Alkaline Water Ionizer Machines & pH Filter Systems Review

Alkaline Ionized Water and You

A Guide to Alkaline Ionized Water: Benefits, Uses and Home Systems

There has been a lot of talk about the potential benefits of alkaline ionized water. Many people believe that it can help rid the body of toxins and aid in the processing of nutrients in the body. This idea is that this leads to increased health and body performance, which in turn promotes longevity of life.

Machines and filters are sold commercially to infuse normal drinking water with ionized properties. Many doctors approve of these devices as a means to ionize the water source, so that you can get the benefits even from your normal tap water. These devices can range from over $4,000 to as low as $0.

To understand which ionizer may be right for you, you first need to get a clear idea of what alkaline water does and how it works.

The Basics of Alkaline Water

Common household water altered with unnatural additives has been thought to permanently change our once pure life force. Technically it is H2O but much of the progressive aspects fail to remain. To not so common knowledge a multitude of chemicals in our everyday tap water like chlorine pollute our earthly life blood making it impure.

Remarkably impure water has the ability to be transformed into the fresh lively condition that is alkaline ionized water. Through a process of filtration and ionization, reconstructed water is again healthy. Antioxidant hydroxyl ions negatively charge the water they’re applied to.

A natural occurrence of this alkaline ionized water can be found in the waterfalls of Hawaii to glaciers around the world. Hydroxyl ions created in a variety of ways including water ionizers and natural occurrences are antioxidants. How it happens is ionizers focus intended minerals for example calcium, potassium and magnesium in water while the ionization procedure continues. This in a way purifies water to a much more natural form that is interchangeable with water found in many glaciers.

This water that is void of impurities and supplemented with known beneficial qualities can provide more sufficient hydration than common household water, store bought water, and reverse osmosis water. Nothing compares to the healthy hydration that is created by ionization.

This wholesome water has many benefits including but not limited to enhanced overall health status and even bring out flavors in food and drinks made with the water. Water being the lifeblood of this earth and in a close second to air in our survival, is clearly imperative to our existence. Alkaline ionized water which is half the molecular size of normal household water can be almost effortlessly consumed into cells. This means that hydration is utilized and the body is able to flush or dissipate the impurities from the body while simultaneously bringing nutrients to them

 Understanding How Ionizers Work

During the 1930s, the water ionizer was developed in Japan. By 1950, they were gaining in popularity. Over the last century, the trend caught on in other countries, including America. Much research has been invested in the process, namely because it is said that alkaline ionized water has positive effects on cancer.

By adding a strong electrical current to regular household tap water ionized, alkaline and acidic water were created. This specific process is known as electrolysis and it separates the water into two separate streams. The first being ionized alkaline mineral water for drinking and ionized acidic mineral water for your skin, cleaning and sanitizing.

This process also turns large clumps of water molecules into “micro-clusters” that are much more easily absorbed by tissue and cells, leading to better hydration at the even the most basic cellular level. Before the process even begins the water is first filtered to bring down a multitude of chemicals, heavy metals, and other contaminants.

The best quality ionizers have a nine stage, dual filter system to clean whatever water and the best ionizer companies will actually look over water reports from the customer's local water authority to customize the water filters being used with the consumers ionizer. The top quality water ionizers are made with up to thirteen platinum coated plates to have a more productive electrical charge. These water ionizer can either be on the countertop or under it.

The most popular ionizers such as the Life-Ionizer M9 are powered with a switch power supply to more efficiently deliver the amperage to the plates. The plates have positive and negative electrodes. The negative ones attract positively charged minerals like calcium, magnesium, manganese and potassium which are all minerals. The positive electrodes attract negatively charged minerals such as chlorine fluoride, sulfur, phosphorus, bromine, silicon and copper which are acidic.

A membrane separates the two chambers and the ionizer makes a stream of alkaline water from one outlet and a stream of acidic water from the other. About 70 percent of the water made from the ionizer is alkaline; and directly proportional the other 30 percent made, acidic. An added benefit to the ionizer is its ability to create “micro clusters” of water molecules, which hydrates much more efficiently.

Let's talk about the benefits

There are plenty of ways drinking alkaline ionized water benefits your body but here are just a handful of examples to start you on the track to a better healthier and tastier experience with water.

