TruVisage – Does It Really Tighten Your Wrinkles?


TruVisage Review

Truvisage is an anti-aging skin cream which claims to raise collagen levels and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Truvisage Anti-Aging Skin Cream


Made by MySkinMD, TruVisage often appears as a trial offer with Puressance Anti-Aging Cream. The idea is that you use Truvisage at night before you go to bed and use Puressance when you wake up in the morning.

Backed by countless positive reviews online, Truvisage claims to be the world’s best anti-aging skin cream. Find out if Truvisage lives up to that claim today in our Truvisage review.

The Truvisage Clinical Study Where 95% of Women Reduced the Effects of Aging

One of the most-publicized reports about Truvisage comes from a clinical study performed by the manufacturers of Truvisage.

That study involved 1000 women from the US and UK who used Truvisage for 3 months. They applied the skin cream twice per day as directed. By the end of the 3 month period, 95% of the participants were observed to have “moderate to dramatic anti-aging results.”

Furthermore, 60% of women reported an improvement in the firmness and elasticity of their skin, and 47% noticed a reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

So anyways, if you see a Truvisage review talking about how it reverses the effects of aging in 95% of patients, it’s in reference to this study.

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How Does Truvisage Work?

Truvisage claims to work by reversing the body’s natural effects of aging. As our bodies grow older, our production of collagen and natural oils decreases. Our skin also begins to retain less moisture. Together, these effects combine to give us loose, dry, wrinkled skin.

The idea behind Truvisage is that it will replenish your skin’s production of collagen and oils while also promoting healthy moisture retention. To do that, Truvisage uses the following ingredients:

Matrixyl 3000 Patented Formula: This patented formula doesn’t actually contain collagen, but it contains ingredients which are designed to produce collagen. Because this is a patented proprietary formula, the manufacturer of Truvisage doesn’t disclose exactly what’s in this formula. However, it describes its mechanisms like this: “The patented Matrixyl 3000 triggers fibroblasts to produce collagen and important connective tissues.”

Ginseng Extract: Ginseng extract has long been used to heal sun-damaged skin. It’s also been shown to promote healthy production within your oil glands.

Chamomile and Pomegranate: These natural compounds are found in many anti-aging skin creams and may increase the smoothness and suppleness of your skin.

Green Tea Extract: Green tea extract reduces the harmful effects of UV radiation (sun damage) on the skin while also replenishing the skin’s moisture and oils.

Truvisage also claims that its cream uses special heavy molecules that are more effective at penetrating the skin. These so-called “Biofil spheres” are made of natural wheat protein and allow “for a more sustained release of nutrients” and better moisture retention.

How to Use Truvisage

Using Truvisage is ridiculously straightforward. Here’s the step-by-step guide outlined by the official Truvisage manufacturer:

Step 1) Wash Your Face In The Morning With Warm Water Or A Gentle Face Cleanser, Then Pat Dry

Step 2) Apply Truvisage To Your Entire Face – Including The Neck Area

Step 3) Wait For The Product To Dry Before Applying Sunscreen.

Use Truvisage daily for maximum effect. Some recommend using Truvisage in the morning and at night, but it’s up to you.

Buying Truvisage Online

Truvisage can be purchased online at the official Truvisage website, You cannot purchase Truvisage from any other retailer or online site.

You also can’t directly purchase the product on its own: instead, you need to sign up for a free trial. That free trial isn’t totally free: you’ll need to pay shipping and handling. Shipping and handling costs $4.99 for American addresses and $9.90 for international shipping.

The free trial will last for 14 days. At the end of the free trial period, your credit card will be charged $74.95 for the bottle you already received. 2 weeks after that charge appears on your credit card, you’ll see another charge for $74.95 (plus shipping and handling) for a new one month supply of Truvisage.

This is called an “autoship” program and you automatically sign up for this program when you order the free Truvisage trial.

Fortunately, you can cancel the trial at any time and avoid all of these charges on your credit card – you’ll have to act fast, though, and cancel within 14 days of confirming your trial order.

Truvisage claims that it only sends out 500 trials per day, although the website appears to accept orders any time of day or night without issue.

Who Should Use Truvisage?

If you can navigate your way through the dishonest autoship program, then you might find that Truvisage is a bargain deal. It claims to be a topical alternative to Botox with no surgery required: just apply it to your skin once or twice per day.

If you’ve been looking for a way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and feel younger, then Truvisage may be the solution you’ve been waiting for – although it’s certainly an expensive solution.

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  1. Please I want to cancel my free trial. I have already had money (lot) transferred from my account for 2 months but have not received the product yet. Someone out the help me. I am in Botswana

    • I ordered tru visage in 2014 September and paid for six bottles , but nothing was ever delivered. I paid by credit card. So be careful, this is a scam. I have been trying to get hold of them to no avail.

      • Possibly true. There was online fraud that denied people the opportunity to get the products they ordered for. Their money in most cases never got to the vimax company butbthatbhas been fixed.

  2. I need this cream in Pakistan
    But the option for our country is missing in the free trial website
    How can I get this cream??

  3. Where can I find Truvisage My husband is travelling to UK and I am travelling to SA I really need to try this please send me details of stockists or where I can buy the product?

  4. Is the cream real or fake,because I don’t understand why its difficult to order from Nigeria, the biggest black nation

  5. Different review and guide sides worn against this con system – quote: “If you can navigate your way through the dishonest autoship program, then you might find that Truvisage is a bargain deal … although it’s certainly an expensive solution.” End of quote

  6. Be extremly careful with this page.
    TruVisage is also one of those brands that offer a free trial. However, we all know that these are anything but free. It just first gives you the impression that you are trying it for free by signing up on their page. It is not free trial, it is only ‘free’ trial period which expires usually before you get the cream.
    This free trial trick actually awards you just 14 days which starts from the day that you made your purchase. Before it arrives and before you can test it you are already charged 89,90$ and put on monthly refill, it means they charge you every month 90$ since. Better crash some mineral tablets mix them with castor oil, coco oil or olive oil and apply at evenings – it will cost you 9$ per year.

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