CBD Drug Testing – Does Cannabidiol Hemp Oil/THC Show Up?


Does CBD show up on drug test? That is a common question asked by many people. There is no doubt that CBD found in hemp oil has amazing health benefits, including working as an anti-inflammatory agent, calming down stress and anxiety, alleviating physical discomfort and pain, treating seizures, and reducing nausea and vomiting, among many others.

CBD products can be in tinctures or capsule form and are usually consumed on a daily basis by patients suffering from various heath conditions. CBD can be extracted either from flowers, leaves, or the stem of the plant. There have been major concerns among people who are taking CBD supplements that they may be locked out from various job opportunities because they may fail on drug test.

About CBD And Drug Tests

Traditionally, only federal employees are required to take drug test. However, over the past few years, more and more employers have started to introduce this type of testing on their employees to ensure that they are clean and sober.

The main aim of doing this drug test is to see if there are any traces of THC in the employee’s body. THC is dangerous because studies have found that it is responsible for causing psycho activity and euphoria. Being the only substance that is found in both hemp and marijuana, THC has been proven to affect senses and perception on a person who consumes a product that contains this substance.

So the big question is, can a person who is using CBD products show this substance when he undergoes a drug test? Can usage of CBD products prevent you from getting that job that you have always wanted? In this article, we are going to answer these questions to help you have more insight about the topic.

Does CBD Show Up On Drug Tests?

If you have been panicking that you will not get that job that you have worked too hard to get, then today we have good news for you. Taking CBD products will not make you fail on a drug test. It won’t happen as long as the products that you are taking do not contain THC in their composition.

However, if you want to pass on a drug test, then you must use CBD product for medical purposes only. If you are using CBD products for recreational purposes, which means that the product you are uses does get you high, then the chances are very high that it will contain THC. CBD is usually not visible in drug tests because employees don’t look for CBD, and instead they are looking for THC.

This is because THC can affect the behavior and perception of a person. Experts recommend that you should be very careful when buying CBD products. You need to make sure that THC is not included in the product. You can also do your own simple drug test before you go for an actual drug test. All that you need to do is to take a urine test. If there is no THC, then the CBD hemp oil that you are using will not show up because it is not considered a dangerous substance.

Can CBD Hemp Oil Contain Traces Of THC?

Yes, there are many CBD products that contain small quantities of THC. So the big question is, what is the main reason behind this? Experts have termed this effect as the entourage effect. Several studies that have been conducted have revealed that compounds found in cannabis are actually much more efficient when they work together as opposed to being used individually.

That is the main reason why some CBD products have extremely low qualities of THC and other added compounds to enhance their efficiency. Information released by the FDA showed that some manufacturers were not completely honest when it comes to revealing information on compounds that their products have on their labels. It therefore advises people to be very careful when choosing products that contain CBD.

Can CBD Turn Into THC?

This is also a very popular question that many people ask. There are many rumors out that that CBD can turn to THC with time. This has made many people who are using CDB products worried, especially when going for a drug test. This statement is not entirely false. This is something that experts say can occur, but only under certain conditions. However, this occurrence is very rare.

This means that if you have been using CBD products on a daily basis, you should have nothing to worry about because it will not occur. Several studies that have been conducted have revealed that CBD can only turn to THC if it exposed to gastric acid for a long period of time. That cannot happen within the human body. it can only happen if it is simulated in the lab.

CBD And Drug Tests Review Summary

If you have been taking CBD products and you know that you will be requested to take a drug test in the near future, it is recommended that you first take your own personal test. If you want to be completely sure that you will pass the drug test that you are about to undertake, experts recommend that you request a lab test to be conducted on the CBD product that you are considering or using.

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