Adderum – Smart Pill Compared To Adderall & Ritalin


Adderum Review

Adderum is a popular new smart pill that claims to offer similar effects to Adderall and Ritalin. How does Adderum work and what does it actually feel like? Here’s our Adderum review.

What is Adderum?

Adderum’s name was specially chosen for its resemblance to the popular ADHD medication Adderall. Like Adderall, Adderum promises to improve your focus and motivation.

If you’re having trouble concentrating in class, for example, or need to get a boost at a competitive workplace, then the creators of Adderum claim you should take their product to achieve those goals.

Some of the specific promises made by Adderum include:

— Increased energy
— Increased focus
— Increased brain power

Adderum also makes claims to “unlock your brain’s full potential”. Clearly, Adderum has made a lot of big promises. But does its nootropic formula actually live up to these promises?

How Does Adderum Work?

Adderum relies on a mix of six active ingredients to achieve its nootropic effects. Those ingredients include L-tyrosine, GABA, Bacopa monnieri, and Huperzine A, all of which are popular nootropic compounds found in many other formulas.

Adderum claims that these ingredients provide stimulant-like effects to:

“give you incredible, long-lasting energy without the crash or jitters of energy drinks or the harmful side effects of prescription medication.”

At the same time, ingredients like vinpocetine boost your brain power by acting as “smart drugs”, in the words of the manufacturer.

Many of the ingredients work by raising acetylcholine reception and production in the brain. Acetylcholine is one of the key neurotransmitters involved in memory formation. Over time, your brain’s cholinergic system (the system responsible for creating acetylcholine) slows down, which is why memory can worsen as we age.

Finally, ingredients like pure GABA purportedly cross the blood-brain barrier to raise levels of GABA in your brain. GABA is a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of calmness and relaxation. This can help soothe an overactive mind.

Adderum Ingredients

Adderum doesn’t list its full range of ingredients online. It also doesn’t list any dosage information or formula details. In other words, we know that there’s Alpha GPC and L-tyrosine in this supplement – we just don’t know exactly how much.

The listed Adderum ingredients include all of the following:

Bacopa Monnieri
Huperzine A
Alpha GPC

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How to Buy Adderum

Adderum is priced similar to other nootropic stacks. Currently, you can only order Adderum at its official website ( The supplement is not available from Amazon or any brick-and-mortar retailers.

Here’s how much you can expect to pay for the three different Adderum packages:

— 1 Bottle: $49.85
— 3 Bottles: $113.82
— 5 Bottles: $149.95

All Adderum purchases also come with a full 30 day quality guarantee. If you’re not happy with your purchase for any reason, then you can request a full refund within 30 days of making your purchase.

Who Makes Adderum?

Adderum is made by a company that calls itself Adderum. That company doesn’t list its address online. It does, however, claim to be based in Cheyenne, Wyoming in the zip code 82009.

You can contact the company by toll-free phone at 1-844-877-3117 or by email at [email protected].

If you wish to return Adderum, you’ll first need to contact the company’s customer service to request an RMA number. Then, you ship your refund to an address that’s separate from the company’s address listed above. Adderum lists the following return address:

3 17th Avenue South
Nampa, ID 83651-4350

Final Thoughts On Adderum?

Adderum makes big claims about its power as a nootropic supplement. It also features a good range of proven nootropic ingredients. However, there’s some major problems with Adderum: first, the company never discloses its ingredient dosage information – so users have no idea what, exactly, they’re putting into their bodies.

Adderum is also relatively expensive compared to other nootropics – especially if you’re only buying one bottle at a time ($50 per bottle).

If you’re willing to trust that the manufacturer has included the right ingredients at the right dosages, then Adderum might be the right nootropic supplement for you. If you prefer knowing exactly what you’re putting into your body, then Adderum’s mysterious undisclosed formula may be problematic. But unfortunately a lot of nootropic based companies are moving in this direction. It's not until you see the bottle you see the exact amounts or it is in a proprietary blend.

