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One of the most visible effects of ageing is the reduction in our overall cognition abilities.

Due to the the natural ageing process, the cells in our brain begin to degenerate and thus cause various issues like poor memory retention, dullness, lack of energy, low awareness.

These issues can however be prevented through the regular use of supplements called ‘nootropics’. Nootropics are essentially compounds that have been clinically found to aid in faster neural transfer and increased cognition.

They achieve this through the modification of our neural pathways so the brain is able to receive and respond to stimuli much more efficiently and effectively.

Thus, when the response time to a particular environmental agent is optimized, our capacity to store information and learn new things can be increased significantly.

Nootropics are becoming increasingly popular these days because many older people have reported seeing a visible decrease in their overall mental abilities.

In a recent statistical study it was found that over 80% of all individuals over the age of 50 found it harder to learn new information.

This problem was attributed to the fact that the cerebral tissues of these individuals were no longer able to regenerate on time, and thus it was hard for such people to store new data.

Another sector of people who have adopted the use of Nootropics are students, many university students have reported using such supplements to increase their memory retention capacities.

This allows them to perform well in their exams and optimize their overall state of mind.

What Is Enhance Mhz?

Enhance Mhz is an all new ‘cognition enhancer/nootropic’ that has been designed to give one's brain a boost.

The supplement features a patented, all natural formula that combines the antioxidative, memory-enhancing benefits of ginkgo biloba extract along with the calming properties of st. john’s wort.

Through regular use of Enhance, users have reported a significant increase in their overall mood states. Other benefits include increased cognitive processing, improved memory retention.

Enhance MHz Key Features

Some of the key features of this potent nootropic include:

Processing Capacity:

The key ingredients in the mix have been found to increase the sharpness of one’s brain. Through this increase, a user is able to process data more effectively and thus respond in a more appropriate way to the stimuli one comes in contact with.


One of the main problems with today’s youth is their lack of focus. With the advent of smartphones, the attention span of an individual has been scientifically found to have reduced to a mere 4 seconds.

Thus, through the use of Enhance, users can increase their attention span and devote their time fully to the activity at hand (thereby increasing overall productivity).

Potent Blend:

Many nootropics feature stimulants and not much else, however Enhance combines various potent compounds like L-glutamine and acetyl-l-carnitine. These compounds are essential amino acids that help keep the brain healthy as we age.

Clinical evidence also suggests that these agents help support memory, focus and thinking skills.

Mood States:

Through the release of compounds like Dopamine and Serotonin, this supplement is able to elevate the mood of an individual. When a person is happy, he/she remains more calm and collected, thus impulse based decisions can be minimized.

Enhance MHz Ingredients


L-carnitine may slow down, or even reverse brain deterioration or the onset of Alzheimer’s. Additional research data has shown that it may give people the ability to think clearer and enhance their memory.

St John’s Wort:

St John’s Wort along with phosphatidylserine complex and other important amino acids, help improve one's mood states. These compounds also have been found to maintain healthy brain function, increases cerebral blood flow.


Vinpocetine has been found to increase cerebral blood flow and shown to possess neuroprotective benefits.

Enhance MHz Directions

  • One capsule should be consumed on a regular basis along with 8-12 oz of water.
  • The pill can be taken at any time during the day, but users mostly prefer taking the supplement along with their breakfast.
  • Like all dietary supplements, if a user suffers from any medical condition, then he/she should consult a GP before starting regular dosage.

Purchasing Enhance MHz

Enhance comes packed in small white/ orange bottles. Each unit contains 30 capsules (which should ideally last for a month) and is priced at $16.99. The easiest way to place an order is through the official company website.

A full refund warranty is available increase users are unhappy with the product they have received.

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