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If you have not heard of Nootropics, or Smart Drugs, by now, you may have not been keeping an eye on the news. They are popping up everywhere and having a tremendous impact on people's lives and even their work. You can learn more about Smart Drugs in our Nootropics Guide.

Most people are making the transition to nootropics from a popular ADD & ADHD medication called Adderall due to cost, effectiveness, and ease of access of these other supplements.

But lets take a closer look at Adderall before we get into the most popular alternatives.

What is Adderall?

Adderall is a medication that is used to treat patients who are suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, and narcolepsy. As a result, it is a drug that can promote awareness, alertness, and focus. Some people report that Adderall energizes them, while some people have experienced other effects. However, in general, Adderall can make it easier for people to work.

However, when people without any particular disorders use Adderall for the sake of improving their ability to work, they are technically using the medication in an off-label manner.

Best Alternative To Adderall?

Making use of Adderall for these reasons is genuinely not something that experts recommend, which is one reason why many people are seeking nootropic Adderall alternatives.

Pramiracetam and Phenylpiracetam are both excellent nootropic Adderall alternatives.

Members of the racetam family of nootropic drugs in general will make for excellent alternatives to Adderall, and these are two of the most visible members. People can experiment with different members of the racetam family in order to find great nootropic Adderall alternatives, but these are two great introductory drugs.


Phenylpiracetam may be the most popular of all of the nootropics that are promoted as alternatives to Adderall. People will find that their mental energy will increase tremendously very shortly after taking Phenylpiracetam for the first time. Their memories should also get better, and they will find it that much easier to concentrate and focus on a wide range of tasks.

Pramiracetam is another popular drug that can easily substitute for Adderall. It doesn't last as long as Phenylpiracetam, but it can deliver results that are similar to the results of Adderall, only without all of the side effects. People will find that gaps in their ability to remember things will close, and they will be able to maintain their focus on the tasks at hand more easily shortly after they have taken Pramiracetam.

Why Should I Use Nootropics?

There are plenty of nootropics on the market that will allow people to increase their energy levels and their ability to stay focused and motivated. People don't have to resort to using Adderall in an off-label manner in order to achieve these sorts of effects. Many of these nootropic Adderall alternatives will have fewer side-effects. They will also probably work more effectively for many people than Adderall anyway.

Phenylpiracetam can make people more alert and focused, giving them sharper memories and more energy.

Pramiracetam can help people avoid temporary negative shifts in their ability to remember things, while also making them significantly more attentive during tests and similar types of cognitive trials.

People can solve a good portion of their motivation and memory problems by taking nootropic supplements in this category.

Side Effects

Phenylpiracetam is notable for having fewer side effects than Adderall, in spite of the fact that their intended effects are similar. Some people report symptoms of nausea as a result of taking Phenylpiracetam, and other people start getting temporary headaches. Other people feel a bit achy or dizzy, which are common symptoms associated with a wide range of different supplements. People are temporarily changing their brain chemistry when they go on supplements like Phenylpiracetam, and the body is going to respond accordingly.

Pramiracetam is a member of the exact same drug family, and it is going to carry similar short-term side effects. These will probably be mild compared to what people will experience with other nootropics, but some people are still going to have to cope with headaches and dizzy spells while taking Pramiracetam.


Phenylpiracetam is over thirty years old by this point. It was originally synthesized in Russia, and it demonstrates how complicated and intricate chemistry can be in general. The addition of one extra molecule was more than enough to make Phenylpiracetam the quality nootropic that it is today.

Like many members of the drugs of the racetam family, Pramiracetam was first developed during the 1970s. It has gone through intense periods of research and study since then. Chemists keep trying to perfect the formula in order to give people a product that is going to give them better results.

Series of cognitive tests designed to assess the efficacy of these drugs have made all the difference in terms of their development.


Many people will take approximately 100 mg of Phenylpiracetam each day, although other people will go as high as 200 to 300 mg of Phenylpiracetam daily. People will have different dosage schedules, although a lot of people find that going on Phenylpiracetam for a little while and them phasing it out before returning to it again will work wonders for them. It's a drug that often works best when taken in phases.

The dosage for Pramiracetam is going to be much higher. People will often take 250 mg with each meal. It is a nootropic that must be taken in higher doses in order to achieve any real effects. However, the fact that it carries comparatively few side effects is going to help balance out that drawback for a lot of people. They are taking in more of the supplement, but this is less of a concern if it is a comparatively safe supplement.


