St. John’s Wort


St. John’s Wort Review

People have been searching for alternative depression treatments for decades and St. John’s Wort appears to be one of the most common and most effective natural treatments for St. John’s Wort.

While St John’s Wort should not be replace normal depression treatments, studies have shown that it can naturally alleviate the symptoms of depression – a condition so many people struggle with.

St. John’s Wort

What is St. John’s Wort?

St. John’s Wort, also known as Klamath Weed or Tipton’s Weed, is a yellow flowing herb. St. John’s Wort contains powerful compounds like hyperflorin and hypericin, which are mostly responsible for the anti-depressant, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties of St. John’s Wort.

St. John’s Wort and Depression

St. John’s Wort is primarily used to treat depression, anxiety, and mood swings. It is believed that the significant amount of hyperflorin and hypericin in St. John’s Wort helps the secretion of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, which are often referred to as the “feel-good” brain chemicals.

An analysis of over 23 clinical studies involving a total of 1,757 patients concluded that St. John’s Wort was as effective as standard antidepressant medications in the treatment of mild depression. Researchers also noted it causes fewer side effects than antidepressants as well.

Other Benefits of St. John’s Wort

There are other supposed benefits of St. John’s Wort as well. Here are just some of the other reported benefits of St. John’s Wort:

Hangover Remedy: Some preliminary research indicates that hyperforin might help treat hangovers. This is why some people say the best natural hangover cure is to heat St. John’s Wort tea for a few minutes and drink it two to three times in a day. Supposedly it cures a hangover and relieves the symptoms.

Treatment for Wounds And Bruises: One of the original uses for St. John’s Wort was for bruises, cuts, and wounds. A balm oil or poultice made with St. John’s Wort can help heal wounds and bruises. It can also supposedly prevent the wound from being infected as well.

Congestion and Coughing: Some studies show that hyperforin and hypericin have antibiotic and antiviral properties that can help relieve phlegm congestion and bronchitis. Drinking tea with St. John’s Wort in the morning before the symptoms really start to progress seems to have the greatest effect on the symptoms.

Side Effects of St. John’s Wort

While St. John’s Wort is received well by most people, there is some evidence that it may cause side effects like dry mouth, headache, confusion, restlessness, and upset stomach. Most of these side effects are typical with most herbal supplements but it’s still something to look out for.

In addition to minor side effects, it appears that St. John’s Wort can weaken certain prescription medications such as: antidepressants, HIV drugs, cancer medications, birth control pills, and some heart medications.

The side effects of St. John’s Wort are still very minor and uncommon so it’s not too much of a concern. Still, it might be best to monitor your health while taking St. John’s Wort.

Finally, pregnant and nursing mothers should not take St. John’s Wort simply because it has not been tested yet. This is standard for almost all dietary supplements not just St. John’s Wort.

Where to Buy St. John’s Wort

You can buy St. John’s Wort at your local health store or through various online retailers. When buying St. John’s Wort, make sure to buy a supplement that is made directly from the flowers of the herb and for a supplement that contains a concentration of .3% hypericin.

This is so you can feel the greatest effects of St. John’s Wort.

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