  • Aids in the circulation of blood for blood pressure and heart issues
  • Helps lessen the need for fat thus promoting weight loss
  • Its anti aging and combats osteoporosis
  • Eases metabolic acidosis
  • Aids in hydration

Blood Pressure

One of the most common issues in America and around the world is blood  pressure issues about 70 million Americans ages 18+ have high blood pressure, that is almost one third of the population, and to make matters worse only a little over one half have it controlled. Alkaline ionized water or hard water can help! In as much effort as drinking a glass of water you can drastically improve your heart and blood pressure.

Water with a ph higher than seven is known to have positive effects on high blood pressure as well as overall heart health. Though the science behind it is still trying to be understood. Research shows that people with blood pressure and heart conditions drastically benefit from this form of water.

A geographical survey in Finland found a direct correlation between the hardness of the water and the risk of having another attack to start the research Finland recognized 19,000 men who had heart attacks and concluded for each integer increased in the hardness of the water there was a correlating one percent decline in the  possibility of having another attack.

Weight Loss

Alkaline ionized water brings the water in our bodies to a more neutral state and this in of itself has many benefits starting with a healthier weight in adults. There are many reasons our bodies become more acidic than neutral stress, pollution and diet these are all thin fat cells. How alkaline ionized water combats this is by having an increased pH in your body it dwindles the demand for fats and cholesterol.

A fraction of our acids exit the body through functions such as like urination, excrement and sweat that means countless acids stay in our bodies. A surplus of acids in the system actively disintegrate healthy tissue in our bodies, so in an effort to conserve itself  it manifests a defence that is constructed of fat.

Fat attaches to acid a number of these cells are exited from our bodies, countless of them are kept though which does in fact lead to excess weight. Many diets do not ever touch on the subject of alkaline ionized water and many can even leave your body even more acidic. Alkaline ionized water weakens our bodies acidity and will terminate the hoarding of fat.

As soon as the fat that was used to conserve our bodies is not necessary our bodies will disintegrate it and any extra weight you may have will simply go away. Without these contaminates the body goes back to its intended body mass.


To add to these findings is alkaline ionized water leads to a less progressive aging process. To be clear getting older and aging are linked but by no means are equivalent aging refers to the active disintegration of our bodies rather than just the passing of time. Tall tale signs of aging encompass wrinkling and diminished elasticity of our skin, thinning and gray hair, and even sleep issues.

Much of aging is because of disintegration of our tissue as a result of organic acids and free radicals. Impurities in our bodies that include acetic acid, carbonic acid, fatty acids, lactic acid and uric acid have all been proven to correlate with many of the severely negative aspects of aging. Free radicals correlates with many issues not limited to arthritis, atherosclerosis, alzheimer’s and diabetes.

What alkaline ionized water does for us in this regard is it creates bicarbonates in our stomach that are in turn are consumed by our bloodstream and then neutralized. This water is made up of hydrogen which is a tested collector of oxygen. This hydrogen is made by electrolysis which is the way we ionize water. At the ripe age of 45 bodies begin to age by bicarbonates in our blood diminishing there are severely negative effects.


There is strong evidence linking osteoporosis to an acidic diet. One of the best ways to combat an acidic body environment is to balance the pH conditions. Alkaline ionized water is designed to do this, and therefore it is a smart addition to your diet if you suffer from this condition.

Osteoporosis is an all too common issue to actively aging people.

Consider this…

  • Approximately 1 in 2 women and 1 in 8 men will endure an osteoporosis related fracture in their existence.
  • Approximately twenty percent of people 50 or older who suffer from a hip fracture will perish within the first year after the initial fracture.

If that doesn’t make you want to take action, then possibly the fact that direct care costs for osteoporotic fractures reach up to eighteen billion dollars every year and this number is only expected to increase as time goes on if action is not taken.

To make matters worse osteoporosis is a shy condition, in fact countless American adults are not even knowledgeable of their bone health being at risk.

For example four times as many men are almost three times as many women have the condition than actually report it. Every researcher and health care provider has come to a consensus that the best way to treat this possibly deadly and more often than not incapacitating condition is by making sure it never gets to the severe state that it can in the first place.

Knowledge is the key to prevention, two of the dominant risk factors are chronic acidemia from an abundance in protein meat based diet and chronic acidemia from the extra consumption of carbonated soft-drinks as well as things like coffee, tea and alcohol.

