Best Natural DHT Blockers – Dihydrotestosterone Hair Loss Effects?


Baldness and hair loss is one of the unique occurrences when it comes to the body health. It’s frustrating, and most of the people affected will experience low self-esteem. DHT, which stands for Dehydrotesterone, will restrict blood supply to the hair follicles, and this will eventually result in hair loss and baldness. The body typically converts the testosterone to DHT and this requires a DHT blocker to reverse the process and encourage hair growth. Most men and women who have thinning hair have adapted to the use of DHT blockers to enhance hair growth and prevent hair loss.

About DHT Blockers

The DHT effect occurs mostly in areas where there is a high concentration of sweat buds. The buds promote transportation of DHT. A study shows that men are likely to have DHT cause severe hair loss as compared to women, and this is as a result of higher levels of testosterone in men.

However, women can still lose hair in the same way. Women tend to develop masculine aspects such as a deeper voice or more manly muscles as a result of increased testosterone causing DHT. The effect from DHT makes the hair become thinner and thinner, until gradually there is none left on the scalp.

Scientists have carried out different research studies and discovered DHT blockers which work perfectly to restore the hair that has been lost. The DHT blockers avert the production of DHT. The DHT blockers work well with the body’s chemistry to enable vibrant and healthy hair growth that has never been witnessed before.

Benefits Of Using DHT Blockers

Well, these products are fundamental in the development of hair. For the men and women suffering from DHT, the blockers work in restoring the hair growth pattern. They completely block the production of hormones that encourage DHT functioning. This in return creates an environment where the normal hair can thrive and grow to the proper length and thickness.

The products lower cholesterol levels in the body which could be aiding the production of DHT. In addition, the products reduce the sebum produced in the scalp, reducing the effects of DHT. Lastly, the DHT blocker improves the general immunity of the body, encouraging positive functioning of body cells that promote hair growth.


The products are manufactured in the lab, and this calls for care when it comes to the usage. The DHT blockers have proper formula combination, and hence one should stick to the prescription. It’s advised that before you take any medication, you should first get some advice from your doctor.

They are better at understanding your general body systems and how introducing a DHT blocker would affect them. Some of the side effects witnessed come as a result of improper use. You should, therefore, be creful as you seek the best way to treat your thinning hair or baldness.

Top Products

In this article, we will focus on the top ten natural DHT blockers products you need to try. They have been carefully designed, and their formulas work great, giving you proper results. This comes after you have followed the proper instructions for administering the tablets. Have a look at the following products:

The Ultra Labs Hair Brush

This is a keratin based product with a high rating. It’s mostly in the form of tablets. The product has a high review option and has featured in many referral cases. It works by providing the nutrients and minerals required for your general hair growth. These combinations work in the stabilization of your blood circulation and promote hair growth.

The product understands all your hair loss problems and works in resolving them perfectly. The tablets are small and easy to consume. They have been tested and confirmed to have no known side effects. The product features more than 20 minerals, and this has resulted in excellent results from the users.

HairOmega DHT Blocker/DHT Metabolism Support

HairOmega blocker comes with rich dietary supplementation. With over 33 ingredients used, you will derive more than health from this product. This blocker has been derived from plant and herb extracts, and most of its natural ingredients make it a useful product for your general health.

It’s, therefore, the real deal for anyone suffering from hair loss. The product also features essential nutrients that will define the health and color of your hair. It’s reported that after using this product, you are likely to have healthier hair with a more shiny appearance.

The Follicin DHT Blocker For Men And Women

Follicin helps you regrow your precious hair. It’s a stop to the continuous suffering due to hair loss. The product is for both men and women and works perfectly to promote hair growth and block DHT production. The product relies on natural extracts and other ingredients.

This makes it safe for your use. The product promotes hair growth and reduces the occurrence of DHT production. It’s designed to give results within a shorter time, and that’s why it has been highly rated as the best product on the market.

Dr. Formula’s HairOmega 3-In-1 DHT Blocker

This HairOmega product is for those with chronic hair loss. This product ranks among the best-selling types, and you can expect real results. The product features nutrients, minerals, and other body protecting elements.

The combination has been tested and found to be effective in combating hair loss and restoring lost hair that could be as a result of genetics or baldness. The product is easy to take and features all that you would need for a proper hair restoration formula. It’s also very affordable and getting it is very easy.

Shen Min Hair Strengthing Formula, DHT Blocker Tablets, 60-Count

Shen Min is another DHT blocker currently on the top list for users. It has been adapted by many users who believe it’s the best product to help them regain their lost hair. This product is a fusion of natural ingredients and will not have unnecessary side effects on your body.

The product is easy to use as compared to other products. It is used by both men and women in solving hair loss problems. Note that, by the second week of application, you will notice the difference on your baldness and the vibrancy in the growing hair will shock you.

Hair Loss Vitamins – DHT Blocker Support-W/ Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is a wonder product designed to work as a DHT blocker. This product features a lot of nutrients, and its natural ingredients make it the best option to settle your worries when it comes to baldness and hair loss.

It works fast, and you will notice results much earlier. This combination also features other minerals that help in blocking the production of DHT. It has been highly rated due to its ability to make the hair grow faster and smoother than before.

The Folliform Blocker For DHT

Folliform DHT Blocker works for both men and women. It’s a natural product designed to allow you to experience hair growth and general treatment. The product works faster and features minerals and vitamins that enhance proper hair growth. The product is essential for hair growth and repair.

It’s a great resource for repairing hair loss and promoting healthy hair growth. The product has been highly rated, and many satisfied users have recommended it to their friends. It’s affordable and works well for most hair types.

DHT Blocker With Immune Support Supplement- High Potency Saw Palmetto, Green Tea, & Probiotics

This High Potency Saw Palmetto product had been desired to offer immunity against anything that causes hair loss. It works directly on the scalp by encouraging hair growth. It is among the best products that have shown multiple uses and further aspects.

The product works perfectly as it contains all natural ingredients that produce minerals and vitamins for promoting healthy hair. This product is easy to apply, and the results are fast. Note that no side effects have yet been seen, making it a perfect product for DHT blocking.

The Vie Naturelle Hair loss

Vie Naturelle encourages fast hair growth. It is composed of the best vitamins and nutrients for maximum hair growth. This product works in promoting your general health as well as the growth of your hair. It’s a great way to stop baldness as well as promote hair growth.

This product is made from natural ingredients and is a safe option for your body. It has no proven side effects. The vitamins are rated highly in this product and it is perfect for hair growth. Note that after using this product, your hair will grow faster, smoother, and stronger than before. That’s the amazing result as far as the product’s use is concerned.

DHT Blocker For Hair Growth And Gray Hair

If you want a result oriented product for hair growth and blocking of DHT production, then try this blocker. It’s purely natural and features safe ingredients for your body. The product has been designed to enhance proper hair growth, reduced hair loss, and improvement of hair health.

This product is safe for your general health. It’s a result oriented product that works faster than the normal products. The formula is perfect for all your hair loss and baldness complaints.

DHT Blockers Review Summary

The products reviewed are some of the best on the market. They have a lot of advantages for your general health. The products work perfectly to get you the best results, and most of the products do not have side effects. This makes them the best DHT Blockers on the market.

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