True Nopal Cactus Water – Natural Sugarless Prickly Pear Drink?


True Nopal Cactus Water Review – Worth It?

True Nopal Cactus Water is a product that is developed from specific breeds of cactus in the Sonoran Desert, which are proven to have medicinal and nutritional benefits. This is our review.

What is True Nopal Cactus Water?

Drinking a sufficient amount of water on a daily basis is the best way you can take care of your body. You need to maintain a certain level of hydration to keep your circulatory system working, along with your digestive system and many other parts of your body. You may think that your standard bottled water is the only way to do this, but True Nopal has taken the natural waters available from cacti to create their own line of pure cactus water.

True Nopal Cactus Water is refreshing and fruity, but the best part is that it is completely natural. While living in a severely dry climate, the people who resided in the Sonoran Desert needed a reliable way to have constant access to water for hydration and for medicinal treatment. It was their understanding that the Nopal Cactus was critical to their survival, in ancient times. With the advances in technology and harvesting today, access to this water is incredibly easy to achieve.

In True Nopal Cactus Water, you will find no added sugars, preservatives, GMO, or gluten. Essentially, it’s a great way to get electrolytes and antioxidants in your system, and it is completely vegan safe. Though it doesn’t have any sugars or sweeteners added to the water, it does have natural sugars, which are have the amount that companies put into coconut water. It also has half the calories of coconut water.

By using products that are naturally sweetened and sustainable, you contribute to the environment as you pursue a healthy and active lifestyle. Since True Nopal Cactus water uses no animal products or by products to make these drinks, you only are getting the natural flavors that the cactus gives off in its fruit.

True Nopal Cactus Water Conservation Efforts

True Nopal Cactus water is continually striving to preserve the environment by finding sustainable resources to extract this water. This type of cactus is specific to the North American deserts, which are already in short supply of water. True Nopal makes sure to engage in advance planning, which makes it possible to maintain the desert landscape and still collect enough desert water to distribute to consumers. True Nopal sources these waters from cacti in the Sonoran, Chihuahua, and Mohave deserts.

The company also strives to inform consumers of the best way to preserve the desert ecosystem, while keeping their packaging and products environmentally safe. True Nopal uses Tetra Pak for their packaging needs, which is a company that makes cartons that are recyclable. Additionally, even though the cartons are recyclable, they still have sufficient protection to maintain the freshness, quality, and safety of the drink.

The packaging blocks out UV light, which can inhibit the nutritional value of the drink over time. The material is BPA-free to eliminate the possibilities of consumers taking in toxins from the material. True Nopal recommends visiting to learn more about Tetra Pak’s conservation efforts.

The Benefits of True Nopal Cactus Water

At this point, you probably understand the significant advantage that True Nopal Cactus Water has over every other type of water. In addition to the lack of sugars and the natural harvesting, you also get the benefit of antioxidants that naturally occur in cactus.

Antioxidants are essential to maintaining your body’s health. By consuming this water on a regular basis, you can help eliminate and protect yourself from the toxins you normally consume in artificial or synthetic foods. These toxins can build up in your body to eventually cause problems in your digestive system or worse. However, the properties of cactus water can help counteract the effects.

Additionally, the included betalain antioxidants help to fight inflammation, which is often the root of other problems in your body. This product includes the natural occurrence of potassium, essential minerals, and other vitamins.

Purchasing True Nopal Products

If you want to bring home these delicious waters for yourself, you have two options – purchase them online or at a local retailer. The headquarters is in Arizona, but there are shops and stores that sell True Nopal cactus water all over the country.

If you want to buy the product, you will be redirected the company’s online store on You will be able to choose from two different sizes. The 16.9-ounce container is available for $38.12, and the website does not indicate if you get a package of the containers or just the single container. However, many reviews on the product include satisfied consumers who enjoy both the taste and the benefits.

Contacting True Nopal Cactus Water

True Nopal is active in social media, which makes it easy for consumers to follow along with the company for updates and news on the latest products. You can follow their profiles on Twitter (, Facebook (, or Instagram (

If you want to contact the company directly, your best bet is to fill out the online form for inquiries. However, you can also contact them via personal email or phone. Their phone number is 480-636-8044, which connects you to their Scottsdale office. To email the company with a non-urgent inquiry, send your message to [email protected]


The best part about True Nopal Cactus Water is the great deal of nutritional benefits you get, but without having to add anything to the recipe. All of the nutritional benefits of this water are natural, which means you get to reap the benefits of pure cactus water.

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