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Cleanse EFX Review

Cleanse EFX claims to be a 100% natural cleansing pill which promotes regular bowel movements while also detoxifying the body.

Released in 2014, Cleanse EFX also claims it can be used as a weight loss tool. What’s the truth behind Cleanse EFX? Should you use it? Find out today in our Cleanse EFX review.

Cleanse EFX

What is Cleanse EFX?

Cleanse EFX was released in 2014. The official website can be found at That website doesn’t list any company information about the manufacturers of Cleanse EFX.

However, the Cleanse EFX website does list a telephone number where you can contact customer service: that telephone number is 0808-169-2023.

A quick Google Search for that number reveals that this is also the contact number for the manufacturers of SlimGenix Pro, a similar diet pill which has been sold throughout the world.

No additional information is available about the manufacturer of Cleanse EFX or SlimGenix Pro, and even the terms and conditions of both sites simply call the manufacturer the “Company”.

Cleanse EFX is currently only available for order throughout the United Kingdom.

How Does Cleanse EFX Work?

Cleanse EFX claims to use 100% natural ingredients to provide the following benefits:

— Reduce The Appearance Of Cellulite
Naturally Increase Energy
Cleanse And Detoxify The Body
— Burn Off Excess Weight
— Boost Metabolism

Obviously, these benefits go beyond what you would expect from an average laxative diet pill. So what’s the secret behind Cleanse EFX’s effectiveness?

Cleanse EFX claims to use “a proprietary blend of antioxidants.” These antioxidants are supposed to help your body burn fat through thermogenesis, flushing out toxins and naturally boosting your metabolism.

Cleanse EFX Ingredients

To Cleanse EFX’s credit, they do list the ingredients included in the supplement. However, they don’t list all the ingredients or the specific amounts within each diet pill. This makes it hard to determine exactly what you’re putting into your body.

The listed ingredients for Cleanse EFX include:

— Aloe Ferox Leaf
— White Oak Bark
— Golden Seal Root
— Rhubarb Extract

These ingredients are suggested to raise antioxidant levels within the body, increasing your body’s ability to fight off infections.

Antioxidants, for those who don’t know, target harmful molecules known as free radicals. Free radicals are molecules with a free electron, giving them a negative charge. These free radicals latch onto organs and cells, ultimately causing disease and inflammation. In the skin, they’re best known for causing aging.

Buying Cleanse EFX Online

You can’t find Cleanse EFX at grocery stores, pharmacies, or any health food stores. Instead, this supplement is exclusively available online.

Cleanse EFX claims to give out just 200 trials per day over its website. To buy Cleanse EFX, you’ll need to sign up for the trial first.

The trial isn’t as “free” as Cleanse EFX makes it sound. Here’s how the trial works:

Day 1: You order the trial by filling out your contact information and a valid credit card number. A few days later, a full month’s supply of Cleanse EFX will arrive in your mailbox.

Day 14: Your credit card will be charged £94.99 (!!) for that “free” trial you just enjoyed.

Day 30: Your credit card will be charged an additional £94.99 every month until you decide to cancel. You’ll also receive a shipment of Cleanse EFX in your mailbox every month.

You can cancel Cleanse EFX at any time by calling the publically-listed telephone number: 0808-169-2023 or by emailing [email protected]

Who Should Buy Cleanse EFX?

Cleanse EFX is made by a UK-based supplement company and sells laxative pills throughout the United Kingdom. These pills are supposed to cleanse and detoxify the body, although the manufacturer of Cleanse EFX does not officially disclose the full list of ingredients or specific dosages.

Furthermore, the supplement also works on an autoship system: when you order the free trial, you’ll need to read the fine print to learn that your credit card will be charged about £100 every month until you cancel.

That’s an expensive lesson to learn if you don’t like Cleanse EFX. Fortunately, you can cancel any time by calling the publically available number at the official website. To cancel Cleanse EFX, contact 0808-169-2023.

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