Fermented Sports Supremefood – Dr Colbert's Organic Superfood?


Fermented Sports Supremefood is an athletic supplement formulated from organic vegetables and grasses. The supplement promises to boost your strength, endurance, and mental clarity. Here’s our review.

What is Fermented Sports Supremefood?

Typically, the words “fermented” and “food” don’t sound very appetizing. However, Fermented Sports Supremefood is a nutritional supplement that its manufacturer, Dr. Don Colbert and his team at Divine Health, want you to eat every day.

The powdered supplement uses 10 different fermented grasses – including beetroot and yerba mate – to boost your physical performance. Some of the specific claims made by the supplement include enhancing your performance, increasing your energy, maximizing your strength, and sharpening your focus.

Essentially, Fermented Sports Supremefood promises to make you better in every possible way. It also promises to be clinically tested and “#1 rated”.

Can fermented grass and plants really have that much of an effect on your body? Let’s take a closer look at how Fermented Sports Supremefood works.

How Does Fermented Sports Supremefood Work?

Fermented Sports Supremefood uses 3 key ingredients to achieve most of its active effects, including:

  • Beetroot
  • Yerba Mate
  • Antioxidants (from 10 fermented organic vegetables)

The fermented beetroot is known for producing nitric oxide within your body. Nitric oxide, or NO, widens your blood vessels, which can boost your energy and enhance your endurance.

Yerba mate, on the other hand, purportedly provides a stable boost of energy while supporting mental clarity and alertness.

Finally, Fermented Sports Supremefood contains 10 additional organic fermented vegetables that are packed full of antioxidants, helping to neutralize free radicals throughout your body. Free radicals are the disease-causing molecules that have negative effects throughout your body. As Dr. Colbert explains on his official website, these antioxidants are the root cause of inflammation, which is the cause of joint pain and other issues.

Another benefit of Fermented Sports Supremefood is that it will replenish bacteria in your gut. The fermenting process breaks down the cellulose in vegetables, unlocking “hidden antioxidants” and nutrients, including digestive enzymes and probiotics that encourage better GI tract health.

Fermented Sports Supremefood Ingredients

Supplement manufacturers can make all the health claims they want. However, unless they have a strong list of ingredients and dosages, it’s tough to take these supplements seriously. So does Fermented Sports Supremefood really have the ingredients to back up its big claims? The full list of ingredients is found below:

  • 2g of an Organic Greens Blend: Contains spirulina, fermented grass blend (Barley grass, alfalfa grass, wheatgrass, oatgrass), chlorella
  • 1.6g of an Organic Fiber Blend: Contains gum acacia and flax seed fiber
  • 1.4g of an Organic Fermented Vegetable Blend: Carrot, beet, parsley, spinach, broccoli, kale, cabbage, onion, pea protein, and VitaKelp
  • 545mg of a Pre/Probiotic Blend: Organic inulin, probiotic blend (L. acidophilus, B. longum, L. casei, L. rhamnosus)
  • 510mg of an Organic Botanical Blend: Green tea leaf extract, milk thistle seed extract, rosemary leaf, cinnamon, cinnamon bark extract
  • 50mg of an Enzyme Blend: Protease, amylase, bromelaine, cellulase, lactase, and lipase
  • 5mg of Caffeine: From organic mate leaf extract
  • Other Ingredients: “Organic flavors”, citric acid, stevia

Each single scoop (7g / 30 scoops per container) contains 20 calories, 4g of carbs, 1g of protein, and 35mg of sodium.

Essentially, based on these ingredients, Fermented Sports Supremefood is similar to many “greens” and “superfood” supplements we’ve seen sold online in recent years. These supplements contain a variety of superfood extracts blended together into one convenient formula. At this price range (around $40 to $50 per container), Fermented Sports Supremefood contains similar dosing to other supplements we’ve seen on the market.

It’s also nice to see that Fermented Sports Supremefood doesn’t overwhelm you with caffeine: there’s just 5mg of caffeine per serving, which is an amount that is unnoticeable in all but the most caffeine-sensitive people. Sometimes, supplement manufacturers try to “trick” you into thinking you have higher energy by adding a lot of caffeine to their formulas.

Fermented Sports Supremefood Pricing

Fermented Sports Supremefood is priced at $44.99 when purchased through the official website. You can pay online using any major credit card or through PayPal.

Free shipping is available on orders over $175 to the United States. You can mix and match other Divine Health supplements from the online store to hit the $175 limit.

The price drops to $32.33 per package (with free shipping) when ordering 3 at a time, or $28.40 per package when ordering 5 at a time.

You can get an additional 15% off your order (if it’s your first Divine Health order) when you sign up to the company’s email list.

Who Makes Fermented Sports Supremefood?

Fermented Sports Supremefood is made by Dr. Don Colbert and his company, Divine Health. Dr. Colbert’s official website describes him as “America’s #1 doctor for faith & medicine”.

Divine Health is based in Longwood, Florida, just outside of Orlando. You can contact the company using the contact form at this page.

Dr. Colbert sells dozens of health supplements through his official website, include 21 day detox packages and superfood supplements. The Fermented Sports Supremefood supplement is one of many “Supremefood” supplements sold by Dr. Colbert.

Dr. Colbert has also published several books over the years, including “Toxic Relief”, “The Seven Pillars of Health”, and “Reversing Inflammation”.

Should You Buy Fermented Sports Supremefood?

Fermented Sports Supremefood is a nutritional supplement similar to many other superfood blends available online today. It most closely resembles “green” blends you see sold through nutritional supplement stores.

Priced at $45 for a one month supply, Fermented Sports Supremefood is pricier than many of its competitors. However, the price drops to as low as $30 per package when ordering 3 to 5 bottles at a time.

Based on the listed ingredients, Fermented Sports Supremefood appears to work as advertised to deliver essential probiotics, prebiotics, antioxidants, and other ingredients into your body.

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