Styr – Fitness Tracker With Customized Diet & Supplement Plan?


Styr is an innovative new system that involves using wearable devices and smart scales to create multivitamin supplements catered specifically to your unique physiological needs. Here’s our Styr review.

What is Styr?

Styr is a combination of wireless fitness devices and customized nutritional supplements – including protein powders and multivitamins catered to your specific biological needs.

Basically, you wear the wearable fitness tracker on your wrist, or step on the smart scale every day, then wait for these smart devices to collect enough data. As it collects data, it will learn which nutritional supplements your body needs to stay healthy, active, and fit.

The wearable tracks your motion, behavioral inputs, environmental data, location, and other information to come up with the perfect nutritional supplement for you. Once your wearable has collected enough data, Styr will deliver single-serve multivitamin or protein blends to your home.

All nutritional supplements sold by the company are made directly at Styr Labs and customized to your unique needs.

Let’s take a closer look at how Styr works.

How Does Styr Work?

Styr works using a simple three step process:

Step 1) Buy A Starter Kit From The Styr Online Store.

That starter kit includes everything you need to begin ordering customized protein and multivitamin blends, including a wearable Styr Bluetooth device that will immediately begin sending data to the app. You can also connect your own wearables, including a FitBit, Jawbone, or Strava device. The protein starter kit also includes a wireless scale to track your weight, fat percentage, muscle mass, water content readings, and more.

Step 2) Configure The App To Your Own Unique Characteristics.

The Styr app collects your motion patterns, behavioral inputs, environmental data, location information, and nutritional preferences. Styr has created a patent-pending technology that cross-references your lifestyle and activity traits with a database of 250,000 scientific studies. It pushes all that information together to generate personalized nutritional recommendations for you.

Step 3) Customized Multivitamin Or Protein Blends Delivered To Your Home.

The company prides itself on offering supplements with natural ingredients that are free from GMO ingredients, gluten, sugar, and dairy. According to the company, each supplement is “expertly crafted based on your own unique needs.”

Two different starter kits are available for purchase: one starter kit helps you build your own customized protein supplement, while the other is the multivitamin supplement.

What is the Styr Activity Tracker?

As you can see, your journey towards customized supplements starts with the Styr activity tracker. That tracker comes with all of the following features:

  • Step, calorie, and distance tracking
  • 30 days of memory (24/7 tracking)
  • Syncing via Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Two weeks of battery life
  • Dual mode letting you wear it on your wrist or belt clip
  • Touch screen interface that lets you tap between screens

The second part of the system is the wireless scale.

Styr Wireless Scale

The Styr wearable device tracks your movement and calorie expenditure, while the Styr wireless scale tracks your physiological characteristics. Here are the core features of the scale:

— Glass surface that’s “easy to step on and easy to clean”

— Dual units (available in imperial or metric)

— Wireless sync that allows the app to instantly record your body composition

— Extended measurements that go beyond your weight and look at your body and visceral fat percentage, bone mass, and water content, among others

— LCD display

— User adjustable and supports different fitness levels for accurate BMI readings

Styr Supplements

After using the Styr wearable device and the wireless scale, you’re just about ready to start making your own Styr supplement. You send the data to Styr, and they’ll take all of that information and use it to make high-quality supplements. Here are some of the key traits of the Styr supplements:

— Single dose or easy-to-measure packages ensures precise, efficient deliveries

— All formulas are made in the United States with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients “carefully tested for purity and conformity”

— Diet-sensitive options available, including diets for vegans and vegetarians as well as those who are gluten-free or paleo

— Science backed ingredients that combine the results of 250,000 scientific articles, studies, and clinical trials to ensure your body gets the results it needs. Styr also explains the reasoning behind each ingredient when it uses it in your customized supplement.

— Formulas are frequently updated based on incoming data from your Styr devices as well as environmental inputs that adjust recommendations “based on real-world conditions”

Styr claims its protein comes from animal and non-animal sources. It also comes loaded with probiotics and vitamin boosters. Plus, it has no sugars or artificial sweeteners. Styr claims to enhance the flavor of their protein using flavors like chocolate banana, lemon pound cake, toasted coconut, and strawberry shortcake. The protein comes in the form of a powder.

The Styr multivitamin supplements, on the other hand, are liquid formulas that dissolve in water or juice.

Styr Pricing

Styr is available in one of two different kits, including the Multivitamin Starter Kit and the Protein Starter Kit. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Multivitamin Starter Kit: $68
  • Protein Starter Kit: $78

You can download the mobile app for free from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store (although it doesn’t work without the connected devices). Keep in mind you can use your own smart wearables, although you’ll still receive the Styr devices in each starter kit.

Your starter kit contains sample packs of Styr nutritional supplements as well as the wearable activity tracker (in the multivitamin starter kit) or the smart scale (in the protein starter kit).

There’s no word yet on how much the customized supplements will cost after you’ve ordered the starter kit. Pricing details have not yet been announced.

About Styr Labs

Styr Labs is an Arizona-based company that, according to its LinkedIn page, has just one employee – founder Paul Mackay. The company is based here:

16416 N 92nd St Suite B105
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

The company was founded in 2014. You can get in touch using the online chat form at (available in the bottom right corner on every page) or by email at [email protected]

Should You Take Styr’s Customized Supplements?

Ultimately, Styr is an innovative concept that involves using a combination of smart data (from a wearable tracker and a smart scale) to deliver customized nutritional supplements to your doorstep.

It solves one of the biggest problems in the nutritional supplement industry: all our bodies are different, but yet we take the same nutritional supplements. For example, a 110 pound woman who buys a diet pill and follows the “Recommended” instructions will take the same dose as a 300 pound man. That’s not good for either individual.

Styr promises to leverage smart technology in order to give you a customized dose and provide the best, most customized nutritional supplements available today.

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