Face Mists – Best Healthy Hydrating Spray Skincare Benefits?


What Are Face Mists?

Basically, face mists are skincare sprays that help to keep your face moisturized, smooth, and visibly soft. Don't confuse these facial sprays for make up, they aren't. Also known as toning mists, they prime the face for a firmer and fresher look.

These products work to supplement your makeup and to protect your face from effects of extreme dehydration. They are made from natural extracts, hence are an ideal remedy for persistent dry face and other related facial conditions.

It is their unmatchable advantages and subsequent craze that has since roped in musicians, celebrities, and actresses all across the globe.

What Do Face Mists Do?


Let us be factual, the face is part of your body. Therefore, when your body needs water, your face does too. Sprinkling water consistently over your face during the dry season feels weird. The best face mists offer a more modern and healthy solution to this.

When properly used, mists provide an essential hydration and moisturizing layer to the skin. They work perfectly when blotted, sprayed, or locked up with an appropriate moisturizer.

This way, beneficial elements do not evaporate easily and get absorbed by the skin to last you the whole day. However, mists with oily properties do not evaporate easily and do not require blotting.

Rejuvenation, Prevention, And Protection

Light misting helps to revive a dry, tired, or neglected face. Again, most face mists contain ingredients with antioxidant qualities such as selenium.

Antioxidant elements essentially maintain a desirable PH balance of the skin and help to eliminate toxins by unblocking follicles and glands. In addition, they aid in aeration and assist in strengthening the defenses of the skin against common environmental pollutants.

Refreshing And Soothing

Mists are purely refreshing and have exemplary soothing effects on a variety of skin irritations such as sunburns and allergies. Refrigerated facial sprays also potentially alleviate hot flash menopausal symptoms.

Unlike thermal or mineral water, these hydrating sprays refresh and tone the face for a firmer and more attractive complexion.

Reviving Makeup

Ideally, there is no problem in using face mists before or after makeup. When used before makeup with a moisturizer to lock in the benefits of mists, it forms an ultimate canvas on which makeup can discreetly be applied.

When used after makeup, it necessitates an adorable dew-like glowing complexion. Finally, face mists fundamentally help to keep makeup fresh and intact throughout the day.

How To Use Face Mists

Consider the following easy and fast way of using face mists:

Clean your skin well and leave just a little moisture to help in hydration. A little moisture is also ideal for the absorption of serum by the skin. Close your eyes and spray your face with the mist evenly.

Apply makeup and again lightly spray over makeup.

In case of a water based mist, allow to rest for awhile and then gently press your palm or fingertips over your neck and face to enhance absorption.

Alternatively, you can use a tissue paper or towel. Hydrating mists with oil ingredients can be left to just absorb alone without dabbing.

Make this a skincare ritual and do it daily in the morning and evening as you enjoy the refreshing scents and rejuvenating calm.

Face Mists Side Effects

Face mists are safe for use. In fact, they do not present any threat to the environment or human health. However, users should take into consideration the following precautions:

  • Can worsen reactive conditions for people who are allergic to strong antioxidants
  • May irritate people with sensitive skin

Top 5 Facial Mists Products

With the numerous brands and flavors of face mists now in the market, choosing the best facial spray is challenging to newbies and seasoned customers alike.

This is even more difficult when you do not know what to look for when shopping for the best toning mist. We’ve made the work easier for you by selecting the top 5 best facial mists.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Radiance Restoring Mist

The highly refreshing orange-citrus flavored mist makes it to the top of our list. Made exclusively from natural ingredients, this mist nourishes, refreshes and cleanses your body. It is affordably priced and has an appealing fragrance.

The Bliss Triple Oxygen Radiance Restoring Mist is an ideal facial spray during dry seasons and humid atmosphere. It is well packed and will certainly fit into your bag on your vacation. The orange-citrus scent makes it inspiring and a true measure of pure awesomeness.

The Mac Mineralized Charged Water Skin Hydrating Mist

The Mac Mineralized mist is the most perfect way to start your skincare ritual. It features a perfect blend of pure diamond powder and charged water to give the skin unrivaled energy and long lasting rehydration.

It has an amazingly moisturizing effect and a warm delicate scent to keep you refreshed throughout the day. Moreover,it has active ingredients including vitamins, serum among others to improve the overall skin appearance.

Dr. Jart+ Pore Medic Pore Minish Mist

This is an alcohol-free mist formula that effectively mattifies the skin. It is a combination of hazel extracts, oil absorbing kaolin clay, magnesium and aluminium silicate among other key elements.

As a matter of fact, these elements effectively rejuvenates, nourishes and protects the skin. The hassle-free mist precisely glides on your face during application. Again, it perfectly works before and after makeup and does not need dabbing since it is oil-based.

Dr Jart+ has a healing and restructuring effect on scars and wrinkles respectively.

Evian Mineral Spray

Firstly, this is one of most affordable mists in the market today. It is credited with amazing skin protection, care and rejuvenation. It is a cool nice-scented mist that will leave your skin refreshing particularly after amp mountain hike or ocean dip.

It smoothly penetrates through make up to leave behind a smooth powdery face.

Tatcha’s Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

Save for the high costs, Tatcha’s Luminous Dewy Skin Mist scores highly on all fronts. It is the ultimate face mist for a perfect diva. It is a liquid mittifying moisturizer. It features native Japanese ingredients like botanical oils, hyaluronic acid and Japanese algae extracts.

Just like its name, this product guarantees a dewy, radiant and silken complexion that will make you look young and beautiful for years.

Best Face Mists Conclusion

Face mists have become a routine skincare product throughout the years due to their refreshing and astonishing skin-toning abilities. However, we get to maximize their potential during dry seasons.

While it usually feels better to stay outside on a hot day, low humidity characteristic of the dry weather can come with a lot of side effects. Fortunately, any of the top 5 best face mists discussed above will help you soothe, cool, protect, and revitalize your skin.

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