Chronic Acidemia

There is something to be done about this chronic acidemia which is consumption of alkaline ionized water. It is suggested because each time our bodies endure a low grade metabolic acidosis, it has to regain the balance to avoid becoming sick. The pH levels in our blood have to stay in a quite particular range or organ systems and enzyme functions that are imperative to our health develope into delicate situations for failing. Our bodies response to this it becomes too acidic, and by extracting the calcium from our bones it creates an alkaline buffer that counteracts the acidity. Leaving our bones in a much weaker state than before, alkaline ionized water takes away the need for this and leaves our bones and bodies intact.

Metabolic Acidosis

Furthermore another condition that affects many Americans this time regardless of age is a conditions by the name of metabolic acidosis. What this condition does is it exhausts the organs and systems in the body making them work much harder than necessary to process foods. It is a self perpetuating cycle because metabolic acidosis actually comes from the surplus of acidic foods we consume.

So essentially, we eat foods that are acidic which in turn make it harder to process food that are more acid so then we go and eat even more foods that are acidic. One of the most affected organs would have to be the liver. When our bodies are at a constant state of metabolic acidosis the liver detoxification mechanisms are jeopardized.

The enzymes in the liver that are used to detoxify are more specifically in two phases. These specific enzymes are extremely pH sensitive and are coincidentally accountable for chemical biotransformation of impurities into water-soluble metabolites for excavation in our urine. The pH of these phase i and phase ii detoxification liver enzymes can be jeopardized when our bodies experience metabolic acidosis.

A solution would be to drink alkaline ionized water daily, this increases the processes which are accountable for keeping the correct blood pH balance as well as urine alkalinity. Almost everyone agrees they should be consuming more water, what is not emphasized enough though is the water they’re drinkings pH.

Hail Hydration!

While not a condition, it’s important to note the benefits that alkaline ionized water has on the human hydration process. Alkaline ionized water will separate clumps of water molecules into smaller molecule clumps, smaller clumps will go through cell walls with less effort and actually hydrate the cells more prompt, which is quite helpful when you are trying to maintain health or have your body process with increased efficiency by allowing your body to maximize hydration.

This is extremely important when paired with physical activity. Quicker hydration creates the ability for our bodies to regulate its temperature more efficiently and everyone knows you get hot when you work out. When these smaller clumps of alkaline ionized water are enriched with minerals they deliver nutrients much more thoroughly.

The goal of pre hydration and hydration is to make sure you don’t get dehydrated which is known to impair athletic performance. The first understanding of what was needed was that salt offered a replacement for the sweat lost sodium, but after another look scientists realized that many people consuming the typical Western diet have actually ate an excess of salt and it does not need to be replaced during physical activity.

During physical activity our bodies are bringing in more oxygen and metabolizing energy through our muscles this constructs free radicals, lactic acid and a mild metabolic acidosis. By drinking alkaline ionized water you can alleviate each of these ailments caused by physical activity.


Exceptional hydration is a top aspect of almost every wellness program. As touched on before alkaline ionized water is broken up into “micro clusters” and hydrate the body much more efficiently. Along with that the alkaline ionized water is able to transfer minerals more efficiently as well making it a great help in the fight against cancer and can even ease the side effects cancer and chemo have.

Each person should be drinking at least half of our body weight in ounces of water each day. Water moves nutrients needed for cell metabolism to cells and takes waste that could hurt them. By doing this it aids in cleansing of the eliminatory organs, stopping chemicals and other toxins from building up in the body.

The condition of your water is equally as important as the amount of the water. When water has been ionized it can be more alkaline and it will have a higher oxygen to hydrogen ratio compared to typical H2O. This H2O has extra electrons which are a healthy negative charge along with millions of organic antioxidant bubbles called hydroxyl ions, which are free radical scavengers. The negative Oxidation-Reduction Potential characteristic of ionized alkaline water benefits bodies by decreasing oxidation and as stated before aging or the breaking down of our cells.

Pure Water vs. Purified Water

There is a difference between pure water and purified water. Purification is the way in which water is filtered to remove harmful chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, along with many other things.

Pure water is essentially distilled water and pure water is not found in our environment but purified water does leave the water in a much more constructive form and then we are able to enhance the water with alkaline minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.