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Supplement Police
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  1. Do not believe the lies of this company!! It is a complete scam! Do not be decieved. Natural ingredients cannot cause the same intense neurological effects that a central nervous system (cns) stimulant drug/medication can do. Adderall is a classified schedule 2 controlled substance and cannot be sold over the counter or off of some website. It needs to be prescribed by a physician in a controlled environment (pharmacy) with a list of the warning label attached with all of the adverse effects as well as with the side effects and it must be approved by the fda. Cns stimulants and/or depressants cause synergenic effects on the brain that natural ingredients can never come close too rivaling. The people who claim this stuff works are either employed by adderum or paid to lie for the company. Chemicals and all natural ingrediants are a night and day difference. And no side effects? Are you kidding me? The sudden release of dopamine from a stimulant drug depletes your dopamine levels entirely. That is why in the movie the next day bradley cooper felt awful and hungover after coming off of them. That is one of the many side effects of dopamine overload release. Your body was not designed to release that much at one time. So the fact that they say “no side effects proves it’s fake! It’s a placebo pill made to make you think it’s the real thing. All it is is powder formulated into a pill shaped form. If you need help with focus and concentration I suggest you talk with your doctor about your options. Maybe adderall could be helpful to you. Just be careful because with any controlled substance comes the risk of dependence. I was prescribed adderall for 6 years but I finally got off of it and I feel great. Now when I do things and accomplish things I dont feel as though I cheated my way through. I feel better about myself and my overall health. Hope this helped! Take care and always be careful, watchful, and alert when you see or hear of supplements like these. Good day to you all!

  2. I had high hopes for this product so I bit the bullet and ordered the 5 bottles to save money. My order was placed 12/5/15. I hadn’t received any shipping confirmation by 12/10/15 so I called the toll free number to find out the status of my order. You get an automated message asking you to select 1, 2 or 3 for sales, service or an operator, none of which actually work. Regardless of your selection, you are stuck on hold for several minutes until it tells you all reps are busy and leave your name, number and detailed message. I left a message, and I sent an email stating I would cancel the order with my bank if I didn’t hear back from someone by the end of the day. Miraculously, I got a call back. The rep stated due to an error on the suppliers end, they were back ordered, but they expected the shipment in within the next couple days at which time my order would ship out immediately and I would receive email confirmation of shipment. She also explained that a flood of calls caused the trouble with their phone system. If she hadn’t been so friendly and even offered to discount my order 15%, I would have cancelled it with her.
    Unfortunately, the story does not yet have a happy ending. I never received an email confirming my order’s shipment, and on 12/21/15 I finally received a package, but it only contained 1 bottle (remember I ordered 5?). I have called customer service several times and left messages (their lines still don’t work) and sent emails…NO RESPONSE YET as of 1/06/16!
    I have not opened the 1 bottle so I cannot state any claims as to it’s efficacy. I’m still waiting for customer service to respond before I do so in the event that I need to send it back if they cannot fill my entire order.
    In short, Adderum has virtually NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. Good luck getting a refund if you’re not satisfied within that 30 day period they give you.

    • Correction…the 1 bottle I received arrived on 12/28…23 days after my original order was placed for 5 bottles.
      I filed a complaint with my bank today, 1/07/16, and sent an email to Adderum’s customer service notifying them. They continue to ignore me.
      The 15% credit that was promised me turned into $15 (%10) so I wound up paying $134.95 for 1 bottle of Adderum.

      • Hi Monika,
        I am having the same problem. I ordered 5 bottles on 12/19/15 (21 DAYS AGO!!!) and have never received anything and I also have called and emailed countless times with not reply or call back. What number are you calling? The original number I calling was 1-855-561-4674 then I called the number listed on this site 1-844-877-3177 for a couple of days also until today 1/812016 it says it is no longer a working number!!

  3. First, and perhaps the only article that I found with a trully critic view of this new drug and its misterious ingredients, or even manufacturers.
    Really Good. Thanks

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