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At SupplementPolice, we try to do the right thing first and foremost. As researchers who want to provide the best health and wellness reviews, we try to keep our eyes and ears open for all feedback and newly formed products. Lately we have been starting to get asked about fake news articles (like the Shark Tank Testosterone Boosting Alpha Tablets) and whether or not they are real.

Many of these advertorials position a newly founded male enhancement pill that helps boost testosterone levels and enhance nitric oxide for better flow and pump. From what we have gathered initially, these webpages will reference Korean sisters Angela and Yoojin Kim mentioning they got the biggest deal on Shark Tank tv show for their alpha tablets for men.

While we research this growing matter, we wanted to put a feeler message out there and open up the comments to see if anyone else has questions or run-ins with these types of pages. We would venture to say rest assured that most of these Shark Tank, CNN, Fox News, Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary or any other similiar shows and Sharks are probably not directly responsible for this nor have they endorsed any testosterone boosting hormone pill in the recent past.

For now, please visit our testosterone resources, muscle building foods, muscle growth vitamins, and best preworkout and postworkout guide.

As always, we are committed to helping create a platform for the consumer to share educational tips and help raise awareness for all the good (and potentially bad) products and supplements available online.

We always strive to maintain a level of transparency and ultimately accurately with everything we publish and put out. Please let us know if you have any more to add to this review as we continue to examine the entire unfolding story here.

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Supplement Police
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  1. I fell for the $4.95 test trial. At no time did it say it was a 14 day trial nor was I contacted by them. Two months later I find two $89.00 deductions for automatic shipping even though I did not authorize this nor receive it. My bank “investigated” and insist that I authorized the deductions which is bullshit because I am a disabled LEO. My bank will not even look at the amount of complaints against the frauds. I am switching banks for starters but where else can I complain about this bait and switch and get something done ? Should this not be covered Regulation E. Electronic Funds Transfers 12 CFR 205 ?

  2. Aside from the obvious, look for clues. Like; The bottle is photoshopped in the TV screen where the girls are standing because the panel on the monitor/screen perspective is off. (The bottle is facing you straight on, but the tv monitor screen is slightly titled.)
    Also look at the fake bottle label, it doesn’t go around the bottle in correct perspective, its pasted straight on. These are big clues. The sharks would never use a doctored bottle. Just a still (no video) of one of the sharks (Robert) is another clue.

  3. How can we find out the truth about the Kim sisters in regards to Shark Tank? Yes, Shark Tank & the Kim should def sue for unauthorized use of their names, if this is the case!
    & I was about to order…thanks to all for comments. I could tell some of the “testimonials” had a fake ring to them.

  4. This is what you people get that believe all that sh#t you see on Facebook and twitter, maybe if you actually did some research instead of whipping out your credit cards at every “miracle cure” you wouldn’t have these problems. As far as being on shark tank, don’t most company use a commercial or infomercial to advertise their products? Use your brain, if you can’t find any contact numbers or company info it’s probably best not to buy it, but then you’d have to stop facebooking or whatever and get your hands dirty but instead you just dive in head first and whine you got scammed, it’s your own fault stupid. Good luck get th your money back its in Korea now. Hahaha idiots

  5. It seems I fell for the free trial offer and thought I paid for shipping only – because it looked genuine!! Now I have been scammed 2 sums ($131 & $127) against my credit card + international fees. The companies, contact information & products are bogus. The bank is trying to recover money but I do not hold out much hope.

  6. i called test x 4.95 shipping afterwards i got a call and the guy mumbled a lot but it boiled down to 14 day trial and then you would be charged . i called and cancelled, i received 3 bottles of their product which i will return, one was for weight loss, lol i weigh all of 140 lbs. its a scam, besides the charge they will continue to send you a product every month, and charge your account.

  7. The info and gake testimonials are exactly the same as a site that was recently taken down. It was also being advertised on fb. They are all fake.

    • The company should be sued for fraud and misinterpretation of product. We all should receive a refund of moneys. I had the same problem as Kent. not happy at all.

      • if it sounds too good to be true…caveat emptor (“buyer beware” for those who never heard that expression).

        seriously, 2 korean girls came up with a formula that the us phama industry hasn’t tried? you deserve to be fleeced!

  8. so what the hell is everyone saying in English please is this a scam or not, period, do these pills work or not, please, stop the bull shit, it has gotten to the point that we no longer believe any product at all, God, I really hate this internet and all the bull shit, is this a good product or not.

  9. Most of these fake BS products are advertised and promoted on Facebook. Evidently FB does not care if the product is legitimate just so long as the check clears.

  10. i called and canceled mine. DO NOT FALL for THIS SCAM !!! And changed my card. What CRAP. I think Shark Tank should file a law suit against using their name. We shoyld get our money back. They said, read TERMS at bottom. Hope this helps.

  11. I cant find eney thing of who to call an cancle this product . Is there a phone number to call ? RSVP.

  12. I fell for the fake news. Thought product was endorsed as legitimate by the Guard.
    How does one cancel one’s order?

  13. I thought this was endorsed by Shark Tank when I thought I was ordering 2 different Platinum Xt1000 products for a trial, just to pay shipping of $4.95, know I got billed 14 days later for $85.00
    or so because they said I didn’t check box for not having automatic shipment cancelled.
    I would not of ordered this if I would have know it wasn’t endorsed by Shark Tank.

  14. You can find two articles about the Kim Sisters and Shark Tank that are identical except that the name of the supplement is different in each one. In one of them the supplement is TestX Core and in another it is Zyalix. There is also an article about the Kim sisters and Shark Tank where a miracle skin treatment called Revitalize is touted.

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