Actually water ionizers cannot apply electrolysis to completely pure, de-ionized distilled water. In fact this water is created by reverse osmosis which removes 95 percent of the harmful and beneficial qualities in the water. This overlooked fact is perpetuated by ill-informed critics.

Distilled water is marketed and sold by bottled water companies to sell the idea of completely pure water but like stated earlier pure water void of any nutrients or minerals is not natural and not found anywhere in nature. The best water your body can have is water that has constructive minerals in it for you.

There is also a difference between ionized water and alkaline ionized water. Ionized water is made of ionized minerals, these have an electrical charge so inturn ionized water has an electrical charge. Ionization happens when a molecule either acquire or drop an electron. When you have alkaline water what it does is it weighs the capacity to neutralize acids.

Alkaline water has Alkaline minerals in it such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium and a negative charge. But don't be confused because excessive alkaline water can be high in alkalinity but also only have a modest pH. There is a difference between alkalinity and pH as well. PH stands for Potential Hydrogen. The Potential Hydrogen of water alludes to the potential to bring in positive Hydrogen ions (H+). Essentially ionized water can be either acidic or alkaline.

Our bodies are kept at a small range that is regulated but ionized alkaline water can help manage it more efficiently. Ionized alkaline water has ionized alkaline minerals in it. These are mandatory minerals for our health and ionization will boost antioxidant ability. What happens in ionized alkaline water is the minerals inside, for the most part calcium, magnesium, and potassium get electrons from the ionization process it undergoes. The excess in electrons from the process gives the water a negative electrical charge. That negative charge creates antioxidant possibilities for itself.

Why You Need An Alkaline Ionizer For Your Home

Ionized alkaline water brings nutrients to cells almost effortlessly; it hydrates us more thoroughly; and it purifies our body of toxins. Once more, it also has antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and this creates more energy for our bodies. As previously stated there are many health benefits to consuming alkaline water, but what many do not fully understand is the numerous other uses ionized water has for them.

You can purchase from a wide selection of water ionizing systems that can help your home. This way you can make the most of your water source. There are portable and stationary options that vary in price. Before you make the selection of which will be best for your home, let’s take a look at what home water ionizers can do for you and how you can incorporate them into your lifestyle.

How Ionizers Work

The physical process of ionization separates the water into two separate streams one is Alkaline and the other Acidic. Alkaline ionized water is good to consume, you can actually use it to prepare your food. Keep in mind that when initially bringing up ionization to someone it is wise to first figure out precisely what way they would profit from the water and what actions would be ideal for them.

Here are a number of areas of your life that you can incorporate a home water ionizer.

Food and Drink

You can use your home water ionizing system in a number of ways. From eating to drinking to growing food, you’ll get a lot of use out of your system.


Starting with the ionized alkaline water the act of soaking and sprouting seeds, nuts, legumes, grains and more actually stimulates enzymes. Ionized alkaline water also neutralizes acidity in fruits and some vegetables delivering nutrients more efficiently.

Adding it to soup has been said to enhance the contents of the soup making it taste better. If used with preserving or storing fruits and vegetables is will actually keep them for longer. It also removes pesticides, herbicides, waxes and more from them as well.


You can use ionized alkaline water for any recipe that calls for water to enhance it.

Using it to cook rice is great too rice will turn softer and fluffier. What you will want to do is first wash the rice in level one alkaline water. Then, soak the rice in level four alkaline water for twenty to thirty minutes. Last, cook the rice in the high alkaline water that it was soaking in and this will without a doubt create the most moist, fluffy, soft rice you have ever had.

If you can boil something in regular tap water, then you also can with alkaline ionized water. When alkaline ionized water is added to vegetables while cooking, will also be a brighter green color because the chlorophyll won't be broken down. Acids are also neutralized so whatever harsh taste once there will be gone. Cooking noodles in it is suggested as well because the ionized alkaline water will cook the noodles without making them to soggy.

Another interesting trick to the perfect bright yellow yolks in boiled eggs instead of the weird gray color they turn, is using acidic water while boiling them. Using ionized acidic water will make them more perfectly symmetrical and taste better too. As well as help the shells com off much easier.

Better Smells and Flavors

When using ionized alkaline water the taste come out rich, food is more tender, and not as much seasoning is needed. Bitter or astringent tasting vegetables can be saturated in ionized alkaline water from fifteen minutes to a half an hour before they are cooked and they will taste great!

