothing beats the classics. And water is as old as the Earth itself and it is one of the keys to all life on this planet. And naturally, this makes water the best beverage that a person can consume, regardless of if they are trying to lose weight or not.

But it is especially useful for those looking to lose weight because it can be a superb complement to a healthy diet regimen. Water not only has no calories, but it also actually quenches your thirst (unlike most unhealthy beverages that people drink when they are thirsty) and gives you a feeling of being full.

This causes you to eat less of your meal and eat less during the day as a result. Super cold water is even better, as the coldness will cause your body to expend energy (and burn calories in the process) to try to heat the body back up.

#3: Yogurt

Does yogurt really count as a beverage? I am not sure. But for the sake of this article, let’s consider it a beverage. Yogurt is excellent for weight loss and overall health for a handful of reasons. One of those reasons is that since yogurt is so thick, it can actually reduce your appetite and make you less likely to snack on foods throughout the day.

On top of that, yogurt contains a high amount of calcium – which speeds up your metabolism and halts the creation of additional fat in the body. And these are not empty claims. In fact, studies conducted on yogurt’s effects on weight loss have been absolutely incredible.

They have found that the body is capable of burning up to 61 percent additional fat and 81 percent additional belly fat just by including yogurt in your typical daily meals.

#4: Vegetable Juice

“Could’ve had a V8!”

But in all seriousness, vegetable juice is another incredible beverage that you should consider drinking if you want to lose weight. And here is why: A reputable American university conducted some trials on vegetable juice’s effectiveness in helping a person to lose weight and found that it can cause that person consume up to 135 fewer calories in every meal it is taken with.

It is not the most appetizing beverage out there, but it is definitely super beneficial. If you really are not able to stomach the taste of vegetable juice or you just do not have the time or resources to make it, you can just as easily consume any other beverage on this list. I would highly recommend drinking water because most people do not drink enough of it.

#5: Coffee

Remember how I was talking about how much of a potent metabolism booster that caffeine is? Well, coffee has caffeine in spades. This makes coffee an especially helpful beverage when it comes to weight loss.

And the best thing about it is that it is already a popular beverage that I am sure most of the you reading this article already regularly consume. But there is more that you need to know about caffeine.

Not only does it boost your metabolism, but it also gives you a jolt of energy that allows you to work out harder and longer, thus making you able to burn even more fat. The one catch with coffee is that since it is a stimulant, consuming too much can disrupt with your sleep schedule and your mood.

#6: Fat-Free Milk

I saved the best for last. At least, in my opinion in the best. I might be slightly biased though since milk is my absolute favorite beverage. But I am definitely not being biased when I say that fat-free milk is an excellent beverage to get hooked on if you are trying to lose weight. It is a rich source of the aforementioned calcium, which can boost your muscle strength and speed up your metabolism.

In addition to that, some recent studies have shown that calcium consumption can actually halt your body from creating and releasing a hormone called calcitrol. This hormone has been found to actually make humans gain weight, so it is great that calcium stops this from being released.

And as I stated earlier, calcium reduces your appetite so having a glass of fat-free milk with your meal will make you less likely to snack throughout the day. And it will also cause you to eat smaller portions.

Weight Loss Drinks & Healthy Ingredients For Shakes Summary

As you can see, the beverages you drink may not be as important as the foods you eat when it comes to losing weight, but they definitely can play an important role.

Drinking the wrong kinds of beverages can lead to weight gain and other health problems. While consuming the right kinds can boost your weight loss capabilities and make it easier to stick to a diet and put an end to snacking throughout the day.

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