New Balance RunIQ – Fancy SmartWatch Fitness Tracker Features?


Maintaining a proper fitness routine is certainly challenging and if you’re like most athletes, you may be looking for the right tools and resources to keep you on track. One of the best options on the market to add to your fitness routine is a fitness tracker, particularly one that helps you manage the length of your run, your heart rate, your beats per minutes, and the like.

That being said, this review would like to introduce you to a new product on the market called New Balance RunIQ. With this fitness tracker that fits right on your wrist, you can take control of your fitness routine and manage it the right way. Here is everything that you need to know before you buy:

What is RunIQ by New Balance?

RunIQ by New Balance is a new fitness tracking device that enables you to keep track of your entire fitness routine. The watch fits comfortably and nearly unnoticeably on your wrist so that you can train without having to worry about feeling a clunky and disruptive device on your body.

Those who use this product are able to attain all of the benefits of a smartwatch fitness tracker and with that, can leave all of the other unnecessary equipment behind.

By Runners for Runners

There are many positive qualities to the New Balance RunIQ device. One of the main reasons to try out this product is that the watch is specifically made by runners for runners. Those who developed the watch took great consideration into what makes it easier for you to perform your fitness routine and by including this device into your workout routine, you can make the strides necessary for impressive performance.

There are numerous high quality features to the product that can make your next run a complete success.

The Benefits of the New Balance RunIQ

There are many benefits to be had when you include the New Balance RunIQ into your routine. Here are the mian advantages of this impressive smartwatch and everything that it has to offer for your next run:

  • Map Every Workout

    First, you’ll be able to map every single workout that you perform. With this watch, you can track your course, the pace, and the distance that you’re making with the built-in GPS. The product is one of the best mapping devices available and you’ll certainly find it useful during your next run.

  • Track Your Heart Rate

    The next advantage to this product is that it enables you to effectively track your heart rate in real time. With this tracking quality, you’ll be able to stay in your target zone and you’ll even be certain that you are making the progress that you are aiming for. As you’ll find, the true marker of success during a workout routine is knowing how well you are performing and meeting the right levels.

  • Keep the Pace

    Next, you’ll be able to keep the appropriate pace with the tracking and run time intervals monitor. The one-click functionality makes it easy for you to get started so that you don’t need to waste time tinkering with complicated technology.

  • Personalize and Customize

    You’ll also be able to take advantage of the personalization and customization qualities. You can make this device your own by downloading applications and customizing the dashboard to suit your needs during your run. With the applications, you’ll find that you’re never missing anything during your run.

  • Stay Connected and Music Qualities

    Another advantage is that the device enables you to stay connected at all times. The connectivity works by providing you with notifications straight from your phone. You’ll also be able to reply on the go so no one is missing a message from you.

  • Join Strava

    Finally, you’ll be able to join the brand’s unique community called Strava. The community helps you track your workouts in comparison to other runners worldwide. Very few smartwatches have this impressive and useful capability.

As you can tell, there are many benefits to adding the RunIQ to your fitness routine. With this New Balance device, you’ll be able to make progress on a daily basis and meet your fitness goals as well.

New Balance RunIQ Summary

If you are interested in purchasing RunIQ by New Balance, you can do so through the brand’s website. Once you order it, you can get it started by going through the simple setup process mentioned on the packing or on the brand’s website. Once you get your watch set, you’ll be ready to take off on your next run.

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