When cooking with ionized alkaline water it creates the best tasting food. Acidc tap water actually breaks down the food so you can possibly not get the actual flavor.

Acidic water also does wonders for odors by neutralizing many pungent odors like ones from onions, garlic or even wet dog it can be used to freshen the air, mix in a little of your favorite scent or essential oil  and you have your personalized air freshener.

Kill The Germs!

Another handy use for ionized acidic water is its use while cleaning the disinfecting properties of acid water are great if you actually rince towels and sponges with it, it will actually slow down bacteria growth. This effect is similar when you brush your teeth, use with mouthwash or even gargle with it.

Acidic water can be substituted for glass cleaner on things like glass, mirrors, metallic surfaces and utensils; and it doesn’t have the negative impact on our world that bottled glass cleaner does.

Acidic water can be used to gently bleach things that would otherwise be ruined by ruined by harsh chemicals. If you have anyone in your family that has a bad reaction to common household chemicals or if you even just have a young child in the house that puts its mouth on everything ionized acidic water would be the first suggestion. With ionized alkaline water you can efficiently clean your house without the use of nasty, harsh chemicals. That being said it can also be kept in a container or spray bottle to be used as hand sanitizer.

Plants and Animals

Ionized acid water will benefit your pets as well after bathing them you can rinse them in the ionized acidic water for an all over healthier coat. Many household plants love acidic water too, watering plants that like acidic water can result in healthier happier plants. If you have fresh cut flowers around dipping the stems in ionized acidic water will extend the length of time they will stay fresh and vibrant.

How to Incorporate Alkaline Ionized Water into Your Daily Life

When alkalizing your body a good place to start is with drinks. If you’re a tea drinker making it with ionized alkaline water will make the color more vivid and bring down the astringency making it more mellow and palatable. Coffee with alkaline water uses less coffee grounds while not compromising the flavor and strength of the coffee. Bitterness is replaced by a much more smooth and aromatic experience.

Alcohol imparts a mellow and scrumptious taste and actually prevents the negative physical reactions that are associated with drinking alcohol. It will neutralize the acid and when drinking it's suggested to drink three to four cups of level two alkaline water before and after drinking alcohol to prevent side effects.

You can also add it to cocktails to soften and smooth out the taste. Ionized alkaline water can also be mixed with fruit juice reducing the acidity and sugar content. Continuing there are more physical benefits such as bloating drinking alkaline water on an empty stomach will calm the discomfort. Drinking ionized alkaline water before eating will hydrate your bowels and improve constipation.

On the other end of the spectrum you become dehydrated very quickly with diarrhea but with ionized alkaline water with three times the concentration of water molecules it will help keep you hydrated and reduce discomfort. Both high and low blood pressure are benefited with ionized alkaline water when ingested an hour before eating and drinking three cups on an empty stomach supports a healthy blood sugar level.

Product Description

There are two options when looking at getting a alkaline water treatment system. You can either get stationary systems that are hooked up to your home plumbing to produce alkaline water on demand, or portable systems that produces alkaline through non-electric filtration.

Stationary Systems

Built for heavy use with convenient on-demand service, stationary systems are what you need if you want alkaline water for all your cooking and drinking needs. Usually comes with a variety of options from the number and quality of plates, to the level of pH produced.

One of the most popular home models of water alkaline systems, the Life-Ionizer M9 comes with 9 platinum coated titanium plates for life-long ionized water.  Has a pH range of as low as 2.5 to as high as 11 pH for amazing antioxidant potential.

Portable Systems

Made for sporadic use or for travel, portable systems are what you need if you don’t plan to drink alkaline water regularly or using it for cooking. Usually in the form of a plastic pitcher with a series of special filters built to slowly raise pH levels.

Alkaline Plus pH Ionizer Pitcher by Wellblue

One of the most powerful non-electric water ionizers available on the market, the Alkaline Plus water pitcher produces filtered alkaline water with its 4 slow flow active carbon filters.

Choose The Best Water!

You need to drink and stay hydrated, so it just makes sense to choose an option that offers numerous benefits. From helping to stave off cancer to helping your body metabolize better, ionized alkaline water is a winning solution for any lifestyle.



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