Elevacity is a series of nutritional supplements and skin creams that promise to elevate your health, wellness, and happiness. Find out how Elevacity supplements work today in our review.

What Is Elevacity?

Elevacity, found online at Elevacity.com, is a nutritional supplement manufacturer that makes a wide variety of health supplements. The company is best-known for anti-aging products like Xanskin and Timeless, as well as health supplements like Elevate coffee.

There are three core Elevacity product categories, including Functional Beverages, Health & Wellness, and Anti-Aging Skincare.

Elevacity makes its supplements in partnership with a company named Alternative Labs, an FDA-registered, cGMP-compliant lab responsible for over 800 inventions, “many of which are patented and scientifically validated”, explains the official website.

The company also has a multi-level compensation structure that allows you to make money by selling Elevacity products on your own, or by recruiting other people to sell Elevacity products.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at Elevacity’s lineup of products and formulas.

Elevacity Products

Elevacity currently sells six different products. As mentioned above, those products are separated into three different categories, including Functional Beverages, Health & Wellness, and Anti-Aging Skincare.

Functional Beverages

This category includes Elevate, the flagship coffee formula from Elevacity. That coffee is available in a tub, which lets you scoop your own coffee. Or, you can buy it in the form of a stick, which means you just pour it into a cup of hot water yourself.

Elevate isn’t ordinary coffee: it’s a blend of coffee with other valuable ingredients, including organic cocoa, green tea extract, L-theanine, and botanical extracts. Together, these ingredients promise to soften the side effects of caffeine, taking away the jitters and other unwanted effects.

Elevacity describes these additional ingredients as “powerful nootropics combined with effective fat burners”. By taking Elevate regularly, you should be able to lose weight while also enjoying better cognitive performance.

Elevate is instant coffee, so you just mix it with hot water in order to brew. You don’t need a coffee machine or other brewing system.

Health & Wellness

Elevacity’s Health & Wellness category includes Xanthomax and Pure, two supplements that claim to make you healthier with scientifically-backed ingredients.


Xanthomax is a formula that uses xanthohumol as its active ingredient. Xanthohumol is a natural antioxidant found in hops – a key ingredient in beer. However, you would need to drink about 2,000 liters of beer to get the same dosage of xanthohumol found in Xanthomax.

By taking Xanthomax regularly, you can eliminate metabolic waste and toxins, eliminate disease-causing free radicals, accelerate weight loss, and boost brain health and wellness all throughout your body.

One of the unique benefits of taking xanthohumol is that it’s the only ingredient on earth that encourages your body to release its own oxytocin, described by Elevacity as “the hormone of happiness”.


Pure, like Xanthomax, advertises a number of powerful health benefits all throughout the body. Its primary role is as a heavy metal detoxification system. It uses “zeolites”, also known as volcanic minerals, to cleanse toxins from your body naturally.

By taking Pure regularly, Elevacity claims you support a healthy immune system, help balance pH levels in your body, and avoid toxic buildup. It’s designed to support a cleanse. Pure comes in the form of a liquid. You take 3 drops, 3 times a day by placing the drops in your favorite food or drink.

Anti-Aging Skincare

Want to look younger? Of course you do. Elevacity promises to help you enjoy anti-aging benefits using three skin creams.


This hydrating eye cream claims to give your eyes a non-invasive facelift without caking or drying out your skin. After applying Timeless, it will instantly tighten your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It also promotes the circulation of blood and enhances your skin’s nutrient absorption.

Key ingredients in Timeless include Nannochloropsis Oculata Extract, Pullulan, Sodium Silicate, and Magnesium Sodium Silicate.


Xanskin contains the same active ingredient as Xanthomax: xanthohumol (the ingredient that comes from the hops used in beer). It’s categorized as a therapeutic skin cream with multiple benefits. Xanskin is designed for use on your face, where it stimulates elastin and collagen production while also relieving oxidative stress.

Xanskin also has antiviral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties to ensure your skin stays clear and fresh long after you apply the cream.


Renuskin helps you heal damaged skin using a “gentle topical mist”. There are just three listed ingredients in the formula, including purified water, phentolamine, and a proprietary form of vitamin B6.

Elevacity Pricing

Elevacity’s online store features all of the products listed above at the following prices:

  • Xanskin: $65
  • Timeless: $60
  • Pure: $60
  • Elevate: Stick Bag: $60
  • Elevate Tub: $50
  • Renuskin: $40

All purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee, minus shipping charges.

You can sign up to Elevacity’s autoship program (called “EasyShip”) to save 15% off the prices listed above.

Elevacity Opportunity

Elevacity has a multi-level compensation program that promises to “elevate your wealth”. The company is known for its 12 Point Program, where you can enroll 12 different customers on EasyShip programs to build residual income.

You can earn money through retail sales, personal product credits, team-based overrides (8 levels deep), and more.

To learn more about Elevacity’s opportunity and commission structure, visit the company online here.


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