The research into the nootropic alternatives to Adderall, particularly in the racetam family of nootropics, has been very promising for years. People have been given cognitive tests shortly after taking supplements like Pramiracetam. They were able to score better on those tests compared to control groups that were not given the exact same cognitive enhancing drugs. Pramiracetam tends to work better if people are going to do the cognitive task in question within three hours of actually taking the drug, but it can still work effectively even if it is slowly leaving a person's system.

Phenylpiracetam works more quickly and it manages to last much longer, which will automatically make it more useful to a lot of people who are interested in finding Adderall alternatives. Cognitive tests involving Phenylpiracetam have revealed that it is a supplement that can certainly augment a person's recall and general cognitive abilities. One of the primary reasons why many people don't perform as well as they could on cognitive tests is the simple fact that many people can't focus on these tests or reduce their anxiety enough to fully apply themselves. In short, the tests are not true reflections of their cognitive abilities. Taking these sorts of nootropics can put the results more in line with reality.

Long Term Effects

All drugs can have permanent effects on the ways in which brains function. The effects of nootropics will tend to dissipate unless people take the drugs continually. However, it is possible that some of them will be able to cause more substantial changes to the ways in which brains function.

All supplements have the reputation of being temporary crutches for people to use for whatever reason. While this is often going to be the case, it won't always be the case for nootropic alternatives to Adderall.

Short term Benefits

Nootropic alternatives to Adderall will give people all sorts of cognitive benefits. Pramiracetam will manage to conquer a common problem that people have involving temporary problems with remembering certain pieces of information. Far too many people suddenly remember something long after it would have been useful, which is a very frustrating situation for anyone.

Pramiracetam can prevent that problem and help people remember things in a much more timely manner. People will also enhance their ability to pay attention to important tasks at hand with Pramiracetam, which is why it is such a capable nootropic Adderall alternative.

User Reviews

Phenylpiracetam tends to attract very positive customer reviews. They will describe all of its benefits in detail. Many of them will talk about how the nootropic helped them with specific exams or specific work obligations. Nootropic drugs have formed something of a community, and many of the people who have tried one nootropic have also tried several other nootropics.

Pramiracetam has attracted its share of positive reviews. Some people have complained about the fact that it doesn't last as long as other types of nootropics, but overall, it is a drug that has attracted plenty of good attention in the nootropics community. The idea that it is better to burn more brightly for a shorter period of time is certainly something that a lot of people accept in the nootropics community, which has helped the reputation of Pramiracetam tremendously.

People who are specifically trying to learn about nootropic Adderall alternatives will find plenty of writing on the subject. Many people have tried several nootropics for the sake of transitioning away from Adderall, which has given some people some bad reactions.

Typical Prices

One gram of Phenylpiracetam costs just under six dollars, which makes it more affordable than some nootropics but still something that is hardly inexpensive. Nootropics are not cheap in general. However, the people who are looking for alternatives to Adderall are often willing to pay extra in the process.

One gram of Pramiracetam is cheaper at only four dollars a gram. However, the necessary dosage for Pramiracetam is going to be somewhat higher, which should also influence people's judgment of the price. People will ultimately spend more money on Pramiracetam supplements in many cases, simply because they're going to have to take so much more of it.

My Personal Review

Phenylpiracetam is considered one of the best alternatives to Adderall for a good reason. It really is one of the best supplements that you could ask for when you're trying to find something that will give you the effects without the consequences. Study sessions that felt torturous before can start to feel like a breeze after you've tried Phenylpiracetam for the first time. You also don't have to stay on it for too long in order for it to work, which can also make all the difference as far as the price goes and as far as habit-forming behaviors go.

Pramiracetam is definitely a supplement where timing is everything. If the test is in two hours, take it. If the test is in four hours, take it an hour before the test is going to happen. It will be too late if you already took it and the test is in six hours. However, if you follow the right schedule, Pramiracetam is perfect. I always run into the problem where the answer is on the tip of my tongue and I can't quite get to it, especially if I've had too much coffee right before a test or something like that. Pramiracetam made that problem go away immediately, which really made all the difference for me.

Final Thoughts

People should be able to get all of the benefits of Adderall with none of the side effects.

Adderall was not really intended to be used in such a broad way by so many different people. It makes sense to pursue different nootropic Adderall alternatives. People will often have to go through several of them in order to find something that really works for them, since different people will have different reactions to all supplements.

They should eventually find nootropic Adderall alternatives that will work wonders for them, and they shouldn't be hesitant to try.

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